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  1. Tom F

    Scope of a HotKey??

    Hey, I'm far, far from an expert on these matters so my thinking may be very flawed here. But when app #2 gains focus, perhaps it could send a message (and wait for a response) to app #1 telling it to de-register the hotkey? And then app #2 registers the hot key. And same for when app #1 gains focus, it messages and waits for app #2 to de-register the hotkey.
  2. Tom F

    How to know that a file is not used by another program?

    Not cross platform, but this might interest you: JCLSYSUTILS.Execute().
  3. Can you provide the names of those groups?
  4. EMB has provided a GetIt work-around: https://community.idera.com/developer-tools/b/blog/posts/temporary-10-3-2-getit-server-for-installing-10-3-2-add-on-packages
  5. Tom F

    GetIt work-around

    EMB has provided a temporary GetIt until their main servers are back up: https://community.idera.com/developer-tools/b/blog/posts/temporary-10-3-2-getit-server-for-installing-10-3-2-add-on-packages
  6. I agree. And although I have the RAD Studio ISO, I'm unable to do any work on our code base until I can get a copy of the Konopka (nee Raize) components installed. Which, of course, depends on Getit. The above was the reason for my OP. I haven't found any way to purchase source for the library (nor do I want to spend the money.) I plan to explore grabbing the installer from the CatalogRepository folder once Getit is running again. Although this will be "closing the barn door after the horse has escaped" at least I'll be protected should this total failure by EMB happen in the future.
  7. David, Can you be more clear why you're saying that? Is the test he's doing not reliable, or are you simply saying if the test succeeds, the server may come back up during the interval between the test and the email send.
  8. The recent GetIt failure has exposed some vulnerabilities many of us have in archiving our development machines. Using local backup procedures and virtual machines to archive our development machines is one way we can protect ourselves. But, another reasonable safeguard would be for us to assure that we can build our development environment from scratch, offline. Archiving the RAD Studio ISO is a good first step. But, if the GetIt servers are down, or if older versions of tools become unavailable for any other reason, the ISO is insufficient protection. Perhaps we can archive GetIt installers also? Marco's post (from last year) indicates that the IDE can create an html log of GetIt actions: http://blog.marcocantu.com/blog/2018-july-getit-install-logs.html. Examining the sample logs in his blog, it appears that C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\CatalogRepository\ might contain the downloaded installers that we could invoke using the command lines that are in the log. I plan to empirically test this approach, but thought I'd ask the expert community here for any insight or experience it has on this. Has anyone here ever tried to manually install GetIt downloads by examining this log and using command lines with the .exe files? Are there any rules about GetIt downloads being self-contained, or perhaps might they also download additional resources.
  9. Tom F

    Delphi 10.3 Update 2 available

    I'm able to build 64-bit apps for the Mac! I'm not an authority, so I'm not sure if this workaround helps: If macOS 64-bit doesn't show up under Target Platforms, try editing the .dproj file in a text editor to make sure it has an OSX64 line like the underlined one below. <Platforms> <Platform value="Android">False</Platform> <Platform value="iOSDevice32">False</Platform> <Platform value="iOSDevice64">False</Platform> <Platform value="iOSSimulator">False</Platform> <Platform value="OSX32">True</Platform> <Platform value="OSX64">True</Platform> <Platform value="Win32">True</Platform> <Platform value="Win64">False</Platform> </Platforms>
  10. You might want to do a survey to confirm your speculation on how many developers are still on 32-bit vs 64-bit. I'd be surprised if even 25% of Delphi users are on 64-bit.
  11. Tom F

    Remote Desktop with ICS

    Mostly on-topic question: how is it that commercial remote control programs (Zoom, GotoMyPC, WebEx) seem to be able to get around most firewalls without help from IT?
  12. Tom F

    Mojave with RAD Studio 10.2.3?

    Thankfully, RAD Studio up until now has shielded me from having to know anything about Xcode. I'd just install RAD Studio and PAServer and everything would work. If I upgrade in place from Sierra to Mojave, does XCode 9.x.x remain installed on the machine? Do I have to uninstall more recent XCodes, or can different versions co-exist? It appears that I can download XCode 9.x.x. from here: https://developer.apple.com/download/more/. Is the installation of that download straight-forward to a newcomer? Manually attaching the debugger is an unfortunate time-waster. I hope EMB has prioritized a fix for that too.
  13. Tom F

    Mojave with RAD Studio 10.2.3?

    Let us know how it goes.
  14. We have a stable shipping MacOS product (50,000 LOC) that we developed over the past few years with RAD Studio 10.2 Update 3 and MacOS Sierra (10.12.4). It was originally written for the VCL ten years ago. We continue to develop the VCL version, but share a lot of non-UI code with the FMX version. For our needs, cross-platform development with RAD Studio has worked wonderfully. We thought now would be a good time update to Mojave on the Macs to make sure our products remain current. Frankly, the cross-platform tools have (thankfully) hidden what goes on behind the scenes, so I haven't had to learn anything about Xcode, etc. Thus this question: I know there are no guarantees, but should I expect RAD Studio 10.2.3 work with the Mojave (and XCode 9.2 that it installs?) Perhaps I'll just have to redeploy the PAServer? Or will I have to upgrade to Rio? We have a full subscription to Rio, but even after the recent update, for it, we're still quite nervous about making the jump from Tokyo to Rio. The few 3rd party add-ins that we use are available in Rio. However, having seen the problems that some forum members here have reported, we're hesitant to upgrade to Rio. One other comment: if EMB fails to deliver in a timely manner a viable version that allows us to create 64 bit Mac apps, we'll be really, REALLY unhappy that we'll be unable to ship our product. Hopefully, Macro and others at EMB are listening and understand how critical this capability is for those of us who trusted EMB by chosing to build MacOS apps with RAD Studio. I hope that our trust wasn't misplaced.
  15. Tom F

    General DB access question -- paging query results

    Hi, Lars. I'm not that fluent in databases, so could you please help me understand your question above. What does the generated SQL look like? You imply that the query has to read through the first 19,900 rows to get to the data. Are you saying that SQL Server can't use and index so that WHERE (Row > 19,900) AND (Row < 20,000) can be fast? If rows aren't added or deleted (or require persistence in their row number), couldn't a column named Row be introduced? Or perhaps the db has internal row numbers? (I believe SQLite does for example)