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  1. sjordi

    Content not filling screen on iPhone 6

    Yes, as soon as you have the storyboard file created, it's going to be fullscreen. If you have a storyboard file, delete it. Launch Delphi, select iOS as your target and run the app. That should be enough
  2. sjordi

    10.3/10.4 Debug iOS?

    Mhhh.. just tried in a macOS VM at work and I do have the breakpoints working. Strange. I also tried back once back home and guess what... it is working now. For how long I have no clue. Pretty weird... I have the same config on both RadStudio as it's the same VM in which I develop under Windows 10 and target iOS. Very strange. Thanks all anyway
  3. sjordi

    10.3/10.4 Debug iOS?

    Hi, Just tried to debug an iOS app from within the IDE but when launched on the iPhone, all breakpoints are marked as invalid and the app doesn't stop on any of them. Even an empty app with a breakpoint in FormCreate doesn't work.The Events window says Module Load: dyld. No Debug Info. Base Address: $0000000104D8C000. Process Project1 (1774) Module Load: Project1. Has Debug Info. Base Address: $0000000102D34000. Process Project1 (1774) No Debug Info for dyld... Am I missing something? Thanks for any clue. (I'm in Debug mode of course, not Release) Xcode 11.5 and iOS SDK 13.5
  4. sjordi

    Free SQLite -> Interbase tool?

    Pretty smart. Should have thought about that. I'll try this right away.
  5. sjordi

    Free SQLite -> Interbase tool?

    Ok I tried DBeaver but unfortunately it doesn't know Interbase. I'll write an app myself I guess. Shouldn't be that complicated. Sqlite -> Interbase doesn't seem as an option for most people
  6. sjordi

    Crash when Delphi 10.n exits... again

    Mmmh in my case, it's not FixInsight that crashes. It's Gexperts that crashes. If I don't have FixInsight, Gexperts closes gracefully when the IDE exits. So FixInsight, like other components or tools, is probably changing something in the IDE that, as a side effect, makes GExperts crash
  7. sjordi

    Crash when Delphi 10.n exits... again

    I'm going to snapshot my full install, then remove FixInsight and see how it behaves. Coming back to this forum with results.
  8. This is a known bug, when exiting Delphi 10.3.n Rio or Delphi 10.4 GExperts creates an error. EAccessViolation in module rtl270.bpl ... in module bds.exe Followed by another one : Exception EAssertionFailed in module GExpertsRS104.dll at ... Call DeactivateFontInfo before calling this. ....SynTextDrawer.pas line 475 Since I'm installing Sydney 10.4 I realized (thanks to my VM Snapshots) that GEpxerts behaves perfectly until I install TMS FixInsight. If I take FixInsight out, then the problem is gone. That may be one lead to follow. I have many TMS Components that coexist without problem with GExperts. It seems to appear only once FixInsight is installed. Some users may have that SynTextDrawer error too without this component, but you never know. Just my two cents
  9. sjordi

    Free SQLite -> Interbase tool?

    Thanks all. Rebasedata doesn't work the way I want, it's SQLite -> Interbase and it offers the other way around. Yes, I'd like to skip the create table equivalence nightmare before a dump/source But it looks like I won't have much choice to do this manually 😞 Thanks Steve
  10. sjordi

    Free SQLite -> Interbase tool?

    Hi, I'd like to test drive Interbase ToGo for perf compared to my current SQLite DB on mobile apps. In real world. Does anybody know of any free tool that can convert to and from Interbase <--> SQLite? I have TMS Data Modeler, but it doesn't transfer data. Any clue would be welcome. Thanks to all Steve
  11. Would be nice actually.
  12. Instead of moving that file, isn't it better to put it to the right place right away and deal with a flag in a DB to know whether it has been initialized or not?
  13. Can you try to fully reinstall a naked Windows 10 VM machine and just 1 copy of RadStudio in it? That's what I did for a long time now. A new Rad Studio version? I start from my Windows 10 naked template. Make all the Windows Updates Install RadStudio Then I dedicate that Windows VM to development. I'm sure nothing else interferes like PowerDVD, Quicken, etc... who also install drivers that might conflict with something. All those non development Windows apps are installed in another Windows 10 VM. It's a one time full job to create an empty Windows 10 VM but it is well worthy. Then if it's still crashing in a Windows10+RAD VM you should use one of your support tickets. Tip: Now and then, I update my empty Windows10 VM template and compress it again to store it somewhere. This way, the delta between the last windows update and the ones available on the current day is not growing too much and updates are faster.
  14. Mhhh. Just in case, here is my Display setting for my Windows 10 64bit VM See the bottom note to see whether it's your case (Vulkan libraries)
  15. No problem on my side. VMWare Fusion Professional Version 11.5.1 (15018442) Loaded the demo and then loaded the mattress data file. Works without problem. The VM Is Windows10 Pro 1909 Here is a screen shot