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  1. I did not have that for each character but each time I was entering an editable field.
  2. @Dave Nottage I think that I mentioned this to you when you were testing Memorizer... I doubt that we can do anything about it as it seems to be iOS core behavior.
  3. I have that a lot too, but I face it in several 3rd party apps, not only delphi-written ones I think it's actually more on the iOS side that the problem stands. It's very intrusive and bothering. It's probably linked to handoff between Apple devices and one can't expect the iOS users to turn it off It's very unfortunate.
  4. sjordi

    Vcl to Fmx

    Mida does most of the work but a lot of controls won't migrate. But at least you will have a pretty good skeleton which keeps most controls with their associated names and Events, but it's far from being perfect. If you VCL forms are very complex, I think you'd better off starting from fresh with an FMX clean form: that also could be a good opportunity to re-think your forms and GUI. That's where two screens come handy: VCL on the left, FMX on the right 🙂 Now, for DBGrids, they don't exist in FMX so you should put a grid or stringgrid depending on what you display and then link it to data using LiveBindings.
  5. sjordi

    Absolute Database question

    Thanks, They just answered my question and plan cross-platform support very soon. This could be great news. I'll definitely give it a try.
  6. sjordi

    Absolute Database question

    Hi, Just saw the page about Absolute Database from the Embarcadero blog about the secret alternative for SQLite... But I asked them, but they didn't answer... To me being an alternative to SQLite means it's cross-platform. Is this the case? Absolute seems to be only Windows. Didn't find anything on their website. Any experience with that tool to share with the community? Thanks
  7. sjordi

    Deploy IOS app from Rad Studio

    No, as weabow said and as stated in the requirements, you need XCode and a MAC to deploy to Mac or iOS/iPadOS You can't sideload apps to Apple devices for security reasons. They need to be signed by certificates issued by Apple.
  8. sjordi


    Simulator is part of XCode and works only on a Mac. You may find solution to actually have Macs as a Service, but it's pretty expensive most of the time. You can't develop and target iOS and macOS without a Mac. Everything you target to those OS are packaged and signed for you through XCode. That's why you would need Paralle or VMWare Fusion on a Mac in order to run Rad Studio in a Windows environment and be able to talk to the Mac.
  9. sjordi

    List Index implementation?

    Yes thanks, I know. That's why I ask whether there is another FMX component that does the same thing. I need this on all platforms. Steve
  10. sjordi

    List Index implementation?

    Ok thanks for that info. I did not formulate correctly my question. I tried it but it doesn't appear no matter where I set it to true or not. In the LiveBindings designer I used my ListView Item main field to link it to ItemHeader.Text and IntemHeader.Break. I correctly see the groups in my listview, it's fine, but no index on the right. The NativeOptions is set to Indexed = true (Grouped = true or false doesn't affect the result) [Added: It works, the ListView should be set to ControlType = Platform] But it works only on iOS. I need something that would on Windows, macOS and Android? Is there anything similar that works on all platforms? Something like what was available on the first versions of Outlook in the contact section. Thanks for your help.
  11. sjordi

    List Index implementation?

    Hi, Does anybody know whether a Index component exists for lists? In iOS it's sectionIndexTitlesForTableView and it adds the alphabetic index on the right of the list for quick jumping (see picture). I have been suggested to add a floating frame and build it myself, but I can foresee the problems and incompatibilities on all platforms If something already exists, I would be happy to learn about it. Thanks for any help Steve
  12. sjordi

    Delphi 10.4.2 and iOS - Deployment problem

    Just to make sure everything is set correctly on your side. Assuming you're using 10.4.2 * PAServer on the Mac should be version * In Delphi, if you go to Tools > Options... > Deployment > Provisioning Select Build Type iOS Device 64-bit - Development You should have something like on the picture attached If you don't, does it change anything if you switch from Auto in the Provision Profile combo box to anything else that might be there? All Entitlement files should be removed from your projet before rebuilding it. Also, if you start a totally blank app and compile it to iOS, does it work?
  13. sjordi

    Delphi 10.4.2 and iOS - Deployment problem

    Looks like a certificate problem? Try to launch XCode, create an empty Swift project, save it in a temp place and compile it. Usually that brings everything you need from your developper account. Then delete all entitlement files from your Delphi project and try again? Let us know
  14. sjordi

    Are you successful with form factors?

    @Rollo62 and all you're right. I think the main difficulty is where to place the cursor between too much info and not enough, rendering the app worthless I'll tinker a bit over the week-end 🙂
  15. sjordi

    Are you successful with form factors?

    Not my customers. They absolutely all hate so-called "web apps". They want an app that offers a consistent interface. I talk about "responsive" the way webpages are... say your screen is not as wide, then controls clutter on top of each others instead of being next to each others. That's something I want to avoid. Otherwise I would opt for web "apps" in that case with all problems related to them (controls jump to another positions when the CSS is finally loaded, things are often not aligned when responsively repositioned, doesn't work without an internet connection). I want a consistent UX. But I'll try to think more as a vertical scrollable layout on which I would have more control on them. Thanks anyway. Layouts seem to do a good job keeping things correctly together (if designed correctly). Of course cluttered GUI would be a nightmare, so I'm going to avoid that. As Sarina Dupont said, don't think "desktop" for mobile apps. But still, some control on the overall appearance is important to the original look and feel the developer intended to give his/her app.