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  1. David Champion

    DevExpress FMX Grid

    DevExpress FMX Grid released to those on subscription https://community.devexpress.com/blogs/vcl/archive/2020/07/22/devexpress-fmx-grid-ctp-available.aspx Its a CTP - Community Techology Preview
  2. David Champion

    Are we just "Cash Cows"?

    udderly ridiculous
  3. David Champion

    tContainedObject, tAggregatedObject

    Here's a translated link to a Brazialian developer (Marcos Douglas B. Santos) who was wrestling with a better use of aggregates in his code. https://www.translatetheweb.com/?from=&to=en&dl=en&rr=UC&a=https%3a%2f%2fobjectpascalprogramming.com%2fposts%2fobjetos-agregados%2f Not exactly what you are asking but I found it interesting reading. Original article in Portuguese https://objectpascalprogramming.com/page6/
  4. David Champion

    HxD hex, disk and memory editor

    @mael I agree. I dont think there would be much money to be made.
  5. David Champion

    HxD hex, disk and memory editor

    @maelI would really find a Delphi library that wraps up the HexEditor features valuable. Not freeware but paid for. Even if the library was binary only.
  6. David Champion

    Access to Omnithread course material

  7. @Primož. Having recently bought the Parallel Programming with OmnithreadLibrary book from Lulu I was messaged a discount offer to buy the PDF copy from LeanPub which included access to your course material. Having taken up that offer and purchased the PDF I cannot find any reference to the additional course material. Any suggestions ?
  8. @Carlos this link may be of some use, a MVVM library which targets both FMX and VCL. No interface binding was available at the time of the blog. https://blog.grijjy.com/2018/01/22/mvvm-starter-kit-part-1-of-3/
  9. David Champion

    Modern C++ and Delphi

    After the above comment I took a brief look at Nim and some of the other newer languages such as Go, Dart (window shopping only). The one that really caught my eye was Rust. It has a steep learning curve though. As language its competes more in the C++ space and doesn't have Python-type syntax. Open Source, Elegant, Fast execution and a Strict compiler forcing out various classes of coding errors. Aimed at systems programming, safe concurrency, embedded and Web Assembly. No Garbage collection but a unique pattern of 'ownership' and 'borrowing' enforced by the compiler. Static C library code and dynamic libraries possible. About 50 hours in and really liking it. https://www.rust-lang.org/
  10. David Champion

    Modern C++ and Delphi

    There are some great points you have made coming from your 15 years experience in C++. Much appreciated.
  11. David Champion

    Modern C++ and Delphi

    Yes, thats a great approach. I believe too that Python compliments Delphi well. It is a pervasive and capable dynamic language.
  12. David Champion

    Modern C++ and Delphi

    Thanks for replying. Delphi and VCL is where I have most experience so the idea that occurred to me was to use my VCL experience to reduce the amount of effort in producing the GUI applications. Some of the existing code is already written in Microsoft Visual C++ and HT Basic. So my pitch to management would be to put it all in C++Builder and eliminate HTBasic as a supported IDE/language; presenting it as a simplification. Even if I just re-developed the HT Basic code in C++Builder that would likely make the project easier to handle. But my general observation is that C++ is becoming less arcane and easier to handle, if you follow best practice and community guidelines. The reason I'm reaching out is to see if there is any sympathy in the Delphi community for modern C++.
  13. David Champion

    Modern C++ and Delphi

    With the new standards for C++ and modernisation of the compiler; C++11, C++17 and C++20... the language is becoming more developer friendly. I am beginning to wonder if this is becoming a viable alternative to Delphi for some project types. I have the requirement to implement some scientific type applications and it will be much easier to convince management to use C++ than Delphi. For myself I can leverage the familiarity of VCL libraries whilst I improve and extend my C++ language skills. Are there any other developers who think the same or have moved in this direction? I'd value an opinion.