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  1. Have you tried to use the alternatives, like OmniXML or ADOM ? https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Using_the_Document_Object_Model uses // … {$IFDEF MSWINDOWS}Xml.Win.msxmldom{$ELSE}Xml.omnixmldom{$ENDIF};
  2. Hi there, it seems that AppStore has some issues again, or is it just me ? I have seen older Apple forum entries, like 7 years and 3 years old, like this describing similar situations. When I try from different Macs it makes no difference. I can reach the main page: When I press any button, like "My Apps" to see apps listed, I've got: I just see a blank screen, no waiting animation, no nothing. This situation I have now for maybe 1.5 day. Is AppStore only broken for me, or do you have the same experience ?
  3. I would agree, but also I think that depends on the point of view too. Nowadays people got very much used to operate websites and apps and in those media the styles are growing wild. Nevertheless also even there a kind of "common" UI establishes from time to time, for example Bootstrap.js, Vue.js, ... My customers see the old WinUI nowadays as quite boring and often demand their branded UI, if possible. I sometimes have the feeling that customers like to have a modern "webpage" UI in their desktop apps too, although this might be look-and-feel a bit alien, as you pointed out. Thats why I think, if king customer demands it, he should get it, even if I prefer a good old XP look-and-feel too 🙂 Ok, the VCL/FMX Styles may offer that customization in general, although this is not as easy to operate as it should, like certain Javascript libraries or even HTML/CSS.
  4. I'm not sure if you aware that DelphiStyles also offers services to customize your own personal style. If you have a specific aesthetic style guide I would assume that they can adopt and adapt it to VCL/FMX.
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    First Python + DelphiVCL Program

    Not so much, reading good technical success stories is one of my hobbies
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    I don't know about CE if TChart is in, but did you choose to install the TChart component in the feature manager during install ? https://en.delphipraxis.net/topic/2985-teechart-delphi-104/ https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18057896/lost-teechart-tchart-in-delphi-xe2-when-installing-delphi-xe4
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    First Python + DelphiVCL Program

    Thanks for the insight view. That looks great, but I'm not sure if I understand right how Delphi and Python interact here. You say the RosettaCNC is written in Delphi, also handling the video-camera, while the Python code is doing the image processing to find the marker, is that what you showing us here ? On the other hand you wrote that Python is controlling the CNC directly, but I assume you mean only the move from one zero-marker to the other, or do you mean also the full G-Code of the drawing ? If the latter: What about the saying that Python is about 10+ times slower, I would expect that it should better not be used for realtime CNC control. Ok, maybe the CNC controller understands G-Code or the like directly and you do not control the motor steps directly, so that also Python could handle it well. In combination Delphi and Python makes a lot of sense, also I plan to start my first Python project when I have some spare time.
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    I had to whine some years ago, when I could not get back payment due to some typo in a DUNS number, the money was lost and I was quite upset. Nevertheless I've read too many success stories and I've tried it again a few months ago for a different DUNS, also that was an experience of its own as usual. I received emails from K-Software and Sectigo in the following order: - Your Code Signing Certificate Order from K Software - 22.02.2022 16:16 - Completed : Your Code Signing Certificate Order from K Software - 22.02.2022 17:15 - Case #123456789 - Created for Submission initial documents fo verification :: ref:_ from Support & Validation - 22.02.2022 18:21 ( Sectigo ) - Action Required for your Order 123456789 from Sectigo Validation Team - 25.02.2022 13:31 - Action Required for your Order 123456789 from Sectigo Validation Team - 28.02.2022 09:39 - Case Number: 12345678 and CaseId: 50..... [ ref:_00... ] from Support & Validation - 02.03.2022 18:54 - Case Number: 12345678 and CaseId: 50..... [ ref:_00... ] from Support & Validation - 02.03.2022 19:04 - How was your recent Sectigo Technical Support experience? from Support NoReply - 02.03.2022 19:04 ( <= I didn't told them the truth here 🙂 ) - ORDER #123456789 - Your Code Signing Certificate is ready! from Sectigo Certification Authority - 02.03.2022 20:14 - Case Number: 12345678 and CaseId: 50.... [ ref:_00.... ] from Support & Validation - 02.03.2022 20:15 - ORDER #123456789 - Your Code Signing Certificate is ready! from Sectigo Certification Authority - 02.03.2022 20:51 I hope that help you to identify the right EMail. What I found is that it can be problematic to use different emails in the process, since I have alias emails that will not be used when answering a mail or sending a request. Best of all to use the same email 1:1 over the whole process. But as you can see I also got it with usinf different emails ( registered and alias ) from the same domain, finally. Maybe you can search for the header and email to find yours. EMail adresses used: => K Software <certs@ksoftware.net> => Sectigo Validation Team <OV_Validation@sectigo.com> // Seems to be used for customer cases, when you launched cases or questions to Sectigo => Support & Validation <support.validation@sectigo.com> // Seems to be used for the automated validation process, which stucks and hold until you do something // I received a special site where to complete my data, in which I could upload files too. Anyway, no really status info from there. => Support NoReply <noreplysupport@sectigo.com> => "Sectigo Certification Authority" < noreply@sectigo.com >
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    The TObjectDictionary supports ownerships
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    Cloud Sync Options

