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  1. Hi, From 10.4.1 to 10.4.2 all my apps on iPhone are now totally out of screen They don't fit the screen resolution anymore. Are the actual Launch Image dimensions defined somewhere? In the Icons menu in Delphi, it just says "Launch Image any appearance 2x scale" and "3x scale", but any image would do? Are you apps with launch images display them correctly on iPhones once you recompile them? Thanks for any clue. Steve
  2. sjordi

    The location of sqllite database ?

    For iOS: StartUp\Documents\ For Android: .\assets\internal Use those folders if you deploy an existing DB. This is the Project Options section. At runtime you can use something like this {$IF DEFINED(iOS) or DEFINED(ANDROID)} FDConnection.Params.Values['ColumnMetadataSupported'] := 'False' ; FDConnection.Params.Values['Database'] := TPath.Combine(TPath.GetDocumentsPath, 'mydb.sqlite') ; {$ENDIF} Then do whatever you need to create/open/update, etc...
  3. sjordi

    iOS Metal Api form doesn't fit on screen

    Where did you turn Metal on? To true? It should be done in the .dpr file, not in a .pas file... That makes a lot of difference. Something like .... {$R *.res} begin {$IF DEFINED(iOS) or DEFINED(MACOS)} GlobalUseMetal := True ; {$ENDIF} Application.Initialize;
  4. sjordi


    I totally second that. XCode is cumbersome yet very powerful but can be intimidating too. Offering a watch equivalent to a main application (smartphone) is a must now and it would really be cool to be able to do this. But if I'm correct, the problem (technical) lies more on the Apple side than Embarcadero. Fingers crossed.
  5. sjordi


    From what I know you need to code your AppleWatch app via XCode only for now. Android watches are different, it works from RadStudio, but not AppleWatch.
  6. sjordi

    DB Pagination and TListView question

    Ok I tried the code above and confirm that it works fine. Disconnect has to be used instead of Close for SQLite. Now with that kind of load, we don't control the vertical scroll bar though. It is just to navigate the current view (nn records we have decided to use for pagination) And the cursor size and position are proportional to those nn records, not the entire set. Maybe I should find a way to better optimize the SQL queries as a workaround. Thanks
  7. sjordi

    DB Pagination and TListView question

    Thanks all, I'll try this in the coming days. Was too busy... snow shoeing ! 🙂 I'll let you know if I discover some new things.
  8. sjordi

    DB Pagination and TListView question

    Ok I did exactly as you did, but it didn't work. Now instead of FDQuery.Close I set FDQuery.Disconnect instead and now it works... Just like you, I wasn't aware of Disconnect. Now I'll implement this when using the TListView scrolls... looks like OnScrollViewChange will do. Except it doesn't tell in which direction you scroll. But I'll figure this out. Otherwise I'll start a new thread of TListView scrolling events (mouse + finger) 🙂 Thanks a lot for your help. Steve
  9. Hi All, I try to implement pagination from a SQLite DB that is bound to a TListView. After following the docwiki examples using RecsMax, and RecsSkip on my TFDQuery, I can't find a way to actually have the TListView refresh. If I get only 20 record chunks, I always the same 20 items on my ListView no matter what I do. The problem is that I'd like the user to be able to navigate the TListView up and down transparently without noticing that the TFDQuery is loading the previous/next chunk of data, this for all platforms, so I won't use a PullToRefresh. I tried another example that seems to work on TGrid and TStringGrid... but TListView? Anybody succeeded in getting pages of records and have TListView correctly react? Thanks for any clue Steve
  10. sjordi

    App not running on Mac in applications folder

    Do you access an embedded DB ? If yes, do you place it in folders where you have the access right? Just tried with a MovieDB I have, embedding an SQLite database and moved the app into /Applications and it works without trouble. The DB is in the App own Contents\Resources\ directory Just like on iOS when my apps Start and then close immediately, it's related to ressources it doesn't find, like the DB. When I fix the DB path and have them in folder where the app has access rights and then it works without problems.
  11. sjordi

    XCode 12 compile error

    Well, everything is fine now. For a funny reason it didn’t install the new PA server I installed it manually, deleted the 14.2 SDK, and re-imported it. Now all the folders are correctly imported, And I can compile and deploy without problems
  12. sjordi

    XCode 12 compile error

    They released a patch today for Big Sur, XCode 12 and SDK 14... Just applied it, installed the new PAServer, compiled a very simple app under SDK 14.2 [DCC Error] E2597 ld: file '\\vmware-host\Shared Folders\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\SDKs\iPhoneOS14.2.sdk/usr/lib/libiconv.dylib' too small (length=0) for architecture arm64 Switch to 13.7, everything's fine.
  13. sjordi

    Crash when Delphi 10.n exits... again

    I actually found a workaround to let GExperts exit without problem: I install it first before all other FMX, VCL tools right after a clean RADStudio install. If I install it afterwards it always crashes when exiting. Probably one of the 3rd party components screws one of the DLLs and locks it. GExpert doesn't install its own. I have the feeling that the DLL causing problem is locked when GExpert is installed first and stays locked during the entire process, never replaced by anything else, thus saving GExperts 🙂 Don't know...
  14. sjordi

    Drone control from mobile

    Ah ok, thanks.
  15. sjordi

    Drone control from mobile

    Mhhh, I was actually talking about the video component that can display it in your app. You get the video signal, but which FMX component you use to show the video? Thanks Steve