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  1. PeaShooter_OMO

    File Format menu is missing in Delphi 11

    不不不不不 And I was looking at menus, context menus and sub menus and never at the Status bar. Thank you so much
  2. In Delphi 11 was the "File Format" menu item in the Editor's Context Menu moved to another spot or removed entirely? On my Delphi... The help says otherwise...
  3. PeaShooter_OMO

    Delphi 5 Printing

    A few years back Microsoft released an update that broke printing on Epson Dot Matrix printers. Fortunately it was quickly fixed with a follow-up update as so many financials still work on Dot Matrix printers. We had a busy week that week. https://www.cprou.com/information/windows-update-breaks-dot-matrix-printers/ There are other similar cases. One being; https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/new-windows-10-kb5006670-update-breaks-network-printing/
  4. I am wondering why the packages included in Delphi behave correctly Even the included Indy. How was that setup and built to work correctly? I wanted to have a look at the Indy packages on its Github but there was only up to xxx270.dproj
  5. This was tested on a clean install of Delphi 11 with November Patch and no 3rd party packages. Firstly I have noticed that Delphi 11 does not do Find Declaration while your project's Release build is activated. I did find a similar bug report on Quality Portal and voted for that as well as have my colleague submit a comment how to reproduce our issue. https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-33347 So I am wondering if my next Delphi 11 issue is related to that or maybe I am just missing something. Attached you will find a .zip file containing a bare minimum Package and an Application. In the application the problem is that I cannot do a Find Declaration on the package unit in the uses section or the DoMsg method unless I enable "use debug .dcus" inside the application Debug build config. The package consists only of the TestUnitJ unit and the IDE Paths were setup as follows: Win32-------- Library Path-- D:\Test Package\DCU\Win32\Release Browsing Path-- D:\Test Package\PAS Debug DCU Path-- D:\Test Package\DCU\Win32\Debug I followed the same pattern as I have always done in previous versions of Delphi without having these issues. Test Package and Application.zip