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  1. Serge_G

    Programmatically Change Properties of a Custom style

    Panel is no more than a TRectangle (depending style file I think) I don't know why but if you try to change TPanel fill color this does not work with 'windows 10 desktop style' , works during design time with 'default' Stylecollection but not at runtime πŸ›something to do with the fact that this TRectangle is at the root and not in a TLayout ? Best suggestion I can do is : use a TRectangle. I do not use anymore TPanel now, preferring Layouts and TRectangle πŸ˜‰
  2. Serge_G

    Programmatically Change Properties of a Custom style

    As I understand what is in your mind, I think it's your ChangeObjectRecursive function the problem. A component (your panel) as style but style is not the "container" of the panel's childs. And therefore, you change wrong "styledata" property for a label See this : // Changing all labels of a panel randomly procedure TForm112.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var aColor : TAlphaColor; procedure ChangePanelLabels(const Panel : TPanel; const ChangeToColor : TAlphaColor); var i : integer; begin if SameText(Panel.StyleLookup,'panel1style1') then begin for i:=0 to Panel.Children.Count - 1 do begin if Panel.Children[i].ClassNameIs('TLabel') then TLabel(Panel.Children[i]).StylesData['Text.TextSettings.FontColor']:= ChangeToColor; end; end; end; begin randomize; aColor:=Random($FFFFFF) OR $FF000000; // add alpha layer ChangePanelLabels(Panel1,aColor); end;
  3. Serge_G

    TStringGrig formatting date

    %s is yet a string so it's somewhere normal Try FormatDateTime('dd.mm.yyyy',value) or declare your fields, set your date field displayformat property to 'dd.mm.yyyy' and use displaytext in customformat
  4. Serge_G

    TListBox, TListView how to use Sort(Compare) ?

    Sorry, not being specific. Late I found, really by chance, why the code I used procedure TForm110.btnDetailClick(Sender: TObject); // numeric sort on detail var Compare : TFMXObjectSortCompare; begin Tri:=btnDetail.Tag; if btnDetail.Tag=1 then btnDetail.Tag:=0 else btnDetail.Tag:=1; ListBox1.Sorted:=False; Compare:=function(item1, item2: TFmxObject): Integer var n1,n2 : Single; begin n1:=StrToFloatDef(TListBoxItem(item1).ItemData.Detail,0); n2:=StrToFloatDef(TListBoxItem(item2).ItemData.Detail,0); if n2=n1 then result:=0 else begin if n2>n1 then Result := 1 else Result := -1; end; if tri=0 then result:=result*-1; end; ListBox1.Sort(Compare); // here end; seems to be useless. Just resizing the form (to take a picture) 'refreshed' the aligned list. Before solving, I used a BeginUpdate/EndUpdate sequence with no effect ! So that was why I don't understood the usage of list.sort(compare) was not 'working'. A self.width:=self.width+1; self.width:=self.width; confirmed that but was not the solution. Finally, digging in the source code, I found the solution ListBox1.RealignContent; Just after the sort did it. Joined, comparative runtime screens (first alpha sort on text using sorted:=true, second numeric sort on detail using sort(compare) twice to have DESC order)
  5. Hi, I found a way to sort my lists using Sort an OnCompare event but I don't figure out a functional way to use Sort(Compare) method (Rio 10.3.3) Any clues ? Thanks
  6. Serge_G

    FireDac Query Issue

    A close no, but an unprepare should be to check. If your first SQL works, other request just changing parameter works. i.e dm.fdq.Open('',[ 2 ] ); It's when you change the SQL and parameters the problem.
  7. Serge_G

    Animating TListViewItem

    Well don't be so afraid. I think you can use a TFrame (somewhere TFrame is like a style) for all that filling stuff. I think it was the Paul Toth approach.
  8. Serge_G

    Animating TListViewItem

    Hi, I never thought about including animation in a ListView but, why not πŸ˜‰ However my guess is TListView is not a good candidate for this sort of usage. Instead think about the ancestor, a TScrollBox. In my mind, this Jaques Nascimento video or videos from CodeRage2019 (Paul Thoth and Adriano Santos interventions)
  9. Serge_G

    FireDac Select with parameter, how to renew

    Hello, This was a question I had in mind for a long time. I used to use, like ergeka and, even, closing the query before (old BDE comportment) dm.fdc.Close; dm.fdc.parambyname('Pc').asString:='Woolworths'; dm.fdc.Open; So, today, I make a little test and Firedac is really an amazing thing dm.fdc.Open,('',[ 'Woolworths' ]); works. One only line versus 2 (three in my case) and shorter than this ParambyName stuff. I certainly use this for now πŸ˜‰ By the way I test also this query Select * from tTable where Company = ? order by oOrderName a no named parameter. It works too πŸ‘
  10. Serge_G

    BDE Enterprise installer and Windows 10

    An argument : Firedac is BDE like (this mean all the old "BDE code" could be used as is) but is much more πŸ˜‰
  11. Serge_G

