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  1. David Champion

    Frequent and/or annoying typos you make while coding

    "search" --> "serach" quite often
  2. David Champion

    Forum for Spring4D

    @Stefan GlienkeOn the BitBucket repo 4 days ago you tagged for download version 2.0.beta.1. Version 2.0 was at alpha.2 8 months ago. Is this a significant release and should I start to prefer this over 1.2.4 if I dont mind some risks? Are the sub-set of collections solid, unchanged and represent low risk usage? Obviously there is the word 'beta' in the tag so clearly there is still a way to go.
  3. A very long time ago and what feels like a far off galaxy A very long time ago and what feels like a far off galaxy A very long time ago and what feels like a far off galaxy A very long time ago and what feels like a far off galaxy A very long time ago and what feels like a far off galaxy..... I was part of a small team than wrote accounting software for our UK and international customers. All the prices, totals, decimal quantities, fractional quantities were represented as integers or long integers. The long integers having 15 digits of significance; not a floating point number in sight. All decimal places and fractial separators were implicit until it came to displaying them. No rounding errors crept in. I remember this as an example of a good design choice by the lead developer.
  4. David Champion

    Delphi for ARM

    But this is not using a native ARM compiler.
  5. David Champion

    D11 - A bridge too far.. :-(

    or open source the IDE + everything, apart from compilers. Have a licenses that protects EMB investment but allows Pull Requests and co-development with community
  6. David Champion

    What is part of your contiuos integration?

    I have used it with a number of clients to good effect; highly recommended.
  7. David Champion

    The future of Delphi

    good to hear!
  8. David Champion

    The future of Delphi

    Thats sounds miserable and demoralising. I have seen some of that, but not much.
  9. Could not be happier.
  10. @Dalija Prasnikar. I'm curious. Do you use Delphi to write your mobile apps, XCode or both? What is your current thinking?
  11. David Champion

    take a look to this REST API Server

    I'm so tired and embarrassed by Embarcadero putting 'Amazing' and 'Fantastic' in front of every product missive. It seems you need to create an emotional response. Perhaps someone is living in a perpetual state of marketing bliss. Could you please, if you have the time, add a small paragraph explaining why this code stands out, for you, from the rest of REST.
  12. David Champion

    Delphi and Azure DevOps?

    The current solution is working really well for the Client, I am happy :-). I can't be more specific I need to do more research but I made note to myself that I would investigate BitBucket custom Pipelines https://bitbucket.org/blog/build-flexible-ci-cd-pipelines-with-custom-pipes.
  13. David Champion

    Delphi and Azure DevOps?

    Recently, I introduced a small company using Delphi, PHP and Java to the Atlassian cloud hosted products including Bit Bucket, Confluence and JIRA. For CI I have deliberately stayed away from using cloud based Build Pipelines but use ContinuaCI/FinalBuilder on an AWS EC2 instance. Similar to Uwe the biggest problem was changing over to Git/GitFlow and using peer review of Pull Requests before merging. Changing habits of > 20 years. I am hoping that future versions of ContinuaCI will integrate more tightly into Atlassian products.
  14. David Champion

    Documentation creation tool

    If you mean the .chm file probably Doc-o-matic.