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Found 10 results

  1. I've known of CodeSite for years, but I'm afraid not about CodeSite. And now that I know more, I could really put its logging to use rather than my cobbled-together and code-modifying techniques. Except, the GetIt installer runs and installs CodeSite to the catalog repository just fine, but it doesn't add it to the IDE (11.3). I have also run the installer from the catalog repository -- it's just a Windows installer -- but that also yields no love. I'm guessing the package version, from September 2022, doesn't know about this version of the IDE. It's Windows 10, and I give the OS admin-level credentials in my install efforts. Is there anything to be done? Thanks in advance for hints.
  2. Hello! I installed Delphi 10.4.2 in Community Edition. I would like to install KSVC (any version) from GetIT but the searching not found any KSVC (like on image). Did anyone know why i cant install KSVC? I have app with using KSVC components and now i cant develop it. Best regards! dobraMorda EDIT: I have WIndows 11. One year ago I had 10.3 Community Edition and there was KSVC in GetIt.
  3. Does anyone know if there is an application available to generate all iOS, Android, etc. images from a single image and also update the project file. I ask because I have written one and am considering making it freely available.
  4. Tom F

    GetIt Server down?

    Edit: GetIt is now working again. In Windows 10, I updated from Sydney to Delphi 11 using the ISO. However, in the IDE, trying to access Tools > GetIt Package Manager results in: The Embarcadero GetIt server could not be reached... Error loading data from the server getit-olympus.embarcadero.com: Forbidden The Welcome screen's "New in GetIt" panel also reports "Error loading data." The GetIt Package Manager runs fine on the same machine in 10.4.23. I ran: GetItCmd.exe -c=useonline as an administrator and got "The command finished with success." But the problem remains. There is a discussion here (https://en.delphipraxis.net/topic/3909-delphi-104-getit-connection-issue/ on a similar problem, but it's for 10.4 and is 11 months old, so I'm hesitant about making any of the changes mentioned there. Any suggestions on fixing this?
  5. cueiogordo

    Error on GetIt

    Morning On start GetIt Package Manager, an error happens
  6. TotteKarlsson

    Getit doesnt getit

    Hello, I installed Konopka Controls in C++ Builder 10.4.2 using getit. Something went wrong and the controls never showed up on the Palette. I'm now trying to uninstall and are getting this (see screenshot): Any pointers on how to 'reset' getit or getit working?? I'm trying to work on an application that are using these controls, but the IDE don't let me, as the absence of these controls results in unresolved externals etc.. -tk
  7. [using Delphi 10.4 update1 + Windows7 on VirtualBox] Preamble: I know that Windows7 is not officially supported by Delphi 10.4. Though, the below problem was not existing in the same environment (Delphi +Windows7), some months ago. Steps to reproduce: 1. open Delphi 10.4 update1 2. from the IDE, open GetIt package Manager 3. state that "the Embarcadero GetIt server could not be reached", "Error on loading data from the server getit-104.embarcadero.com" Note that: 1. the Embarcadero GetIt server could currently be pinged. 2. the Embarcadero GetIt server could be accessible previously (some months ago) My questions are: 1. Has something been changed on the Embarcadero server side? 2. Can someone state the same issue, in the same conditions?
  8. Frans van Enschot

    Another getit problem for rad 10.4.1

    Hi, Many has the same problem that i have. Also my getit is not working and i fight already many day with is without success. I have installed embarcadero 10.4.1 with an offline installer. Was offline, and ik have set it online without any success. Ik have also already switch off my firewall without success. Ik have installed embarcadero 10.4.1 on virtualbox with windows 10 and an second computer directly also with windows 10. Both react the same. NO YOUTUBE CHANAL, NO ADD ONS, NO IDE PATCHES, AND NO SAMPLE APPLICATIONS. What do i wrong, and how can i fix this??? It looks so an easy problem, but i am fully lost. Hopefully tou can help me out. grtz Frans
  9. I got an interesting message when I tried to upgrade my project from Delphi 10.3 to Delphi 10.4.1. It says I need to add "getit" package!. This is really a strange message. (There is no package named getit in my project group and I am sure I don't have any dependency to a package named getit.)
  10. Regards, this problems occurs from time to time in getit now I got bitten again. Hopefully someone knows how and where I can tell to Getit that EurekaLog isn't installed so I can reinstall it. This is the little story: I got the EurekaLog Tools (free) v 7.0 installed, today I see the new version and I do this: EurekaLog Tools 7 was installed via Getit Without uninstall the v7 in getit: I install the v7.7.5.0; the process goes without error, and the install remove the previous one, the IDE restarts; (I was expecting that Getit remove the old one and take out from Getit but no). In Getit now I see two versions installed. (annoying), then In Getit I uninstall the v7, it removes in GetIt and from Programs and Features too. Now I don't have the programs installed (but Getit shows as installed). In Getit that shows is installed, when I try to uninstall, I got this error, and I can't reinstall again: This happens with other package, but I don't remember how I "remove it", still get it shows the old version to install, as a reminder that I don't remember Thanks in advance.