    BDE Enterprise installer and Windows 10

    Hi, You are not alone πŸ˜‰ even if BDE is largely obsolete I still have some fights with it. My suggestions to use it in a MS UAC environment (from Vista and more) : Don't use "program files" folders, install it in a root base directory (i.e. c:\borland\BDE) After install change some options : NET DIR directory (configuration/native/Paradox SHAREMEMxx values (configuration/system/init) (check this document for values) Last, don't forget to put Object/Options/ save for use with windows 3.1 and windows 95/NT << yes this can be a bit strange and prove obsolescence, as far as I understand this indicates BDE to find IDAPI32.cfg file and not in registry , as you certainly knows registry, UAC and users are not very friendly Installing BDE ? I use a setup I found with one of my older Delphi version (D2010 I think), but some installers (don't know if it's legal) can be found on the web i.e here or there be aware that BDE installer from Code Central need IDE to be installed on the PC I use version 5.0.1, note : last version was 5.2 I think I can't understand this, Firedac is much more than BDE ! Ok, if they still use paradox, db tables but wow ...
  12. Serge_G

    tStringGrid.OnDrawColumnCell - hot to get column field name?

    You can simplify all this, at design time the link is well known and named (LinkGridtodatasourcexxxxxx). Just rename your link in the BindingsList to grZasobaLink
  13. Serge_G

    tStringGrid.OnDrawColumnCell - hot to get column field name?

    A pleasure πŸ˜‰ . But this still does not satisfy me fully, so I persist. My goal was to have the members linked even if no columns were defined, I found a way applying the principle : "if no columns are defined then all fields of the datasource are displayed". Having the linked datasource is easy TLinkGridToDatasource(B).DataSource, having the member list not so but I found that TBaseObjectBindSource have an interface IScopeMemberNames private ColumnList : TStringList; procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var B : TContainedBindComponent; SL : TStringList; S : String; IMembers : IScopeMemberNames; ib : integer; begin for ib:=0 to BindingsList1.BindCompCount-1 do begin B:=BindingsList1.BindComps[ib]; if (B.ControlComponent is TCustomGrid) then begin if TBaseObjectBindSource(TLinkGridToDatasource(B).DataSource).GetInterface(IScopeMemberNames,IMembers) then begin IMembers.GetMemberNames(ColumnList); for S in ColumnList do Memo1.Lines.Add(S); end; end; end; end; Now it's just a question of using a StringList to store the fieldnames and to arrange it function of the grid (defined columns, and move), more "classic code" I think even if, at this time, I have no idea (Sunday not propitious to ) P.S. The only way I think about is to have a sort of SaveGridSettings / LoadGridSettings procedure something using ObjectBinaryToText and reverse function SaveGridSettings(Component: TComponent): string; var BinStream:TMemoryStream; StrStream: TStringStream; s: string; begin BinStream := TMemoryStream.Create; try StrStream := TStringStream.Create(s); try BinStream.WriteComponent(Component); BinStream.Seek(0, soFromBeginning); ObjectBinaryToText(BinStream, StrStream); StrStream.Seek(0, soFromBeginning); Result:= StrStream.DataString; finally StrStream.Free; end; finally BinStream.Free end; end;
  14. Serge_G

    tStringGrid.OnDrawColumnCell - hot to get column field name?

    Agree with NIRAV KAKU in the principle but anyway if you want to access LiveBinded fieldname of a column, fieldname is the wrong name you have to search a membername. My test in ideal conditions (only one StringGrid, only Stringgrid is Binded) Consider this code, list of all columns linked procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var B : TContainedBindComponent; C : TLinkGridToDataSourceColumns; ib,ic : integer; begin // have to search in the whole bindingslist for ib:=0 to BindingsList1.BindCompCount-1 do begin B:=BindingsList1.BindComps[ib]; // check if the component is the stringgrid if (B.ControlComponent=StringGrid1) then begin // look for all linked columns for ic := 0 to TLinkGridToDatasource(B).Columns.Count-1 do begin C :=TLinkGridToDataSourceColumns(TLinkGridToDatasource(B).Columns); Memo1.lines.add(c[ic].MemberName); end; end; end; end; From this you can write a function, something like function FieldNameOfGrid(const Grid : TCustomGrid; col : integer) : String function TForm100.FieldNameOfGridCol(const Grid: TcustomGrid; const col: Integer): String; var B : TContainedBindComponent; ib : integer; begin for ib:=0 to BindingsList1.BindCompCount-1 do begin B:=BindingsList1.BindComps[ib]; if (B.ControlComponent=Grid) then try result:=TLinkGridToDataSourceColumns(TLinkGridToDatasource(B).Columns)[col].MemberName; break; except result:=''; end; end; end; Perfectible I think but working, even with unlinked columns, but only if columns are defined
  15. Serge_G

    CustomFormat useless?

    Hi, sounds strange, but I am not an apple owner Hum, you want to say DisplayText ? I report, I think about two times https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-22962 , this bug. If you want to use the format of livebindings try to use Format('%%.2f', 1*value)