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  1. David Champion

    take a look to this REST API Server

    I'm so tired and embarrassed by Embarcadero putting 'Amazing' and 'Fantastic' in front of every product missive. It seems you need to create an emotional response. Perhaps someone is living in a perpetual state of marketing bliss. Could you please, if you have the time, add a small paragraph explaining why this code stands out, for you, from the rest of REST.
  2. David Champion

    Delphi and Azure DevOps?

    The current solution is working really well for the Client, I am happy :-). I can't be more specific I need to do more research but I made note to myself that I would investigate BitBucket custom Pipelines https://bitbucket.org/blog/build-flexible-ci-cd-pipelines-with-custom-pipes.
  3. David Champion

    Delphi and Azure DevOps?

    Recently, I introduced a small company using Delphi, PHP and Java to the Atlassian cloud hosted products including Bit Bucket, Confluence and JIRA. For CI I have deliberately stayed away from using cloud based Build Pipelines but use ContinuaCI/FinalBuilder on an AWS EC2 instance. Similar to Uwe the biggest problem was changing over to Git/GitFlow and using peer review of Pull Requests before merging. Changing habits of > 20 years. I am hoping that future versions of ContinuaCI will integrate more tightly into Atlassian products.
  4. David Champion

    Documentation creation tool

    If you mean the .chm file probably Doc-o-matic.
  5. David Champion

    Forum for Spring4D

    Fair enough, you have spelt it out.
  6. David Champion

    Forum for Spring4D

    @AdministratorIf there was a named Forum on Praxis Delphi Third-Party I would post here.
  7. David Champion

    Forum for Spring4D

    What's the best forum for Spring4D?
  8. David Champion

    50 Years of Pascal

    Logitech licensed a quality Modula 2 compiler before they abandoned it in favour of devices such as mice. Also, there was a fabulous Modula 2 compiler from TopSpeed Both of which I used in comercial products I sold at the time. TopSpeed Modula 2 was subsumed into Clarion, now a SoftVelocity 4GL product and used to be an optional language in the tool as at version 9.
  9. David Champion

    Blogged : Advice for Delphi library authors

    What about LIB suffix $(Auto) does that conform to your guidelines?
  10. David Champion

    HxD hex, disk and memory editor

    Another thought, related. Maybe there is another application here that is possible. You could have a configurable Window 10 Binary Quick File viewer. Not really a Universal File Viewer (something that does exist) just something the focuses on interpreting raw data as records and bringing it up quickly as part of the Windows Shell, fast. Then from there there would be an option to launch HxD to edit the file as records or raw data.
  11. David Champion

    HxD hex, disk and memory editor

    Is the syntax independent of alignment boundaries, is it assumed to be 1 byte aligned (or otherwise) and gaps are explicit?
  12. David Champion

    HxD hex, disk and memory editor

    Are you already using the Motorola S records format?
  13. David Champion

    HxD hex, disk and memory editor

    I can offer to test some code if you have any early versions and attempt to do some user documentation as I do the testing. The only other thought that came to mind was, perhaps there is already a standardised way of describing data structures which would avoid the need to come up with your own.
  14. David Champion

    HxD hex, disk and memory editor

    @mael looks like you are well into the task and really motivated. You explain it very clearly but I will need to re-read the comments in the morning, since I have been working long hours and am just finishing for the day. I'm catching your excitment.
  15. David Champion

    HxD hex, disk and memory editor

    Sure. I can start to put together a documentation project, if that helps.