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  1. sjordi

    Interbase VAR Licence and Demos or Free Versions

    To me everything is said here: no-one could forecast the sales. I always found the VAR agreement totally imbecile. Handing out $5K upfront in prevision, that is rollbacked to the next year, etc is so cumbersome. And some freelance developers can't afford this. That's why a one-time payment with then royalty free distribution is, to me, the only way to go. And unlike what you say, if you contact sales, no, you won't have a clear picture of the future, it's always confused, blurred, and it always gives the feeling that prices and conditions will vary depending on the customer. Doesn't make you feel confident. Leaves you with a feeling that you are just a cow being milked against your will...
  2. sjordi

    Interbase VAR Licence and Demos or Free Versions

    Me too when developing Windows apps. NexusDB is great but is not available for cross-platform apps. That's very unfortunate. I'm also against pay as you go solutions and think that the VAR program is pretty obscure. For single developers, you need to know the costs in advance, you have no way to determine how successful an app will be. Could be 10 users or 300k users. As a single developer, I want to pay a fixed price and then have the freedom of royalty free distribution, just like NexusDB. For cross platform, I switched to SQLite, even if not as powerful as Interbase, but it also has a much much much smaller footprint that IB... even if this is a selling point for them to be small...
  3. sjordi

    ListView styled/platform bug?

    Another one. If ControlType =Platform, then OnItemClickEX always return 0,0 as touch coordinates... Looks like the "Platform" type is poorly implemented. https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-38364
  4. sjordi

    ListView styled/platform bug?

    Bug case opened https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-38354
  5. sjordi

    Parnassus Bookmarks for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    Both bookmarks and navigator show an error at install time before restarting the IDE. Just once. But once installed, everything is smooth. I also have GExperts, Deleaker installed and everything seems to cohabit pretty well.
  6. sjordi

    ListView styled/platform bug?

    Thanks for trying. I'm opening a bug report It seems that even if you don't remove any kind of binds, but just update the database content, it is enough to have it crash. Any kind of dataset change would do...
  7. Hi all, Just spent 3 days pulling my hair trying to understand why a list view is crashing each time I remove the grouping option for iOS. You know, if you set the ListView.ControlType to Platform, add FillHeader + FillBreak in Visual Binding (with custom format as "SubString(%s, 0, 1)"), on iOS you get your list displayed with Alphabetic groups and the nice vertical Alphabet index on the right to quickly navigate in the list. Works fine. Now if I sort my list using another non alphabetical parameter, I have to disable that index first. So I remove the visual binding to the list Headers. LinkListControlToField1.FillBreakCustomFormat := '' ; LinkListControlToField1.FillBreakFieldName := '' ; LinkListControlToField1.FillHeaderFieldName := ''; LinkListControlToField1.FillHeaderCustomFormat := '' ; Problem is that it crashes each time (also on Android), telling me that the value I pass is "out of range". It's fine on Windows and macOS. Now I think I found the reason... if I set the ListView.ControlType to "Styled" instead of "Platform", everything is fine, no crash (but no index either on iOS). As a workaround, I actually switch the ControlType to Styled, remove the links, and set it back to Platform. Of course it's not elegant. Could someone try the attached project and tell me if it crashed too on your side: iOS, iPadOS? The db is test.sqlite and should normally be deployed to your app. As-is, it should work. If it works, then try to comment out ListView1.BeginUpdate ; ListView1.ControlType := TControlType.Styled ; and ListView1.ControlType := TControlType.Platform ; ListView1.EndUpdate ; in the TForm1.ToolBar1Click procedure. Does it crash now that you stay in Platform mode instead of Styled? Any idea if I'm doing something wrong or if this is a bug, in which case I will open a bug report at QC (Embarcadero) Thanks for your help. Steve ListIndexed.zip
  8. sjordi

    Do you need an ARM64 compiler for Windows?

    ARM would be cool for some Linux distributions, for robots, some Nvidia distributions, etc... Embedded systems are sometimes in Ubuntu ARM and it would be cool to be able to deploy for them.
  9. sjordi

    Request for advice: FireMonkey and Frames

    @Mavarik offers a nice solution. I use TFrameStand too. The advantage here is that you can create the frame only when you need it, no other one is created before being used. And it's released once you leave it. The advantage of Maverick solution is that you can switch the appearance of the form at design time between Windows, mac, iOS and Android. This is not possible with Frames... But I have no problems using stands.
  10. did you first erase all entitlement files before deploying? I use Delphi 11.1 and iOS SDK 15.4 without problems
  11. Are you using a database in your app? If it is not correctly deployed to the iOS device, it will close right away... You have to place it in specific locations and make the app know where to find it.
  12. sjordi

    Tag editor?

    Dang! I have FNC UIPack... but I didn't check "list"... only "tag" or whatever close to this... I knew I saw this somewhere. Thanks...
  13. sjordi

    Tag editor?

    Hi, Before I start trying to create one myself, does anyone here know an FMX component to use tags with add, delete, move functionalities. Something looking like (a little cross to delete next to each tag text would be nice) or from this forum Thanks for any help. Steve
  14. sjordi

    Deploy without overwriting the DB?

    ok, I think I faced a border effect... I copied the System.StartUpCopy from here and pasted it into my IDE. Didn't work. Some extra characters? No idea. Then, I erased it, typed System. and saw StartupCopy in the completion list, selected it and still, the IDE was complaining, not even possible to compile. Then I typed it in manually and it was fine. Just tried to redeploy my app and I correctly kept my actual data. Cool Thanks all. Steve
  15. sjordi

    Deploy without overwriting the DB?

    Actually, I don't find it. It's not known from the compiler, and I have no trace whatsover of any file that looks like it besides a DCU file... but not seen I'm under Alexandria... Docwiki at Embarcadero doesn't reference it either... nor does the help... I think I'm missing something.