    @corneliusdavid Thanks for the nice summary of the sync services, from your blog I only wonder why you were not looking after the big 3-5 in Cloud: Google Drive / FirebaseCloudStorage / AWS / Azure / Apple iCloud to the comparison ? Some have maybe more than only one solution for sync and storage and the whole ecosystem tends to get rather complex in the end. On the other hand, those are the companies I think first when it comes to cloud matters ... and it would be great to have their solutions added in the comparison too.
  11. Ok, I also had created a new app recently, but this was rejected and I had to upload the App Signature process similar as above before, to get the keystore into the AppStore. If that is the case, maybe the difference is that I used the same keystore for several apps, which looks maybe suspicious to Google. I intended to use the same keystore per one company, to avoid keystore / password / alias hell 🙂 Maybe its a better idea to generate a new one for each app, next time I will try to create a brand new keystore to see if that makes a difference.
  12. Strange, I was forced to do that in order to update AAB, no way to opt-out. And it makes a kindof sense if Google re-bundles your app, to deliver optimized packages to certain phones, depending on the And32/64 bit size. They would need the keystore to re-sign the app, I think is whats happening behind the scenes. Maybe you had an existing app, which was started at APK, I had seen a note from Dalija that its still possible to upload APK (maybe only for And-32). So far I understood that after the deadline also old and new updates to existing apps needed AAB Bundle, which had to be activated first time. There were several ways to do that, I used the way by uploading Keystore, since this is offere by RX11 IDE too. The ever-changing UI looke like this, 2-3 years ago: Saying ... If you want to use AAB ... you have to have Google to manage your signature keystore. 1. Upload an keystore exported from Android Studio 2. Export and upload a key from a Java-Keystore 3. Export and upload a key(NOT from a Java-Keystore) 2. Was the option I used, simple with my existing keystore. Maybe different options arise when using option 1.) or 3.), this is how it looked like
  13. Not sure what went wrong, it looks a bit as if you not have activated the necessary AAB Signature and keystore yet in the PlayStore. I have made an older, probably outdated, description here, and there were also interesting links in the German DP howto generate that keys. More or less the process should be still the same, but Google might have changed the fineprints during the last years, I haven't checked that recently.
  14. How do you generate yout APK file ? For release it should not only compiled as usual, but deployed: First in Release "Build" or "Build all" Then "Deploy" to create and bundle the AAB Is this the way how you are doing it ?
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    Welcome to the Apple money machine Thats why we are always forced to buy their latest stuff (and nobody really complains). I'm afraid there is no way out, but I haven't tried with hackintoshs or the like, beside thats illegal. I have the experience that Apple may control well when it requires real, certified hardware, instead of things like a VM.
  16. Its available under All Android 64 Bit, and should be under Release Android 64 Bit as well Did you switch in both Android 32 and 64 to the Application Store ? Did you provide in the Project options provisioning the requred data and verified it ?
  17. Its still a little unclear to me if you are on VCL or FMX. Graphics32 is fine of course for VCL, I would not call it too "fat", but its basically a raster graphics library. You can have a look at Image32 too, which works well under VCL/FMX, as well as with some support for SVG structures. If you look after the very "thin" FMX solution, then maybe TPath is also worth a look. This is able to define SVG-like PathData draw paths, by simple text codes. If you combine some paths separated by "z" then also quite complex shapes can be drawn.
  18. Yes, but I'm looking at it from a users perspective, they just can make sense in many places to get to cleaner UI for the caller. I've try to keep all complexity behind the interface, so that the user don't have to care about it, of course this has its limitations. There can be issues with more complex stuff, but as said the interfaces are no general problemsolver either.
  19. Thats true, unfortunately there is no silver bullet in sight. On the other hand I also try to rework my code permanently, to be using interfaces over objects, so I would also put my bet a little on the interface side too. What I would say is that "interfaced" design leads to a more clean code in general, without the need of headache over construction/destruction too much, won't you agree ? Yes, you can misuse anything, but what I mean here is that interfaces may lead to a more clean class design like a kind of "pattern" too, at least from my experience.
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    ANN: Open Source Event Bus NX Horizon

