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Found 9 results

  1. Tobitoba_15

    empty frameworks im iOS SDK 17.5

    Hi everyone, We have challenges with the new iOS SDK 17.5. There are no more “PrivateFreameworks” in the xCode path, which is why we get error messages when compiling that certain frameworks cannot be found. Even when updating the SDK information between the Mac and Delphi, the folders remain empty. This is understandable if there is no package available on the xCode side. Two examples are the frameworks “DocumentManager” and “AVFCapture”. However, there are many more. The iOS Simulator 17.5, on the other hand, does not have this problem. Here, “PriavteFrameworks” are still available on the xCode side and these are also transferred to Delphi. This also works perfectly with the iOS SDK 17.2. Images and examples are available as image material. The latest environment is used: - macOS Sonoma 14.5 - xCode version 15.4 - iPhoneOS 17.5 - Delphi 12 Athens Patch 1 I also tried to compile an empty project, which gives the same error. How do you create iOS 17.5 versions? Can you help us? Best regards Tobi
  2. Good day! Tell me the mechanisms that allow you to compress video files in Android and iOS applications Short mp4 files created by the camera take up a lot of space and do not load into my applications. Large files sent via messengers are load successfully. I understand that messenger servers use ffmpeg compression. Is it possible to apply ffmpeg compression in android and ios applications? There are no problems under Windows! Or are there other methods? To solve my problems, only compressing mp4 files is enough!
  3. We are having problems with Delphi 12 to debug projects with Runtime Packages and the Win64 platform. This example reproduces an issue when debugging projects that use Rumtime Packages on the Win64 platform. Steps to reproduce the issue: 1 - Open the project group: BPTEST.groupproj; 2 - Select the debug configuration and the win64 platform for all projects in the group; 3 - Make a Build; 4 - In the App.exe project in App.dpr, place a breakpoint on the line: Application.Initialize; 5 - Press F9, and we will see that the breakpoint was ignored. If we repeat the process with the win32 configuration, the breakpoint works correctly; If in App.dpr we remove the MyUnit unit from uses, which is part of TrPartUnits.bpl, the breakpoint also works correctly even in win64; I also made the example available at: https://github.com/giorgiobazzo/RtPkgSample BPTEST.zip
  4. Hi, I am using Delphi 12 I decided to try the iOS simulator out which was a huge mistake, because now I cannot deploy my release App. When I deploy Delphi keeps trying to deploy to the iOS simulator it seems. Anyone know how to fix this issue? [PAClient Error] Error: E6664 /Users/MyUserName/PAServer/scratch-dir/MyMac/AppName.launchscreen/Assets: error: The operation couldn’t be completed. Failed to locate any simulator runtime matching options: { I tried deleting all the files in the Scratch directory on my Mac already.
  5. My application, written for iOS, creates caf files and uploads them to the server. My other application, written for Android, would like to play these files, but cannot. Apparently different formats. Android application that creates caf files, successfully plays them The problem is not new: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34546248/how-to-play-caf-audio-file-on-android-platform-firemonkey But 8 years have passed. I think there are solutions. I wish my Android app could play caf files from iOS.
  6. Tell me, is there an implementation of video selection for iOS? For example, like selecting images by ActionTakePhotoFromLibrary or TOpenDialog.
