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  1. Juande

    Android - TBannerAd overlaps the controls

    Hello Chris, Many thanks for your reply. I've followed your guidelines and they are a good option, also I tested with property ControlType set to Platform of TMultiView control and result is as I want, MultiView is displayed in front of the BannerAd controls. Now, another problem occurs, when TBannerAd is placed within a VertScrollBox and it moves up or down, a flickering effect is displayed in BannerAd control. Is there any solution? Many thanks.
  2. Hello, I asked this in Embarcadero forum but nobody replied so I hope to get more lucky in this more active forum. I'm using severals TBannerAd (Dephi 10.3.3) for testing in my app, those Ads are displayed in TLayouts, I don't like put them in a TForm as parent, in my opinion is not professional, but it is not the expected work, banners overlap controls, also I use a TMultiview and banner always displays front. Is there any solution to this? or TBannerAd component works is like that. Many thanks. Juande.