    Thanks for the insights. I just started to read your new book for some days now, since I get distracted here and there, but I already can say its very well written book and nicely structured. I hope to see more books like that, to core topics, from you soon.
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    ANN: Open Source Event Bus NX Horizon

    Thanks for the nice and clean library, looks very good. What I'm missing still, same as in the DEB library, is the possibiltiy to easily subscribe and use anonymous methods instead of event methods. Why is that, and is there any plan to add such feature later on ?
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    Indy OpenSSL static linking

    Ok, thats a pity. Then I have little hope that it will be cross-platform one day. Maybe porting and testing the 3500+ functions of OpenSSL to Delphi native is a too tough beast, I had hope that Yu was doing it.
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    Indy OpenSSL static linking

    YuOpenSSL seems to be very interesting, but if they stop at Windows that wouldn't make much sense nowadays. Not sure what you mean by "preprocessing", so does that mean the library is not a pure Delphi-Pascal port ( what it claims to be, IMHO ), but rather a kind of OpenSSL "transpiler", including macros and C code, that is generating a binary DCU magically. It says at YuOpenSSL that you can get the sources as well, so I hope you talk about the process at YuOpenSSL to generate Pascal sources here, not about what a client has to do with the sources.
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    Indy OpenSSL static linking

    I only can see that YuOpenSSL support Win32/64, is that correct ? I wonder why, since a fully compiled SSL should be running under all platforms as well, or do they use any platform specific stuff of Windows only ?
  25. Hi there, I'm looking for an IndexOfAny( array or string, ... ) function, and find that there is already one in the TStringHelper. Unfortunately this is declared as a private function. TStringHelper = record helper for string ... private ... //<== NICE TO HAVE function IndexOfAny(const Values: array of string; var Index: Integer; StartIndex: Integer): Integer; overload; .. public ... // Maybe these bites with above declaration, as Char may interpreted as string too ? function IndexOfAny(const AnyOf: array of Char): Integer; overload; function IndexOfAny(const AnyOf: array of Char; StartIndex: Integer): Integer; overload; function IndexOfAny(const AnyOf: array of Char; StartIndex: Integer; Count: Integer): Integer; overload; ... end; I'm not realy sure why this function is hidden. Maybe because Char and String might cause issues when mixing in a overload, I haven't checked what would happen when making this public too ?