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  1. sjordi

    IBToGo Change View without server?

    Ok for those of you wondering the same thing I got an email from Embarcadero. You need a IB Server to have change view. It's on the server that lies the mechanism and where the data is processed. You can't use change views between, say, two IBToGo, like one on a smartphone and one embedded on a desktop. They both would ask to connect to the Server to process the changes. Too bad.
  2. The Interbase ChangeView feature is really appealing to me but I was wondering whether you can use this without servers. Mainly, I would be interested to use IBToGo on my mobile device apps and the desktop equivalent, which would also have IBToGo. All databases embedded only on each device (mobile or desktop). Is it still possible to use Change Views between two IBToGo databases with zero IB Server? Just talking from iOS to a Mac or Android to Windows, Android to iOS? In one word IBToGo <--> IBToGo. Or do ChangeViews work only via a server tier? What they call the "central database" (reference)... Thanks for any clarification.
  3. sjordi

    CustomFormat useless?

    Yes. Why did I write DisplayFormat? But this didn't change anything though. That did it. Funny! Works on macOS now. Thanks a lot Crazy bug though.
  4. sjordi

    CustomFormat useless?

    Ok that did it...Almost I probably screwed something somewhere in my steps replicating your instructions. It works for Windows, iOS and Android but not for macOS-64 where all values are 0.00. Any idea why? Is the FilleControlToField behaving differently for macOS? For those facing number formatting I have a BindSourcePrototype with the field names matching exactly the Database fields linked to the app (via an Adapter). So in LiveBindings, I hooked it from the Prototype to the TListview. Then, as suggested, I selected the link between the prototype and listview in the LiveBinding Window. Then you can edit the link properties (the TGeneratorFieldDefs property) and set its CustomFormat to DisplayFormat Then, in the structure window, select the same field in the LinkFillControlToField branch, open the FillExpressions one, select your field (the one to format) ControlMember and SourceMemberName should be hooked to your field. But the CustomFormat should be set to Format('%%.2f', %s) Then it works. Thanks a lot.
  5. sjordi

    CustomFormat useless?

    Ok I will investigate this in the coming days and come back with success/failure as soon as possible 🙂
  6. sjordi

    CustomFormat useless?

    Euh ben non, il est pas content. Adding DisplayText is refused. It complains about that info to be unknown. Also if I right-click on the LinkListControlToField object and edit the expressions, all fields are grayed out and DisplayText is actually shown in the disabled fields (in the dialog box)... Now where do I specify the format itself, because I guess I still have to do this somewhere? Thanks
  7. sjordi

    CustomFormat useless?

    Hi, I have aTListView hooked to an underlying Database where one of the values is a currency, a price. My ListView is bound to the DB via a PrototypeBindSource and an adapter to switch from dummy values to the DB content. In that Prototype field I have the one field set a currency and its CustomFormat property set to #.00 I tried any kind of formatting without success. The format is ignored. I need 2 decimals, but zeros ( 0 ) are skipped. No matter what, trailing zeros are ignored. 12 is shown as 12 instead of 12.00 12.6 is shown as 12.6 instead of 12.60 etc Any idea? Should I get that value from the DB and format it as a string myself? In that case, what's that CustomFormat field worth for? Thanks for any clarification. Steve
  8. sjordi

    TListView multi selection?

    Ok I checked now. My problem is I want to skip the checkboxes. I just want to touch/click an item to select/unselect it. Both OnItemClick or OnItemClickEx seem to be triggered, but I don't find a way to update/refresh the listview. My guess is I actually have to hook the click to the underlying database. This way, when data is changed it should update. I'm not sure whether there is a way to force a refresh: for testing purpose only I was using the Item.Tag to set it on/off, but obviously it's not enough.
  9. sjordi

    TListView multi selection?

    I'm going to check once back home and let you know
  10. sjordi

    TListView multi selection?

    I confirm that it also works on macOS and iOS YEAH You will be in my thanks in the about box of the app.
  11. sjordi

    AES Encryption - FMX

    Did you try TurboPower Lockbox ? It's free
  12. sjordi

    TListView multi selection?

    Great, I confirm that it now works on iOS... Probably on Android as well but my device is at home. Good workaround. I use it to actually change the background for multi-selected items... for i := 1 to 1000 do ShowMessage('Thanks a lot Serge !');
  13. sjordi

    TListView multi selection?

    Ok, I won't throw a stone if you don't have Apple devices. I tried on my Android system, same thing: Gray interface. Now I made sure not to have any styles, and also tried the ControlType of the ListView to be set to Styled or Platform. No change. Smartphones are gray. macOS, Windows are colorful with the color I picked... Very strange.
  14. sjordi

    TListView multi selection?

    Mhh, @Serge_G I implemented your code and it works fine except... on iOS. Nothing happens. Then I downloaded your code from the website you mention, compiled. Same thing. Ok on macOS, Windows, but not iOS. Don't have my Android device here, so I can't say. Any idea why damn iOS won't colorize? Steve
  15. sjordi

    TListView multi selection?

    Honte à moi, en plus j'avais le document quelque part et ne l'ai pas vu!!! Argh! Merci ! (Translated: shame on me, I had that document somewhere and didn't notice it! Argh!)