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  1. Tom F

    Confusing marketing email from EMB

    Yeah. You're right My sloppy thinking and typing. Maybe my skin's a bit thin. But, I'd think that a good marketing department would have omitted sending this email to customers like me who are current on their update subscription. That would've saved me from wasting my time on this.
  2. Tom F

    Confusing marketing email from EMB

    Thanks, @corneliusdavid. Why did you conclude that it's only for someone re-subscribing to updates rather than also renewing?
  3. I just got EMB marketing email that says, "Get 25% OFF plus 18 months of Maintenance for the price of 12 for RAD Studio, Delphi, or C++Builder, and don’t miss a release for 1.5 years." WTF does EMB that mean by that??? If a 12-month license was normally $100, then would I get 18 months for $75? Is it me, or does their marketing department need some who <checks notes> actually know how to write unambiguous copy? Or are they deliberately trying to make it difficult for us? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I
  4. Tom F

    Parnassus Bookmarks for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    Ooops. My bad. You're absolutely right. II've fix my erroneous post. (Funny how things can be so well embedded in rote "muscle-memory" but not so well embedded in verbal memory.)
  5. Tom F

    Parnassus Bookmarks for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    FYI: There's similar functionality built into the IDE. Use CTRL-SHIFT and UP-ARROW and DOWN-ARROW to jump back and forth between the current method in the implementation and interface section.
  6. Tom F

    Performance monitor for FMX macOS?

    Thank you, Rollo62. Perhaps some day that information will be helpful to me. Right now I need to a source code level performance monitor for an FMX app running on macOS. Tom
  7. Tom F

    Performance monitor for FMX macOS?

    Hi, Rollo, Thanks for the suggestion that I use the xcode profiler. The beauty of FMX is that I don't have to know anything about xcode to write great programs on macOS. And, I love FMX and the fact that I can use the same code on Windows and macOS. But the lack of a turn-key profiler for FMX on the Mac is an example of how FMX can be a real pain in the ass on Macs. Do you recall what kind of results you got when you used the xcode profiler? Did you get source level timings and counts? Is xcode FMX friendly? I hate the fact that it seems that I have to become a system-level programmer to get any timings for my FMX app.
  8. Tom F

    Performance monitor for FMX macOS?

    Good point, Rollo62. Yeah, the macOS Activity Monitor I've used. It shows that my app is using 40% of a modern machine's CPU. I'm trying to find where in the code the time is being spent. A code profiler. So, I'm looking for a way to monitor at the Delphi procedure level. In Windows, I use Nexus Quality Suite in Windows. (I abandoned AQTime long ago as inferior and poorly suppported)
  9. Tom F

    Performance monitor for FMX macOS?

    Does anyone know of a performance monitor for FMX macOS?
  10. Tom F

    how to go to a specific time in a video

    The details will depend on what video player you are using. If you're using YouTube, then you can easily discover the format to start a video at a specific time by clicking the Share button and then adding a checkbox to the "Start at ###" box. For example https://youtu.be/ORK_Xwpt2B8?t=3 starts at time = 3 seconds. (And, yes, that's me being interviewed about my Delphi spectroscopy software.) Is that sufficient for your needs?
  11. Tom F

    Parnassus Bookmarks for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    I'm still waiting here too for the long-promised bookmarks feature to become available again. In the absence of clear, honest communication from EMB, I'm assuming that their management has decided to allocate resources to other issues rather than to fix current bugs. This would be considered a failure in most professional development organizations. EMB management has also apparently decided to conceal from their customers that they have made this decision and why. If we can't trust EMB to make good decisions and to communicate honestly with us on small issues like this, I fear we can't trust them on anything. Delphi continues to suffer from a thousand cuts like this one.
  12. Tom F

    Fix DBGrid Scrollbar Problem

    See: . I didn't try it, but perhaps the solution by aehimself will work for you? I used the few lines of code from Uwe Raabe for smooth scrolling.
  13. Bob, it's not clear to me what you're asking. Are you saying you have two files 1. MyProgram.exe and 2. sqllite.dll And you want to have create an installer that installs these two files on your target machine? Look into Inno, a free installer that many, many of us use.
  14. Tom F

    ZipMaster 1.9x with my minor fixes

    You reported these on EMB's Jira?
  15. Tom F

    Lockbox missing in 11.1

    Thanks, @Lajos Juhász I just checked again and it properly appeared when I searched using the search box. That's very weird, but I tried a half a dozen times an hour ago and it failed. Anyway, I'm glad to see it there. THANKS for your response.