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  1. David Champion

    Safe Array Definition inside Type LIbrary Editor

    Not directly answering your question.. More Automation In Delphi, Collections - Brian Long
  2. David Champion

    Microsoft Trusted Signing service

    Yes, you have it, "Side hussles".
  3. David Champion

    Audio to Text Components

    @Rollo62 It was more the other way round; limited Speech Recognition. Logging to text at various intervals what people are saying, so that positions in Audio log can be sparsely described. Also, the application cannot connect to the internet.
  4. David Champion

    Audio to Text Components

    Thanks for the recommendation. The feature that I was suggesting as part of an on going project was not thought to be worthwhile. So, no, it was canned.
  5. It looks like you are trying to create an Automation Object with dual ole automation interfaces. Delphi has a wizard that can generate the initial project. The project will include a .ridl file from which you visually design a Type Library. The Type Library designer can generate an implementation stub with all the user defined interfaces. These interfaces are derived from IDispatch, which are your so called DispInterfaces.
  6. David Champion

    Questions about Interface

    if you are trying to implement the Abstract Factory Pattern then you will need to develop factory classes. A more common case is where you will simply sub-class from TInterfacedObject and implement 1 or more interfaces.
  7. Yes, I noticed the price jump with the RemObjects Remoting SDK subscription. Also, I'm still not clear myself, after chatting with Mark Hoffman, what the subscription only license means.
  8. Sometimes unexpected and inaccurate
  9. David Champion

    GetIt alternatives

    An alternate package manager needs to be controlled and run by an organisation outside of Embarcadero which would give the community a little bit more leverage.
  10. Let's hope EMB have all the backups required. And the backups are up-to date. And the backup process has proven to be successful.
  11. David Champion

    We use DUnitX and it discovers all our silly mistakes before release

    This is a very good point, that the component-driven architecture is more than adequate to product loosely couple code. This has troubled me for many years. Most of the time I head off in the direction of developing/refactoring around interfaces and end up with an interface oriented-design. So many small interfaces, so loosely coupled, that dependency injection using Spring4D is an obvious choice. It works for me but the end result is far removed from the tooling support given by the IDE for components. Sometimes the interface design is clumsy and not as dedicated, short and succinct as it should be, closer to a class declaration. I often end up with an unnecessary abstraction where a more concrete implementation as a component would do just fine. Perhaps if the VCL had a different way of producing components that avoided the deep class hierarchies and used more composition there would not be this apparent tension.
  12. David Champion

    We use DUnitX and it discovers all our silly mistakes before release

    Refactor the code to be loosely coupled; normally a huge amount of effort on a typical RAD created application.
  13. David Champion

    How to attach a DigiCert Token certificate to exeutable

    Does anyone know if it is possible to convert the USB token to an ISO and then mount it on a build server ?
  14. David Champion

    New proyect in Delfos

    If you are a beginner, as you say, you'd best select the simplest of choices available and extend from there. I would suggest registering for a AWS account 12 months free tier and using Aurora PostgreSQL. Just a 2 tier solution, Delphi and a cloud based database. No need to spin up a server instance. If the version of Delphi doesn't support remote databases then look into a trial version of DevArts's UniDac components.
  15. With a little help from Google translate I can make your question more accessible:- Tôi có Delphi 11.3 trong máy Mac được kết nối với Windows 11 (MacOS Ventura 13.3.1) qua Wifi chạy PAServer 22 (phiên bản : ) Nhấn nút "Kiểm tra kết nối" trong "Trình quản lý cấu hình kết nối" luôn cho tôi "Lỗi từ xa: Unknow LifeCycle : Sessio". Tôi đã tìm kiếm các diễn đàn và tất cả các mục của trang giải pháp lỗi bật lên hiển thị sau khi thử không thành công, nhưng tôi không thể tìm ra giải pháp... I have Delphi 11.3 in my Mac connected to Windows 11 (MacOS Ventura 13.3.1) over Wifi running PAServer 22 (version: 13.3.12. Pressing the "Test Connection" button in "Connection Configuration Manager" always gives me "Remote Error: Unknow LifeCycle : Sessio". I have searched the forums and all the items of the solution page pop up error showing up after the failed attempt, but I can't find a solution. Tôi đã hy vọng ai đó ở đây có thể có đề xuất hoặc chỉ cho tôi đi đúng hướng để tìm kiếm giải pháp. Cảm ơn. I was hoping someone here could have suggestions or point me in the right direction to look for a solution. Thank.