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  1. Did you install FMXLinux via getit ?
  2. Serge_G

    Simple LiveBindings usage questions

    It's been a long time since I've looked into livebindings, outside database links and even, less in VCL being much more FMX 🙄 So, this question caught my attention. My first idea "its a VCL fact", but, writing the same sample in FMX, I got the same point 3 behaviour. My second clue was to notify BindingList a change, in memory my firsts steps with livebindings procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin Checkbox1.Checked:=not Checkbox1.Checked; BindingsList1.Notify(Checkbox1,'checked'); end; But, unsuccessfully. My guess, checkbox state is changed after the drawing ? For that sort of, unusual, thing I used a one record ProtypeBindSource component with a boolean field And this code procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin PrototypeBindSource1.DataGenerator.Fields.Items[0].SetTValue(not checkbox1.Checked); end; Project22.zip
  3. Serge_G

    Docking Example

    When I first learn about docking, I view these two Alister Christie's videos https://learndelphi.tv/60-movie-32-dockable-forms https://learndelphi.tv/61-movie-33-dockable-forms-2
  4. MyDac can use macro https://docs.devart.com/mydac/work_macros.htm Something like this code (sorry, I don't use Mydac but Firedac) Query1.SQL.Text := 'SELECT * FROM user Where ID IN (&list)'; Query1.MacroByName('list').asString := '1,2,3'; Query1.Open; Otherwise, you can use a format string sqlstring:='SELECT * FROM users WHERE id IN (%s)'; inlist := '1,2,3' query.sql.text:=Format(sqlstring,[inlist]); Ok, it's really a very poor code !
  5. Hi, This is a question I can't respond easily, I have to write one Android application to check that. I will be back 😄 Meanwhile, check/ask on ZeosLib Portal
  6. My way : 1 - Open ZEOSDBO.groupProj. (not bpl ) 2 - Compile each package (in order) and, for design one, install. Long time ago I start writing a French tutorial, unfinished because I use now Firedac in priority.
  7. That's why I write MyTable.Filtered := not Mytable.Filter.isEmpty;
  8. A retired champion for now so I have time. I don't remember if I install ZEOS on my D11 version, but I always use SVN (http://svn.code.sf.net/p/zeoslib/code-0/trunk) version of ZEOSDBO, perhaps this is why I don't mind this compatibility trouble 😄 as you can see also ready for Delphi 12 Athenes Best wishes for new year
  9. Serge_G

    fmx advanced tutorials

    Not only I think, my last pro applications were written with fmx (even for windows) in mind Linux (not MacOS) distribution. Tutorials ? I don't think there is much. I wrote some French ones for Livebindings, TListview and building components you can find here, take a look at my blog too 😉 My first steps with fmx were watching all videos I can found from Embarcadero events and others. I don't use all that getit template stuff but think there is something to dig there And remember there are a lot of samples in demo directory Fresh retired, my top ten to-do list is to finish my tutorial "writing fmx components : RadioGroupBox" and beginning a book on FMX Styles
  10. Not sure, but take a look at ZEOSDBO components . (portal)
  11. Serge_G

    Custom color not in color property list

    For each question (first one) I suggest you to indicate Delphi version. use a TPageControl linked to a TImageList. You can change for each tab the imageindex property (-1 to "hide" image) If Delphi 11, for the Font Color problems, with new versions you have to take care of StyleElements property, if you have set some appearance (style) to the project and don't remove seFont from the array then color you set at runtime should not be taken into account. Here, appearance is set to "Windows10 blue", button1.click code Label1.font.Color:=clred; is inefficient except if you set Label1.StyleElements:=Label1.StyleElements-[seFont]
  12. Serge_G

    Help to find database error

    so, use this one not only dat2.sqlite. you can also use '..\..\Data\dat2.sqlite' (second ..\ go up one level win32 first ..\ to project) if you want to use only dat2.sqlite database have to be in this directory
  13. Serge_G

    Help to find database error

    Are you sure of that? Program in debug mode is in a xxx\win32\debug directory where xxx is where are your project, unit and dfm path
  14. Serge_G

    Help to find database error

    You can add parameters , just adding an array FDQuery1.Open('SELECT * FROM DAT2 WHERE <Column>=:V',[<aValue>]); easy, and quick, no need to close FDQuery1
  15. Serge_G

    Help to find database error

    'D:\Database=Delphi 11 Community\My Projects\FDTest\Data\dat2.sqlite' Problem is here. I don't think path is correct. First this = is somehow perturbing me, and those white spaces 🙄 don't help I suspect you use part of the info here but, don't use 'Database' just the database file path Then I am not sure your database is disconnected when you run program (set option ActiveStoredUsage to [] or only [auDesignTime] as @haentschman simplify your code, code can be only FDquery1.Open(query); or FDquery1.Open('Select * from DAT2'); And last but not least, you will be confronted with a "locking" problem if you don't set connexion option LockingMode to Normal