  7. Hi. I ran across a deadlock situation in the System.Rtti on the OS X platform. Below is the call stack for both threads that lock each other: Thread 1: Fmx::Forms::TFrame::TFrame(System::Classes::TComponent*) + 299 (FMX.Forms.pas:7524,1 in SampleApp + 8570027) [0x1017c54ab] 1-25 System::Classes::InitInheritedComponent(System::Classes::TComponent*, System::TMetaClass*) + 107 (System.Classes.pas:4859,1 in SampleApp + 1097787) [0x1010a503b] 1-25 System::Classes::BeginGlobalLoading() + 13 (System.Classes.pas:4805,1 in SampleApp + 1096637) [0x1010a4bbd] 1-25 System::Rtti::TRttiContext::KeepContext() + 123 (System.Rtti.pas:5665,1 in SampleApp + 1462715) [0x1010fe1bb] 1-25 System::Rtti::EnsurePoolToken(System::DelphiInterface<System::IInterface>*) + 55 (System.Rtti.pas:5319,1 in SampleApp + 1607015) [0x101121567] 1-25 System::Rtti::EnsurePoolToken(System::DelphiInterface<System::IInterface>*)::DoCreate(void*) + 72 (System.Rtti.pas:5306,1 in SampleApp + 1606392) [0x1011212f8] 1-25 System::Rtti::TPoolToken::TPoolToken() + 197 (System.Rtti.pas:5253,1 in SampleApp + 1605765) [0x101121085] 1-25 System::TMonitor::Enter Thread 2: System::Rtti::TRttiInstanceMethodEx::GetAttributes() + 41 (System.Rtti.pas:6452,1 in SampleApp + 1637625) [0x101128cf9] 1-25 System::Rtti::TRttiObject::GetAttributes() + 86 (System.Rtti.pas:5788,1 in SampleApp + 1415254) [0x1010f2856] 1-25 __stub_in48s__ZN6System4Rtti37LazyLoadAttributes_MakeClosure_ActRec7_0_BodyEv + 27 (SampleApp + 1622027) [0x10112500b] 1-25 System::Rtti::LazyLoadAttributes_MakeClosure_ActRec::_0_Body() + 591 (System.Rtti.pas:5537,1 in SampleApp + 1622639) [0x10112526f] 1-25 System::Rtti::ConstructAttributes(unsigned char*) + 176 (System.Rtti.pas:5496,1 in SampleApp + 1612512) [0x101122ae0] 1-25 System::Rtti::ConstructAttributes(unsigned char*)::ConstructAttribute(void*, unsigned char*&) + 631 (System.Rtti.pas:5476,1 in SampleApp + 1611943) [0x1011228a7] 1-25 System::Rtti::TRttiMethod::Invoke(System::TMetaClass*, System::Rtti::TValue const*, long long) + 234 (System.Rtti.pas:10149,1 in SampleApp + 1437914) [0x1010f80da] 1-25 System::Rtti::TRttiInstanceMethodEx::DispatchInvoke(System::Rtti::TValue const&, System::Rtti::TValue const*, long long) + 3057 (System.Rtti.pas:6620,1 in SampleApp + 1641665) [0x101129cc1] 1-25 System::Rtti::Invoke(void*, System::DynamicArray<System::Rtti::TValue>, System::Typinfo::TCallConv, System::Typinfo::TTypeInfo*, bool, bool) + 183 (System.Rtti.pas:9346,1 in SampleApp + 1634871) [0x101128237] 1-25 System::Rtti::TRttiContext::Create() + 28 (System.Rtti.pas:5577,1 in SampleApp + 1462540) [0x1010fe10c] 1-25 System::Rtti::EnsurePoolToken(System::DelphiInterface<System::IInterface>*) + 55 (System.Rtti.pas:5319,1 in SampleApp + 1607015) [0x101121567] 1-25 System::Rtti::EnsurePoolToken(System::DelphiInterface<System::IInterface>*)::DoCreate(void*) + 29 (System.Rtti.pas:5304,1 in SampleApp + 1606349) [0x1011212cd] 1-25 System::Rtti::TRttiContext::UseContext() + 119 (System.Rtti.pas:5687,1 in SampleApp + 1606663) [0x101121407] 1-25 System::TMonitor::Enter(unsigned int) + 526 (System.pas:20052,1 in SampleApp + 131422) [0x100fb915e] 1-25 The main issue is the order of entering the TMonitor locks, which I extracted here: Thread 1: TMonitor.Enter(GCTokenLock); -- 5663:TRttiContext.KeepContext TMonitor.Enter(PoolLock); -- 5253:TPoolToken.Create Thread 2: TMonitor.Enter(PoolLock); -- 5524:LazyLoadAttributes TMonitor.Enter(GCTokenLock); -- 5687:TRttiContext.UseContext Am I at fault for reproducing these two call stacks in multiple threads (creating a frame in one, calling TRttiMethod.GetAttributes in the other), or is this a bug in the System.Rtti unit? It's worth noting that the GCTokenLock object (and locking) is only present with the USE_MONITOR_FOR_GLOBALCONTEXT compiler directive, otherwise atomic operations are used: {$IF Defined(WIN32) or Defined(WIN64)} {$UNDEF USE_MONITOR_FOR_GLOBALCONTEXT} {$ELSE} {$DEFINE USE_MONITOR_FOR_GLOBALCONTEXT} {$ENDIF}
  8. 1.7.0 10.11.2023 + New sounds on finish different for un/successful make + Optional disk space check + List filtering by title * UI font changed from Tahoma,8 to Segoe UI,9 * High-Dpi issues fixed + Delphi 12 Athens support For more information see https://www.mitec.cz/pm.html
  9. 14.7.1 10.11.2023 + TMiTeC_SMBIOS - SMBIOS 3.7 compliance and bug fixes + TMiTeC_SMBIOS - LoadFromFile, SystemString, InstalledMemory and MemoryType functions added + TMiTeC_Machine - Hyper-V session detection added + Demo 36 added - working with TMiTeC_SMBIOS + TMiTeC_EventLog - ExpandMessages, NewAPIAvailable properties added + TMiTeC_EventLog - OnExpandMessage event added * TMiTeC_EventLog - bug fixes + TMiTeC_OperatingSystem - Game Mode detection (for Win >=10) + Delphi 12 Athens compatibility For more information see https://www.mitec.cz/msics.html