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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I need to rotate the screen at runtime when I open a form. Until the release of IOS 13 this code worked perfectly: procedure ChangeOrientation(toOrientation: UIInterfaceOrientation; possibleOrientations: TScreenOrientations); var win : UIWindow; App : UIApplication; viewController : UIViewController; oucon: UIViewController; begin Application.FormFactor.Orientations := []; //Change supported orientations App := TUIApplication.Wrap(TUIApplication.OCClass.sharedApplication); win := TUIWindow.Wrap(App.windows.objectAtIndex(0)); //The first Windows is always the main Window App.setStatusBarOrientation(toOrientation); {After you have changed your statusbar orientation set the Supported orientation/orientations to whatever you need} Application.FormFactor.Orientations := possibleOrientations; viewController := TUIViewController.Wrap(TUIViewController.alloc.init);//dummy ViewController oucon := TUIViewController.Wrap(TUIViewController.alloc.init); {Now we are creating a new Viewcontroller now when it is created it will have to check what is the supported orientations} oucon := win.rootViewController;//we store all our current content to the new ViewController Win.setRootViewController(viewController); Win.makeKeyAndVisible;// We display the Dummy viewcontroller win.setRootViewController(oucon); win.makeKeyAndVisible; {And now we Display our original Content in a new Viewcontroller with our new Supported orientations} end; However, since the release of IOS 13 the screen locks on the set orientation but does not rotate. So if I set Landscape orientation the screen remains in Portrait orientation until I physically turn the phone around, at which point it rightly remains locked on that orientation. This is a real disaster because then, until the phone is turned, all the controls ( finger position, object position,..) are wrong.