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  1. Vanar

    Delphi 11: Google SignIn

    Hi All! Does anyone have a Goolge account login implementation for Delphi 11? Examples like GoogleSignin tweaked for Delphi <11 don't work!
  2. Vanar

    AdMob in Delphi11

    Thank you !!! Please implement TestMode: = False :)
  3. Vanar

    AdMob in Delphi11

    Hi all! I'm looking for an implementation of AdMob ads under Delphi 11 on android The implementations for Delphi 10.4 and below (such as https://github.com/ersanyakit/FMX.InterstitialAd.Android, AdMobExtra...) don't work! Share if anyone has!!!
  4. Vanar


    AdMobExtra.zip does not work under Delphi 11! Does anyone have a working version of AdMobExtra.zip for Delphi 11 or another solution to implement interstitial ads for Delphi 11?