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  1. Tom F

    Removing arrows from TRzTrackBar thumb cursor

    Thanks, Attila, for the code!! I REALLY appreciate it!!
  2. Does anyone know how to disable the Raize TRzTrackBar from showing the two little triangles when the mouse is over the thumb? The green arrow in the attached image points to the triangles.
  3. Tom F

    How to .Free a non-modal form?

    Thanks, Remy! That's what I needed. It never occurred to me to hook the OnClose event itself!
  4. Tom F

    How to .Free a non-modal form?

    Is Assigned(FNonModalForm) false after that statement?
  5. Tom F

    How to .Free a non-modal form?

    I create a non-modal form like this: procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin FNonModalForm := TForm2.Create(Self); FNonModalForm.Show; end; What's a good way to have a non-modal Form2 signal its owner Form1 that the non-modal form has been closed by the user so the owner can free Form2? AFAIK, it can't be done in a callback from Form2.FormClose because that's too early for the owner Form1 to free Form2. Send a Windows message to the owner form?
  6. Tom F

    ParnassusCoreEditor.dll AccessViolation

    This thread is quite old. But, given some outstanding problems with 10.4, I reverted to 10.3 and encountered the problem described above where Parnassus wouldn't load. If anyone else is having this problem and comes across this thread, EMB suggested to me that I start with a clean IDE in 10.3. For fun, I followed their directions (below), but, because I wasn't willing to configure the IDE and all the packages etc., I only performed the special launch once. It turns out that performing their suggested registry step once and then reverting back to the standard shortcut to start the IDE somehow resolved this issue. Bookmarks loads fine now! YMMV. I don't know what magic happened behind the scenes that made this work. Or, perhaps there was something else going on here that this fixed. Anyway, in case it's helpful for you, here's what they recommended and what curiously worked for me: One option you can try is to reset the IDE settings to the default, which will also clear any 3rd party tools from being referenced. Then you can retest the Bookmarks installation in either Rio or Sydney if you choose. Any 3rd party or custom component or plugins will need to be reinstalled. Any configuration settings will need to be reconfigured, etc. Rio 10.3: ----------------------- Open the shortcut for Rio 10.3, and pass a -rTest1230 parameter into the target field, like so: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\bin\bds.exe" "-pDelphi" -rTest1230 What this will do is create a new node in the registry for the IDE settings called 'Test1230': HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Software | Embarcadero | Test1230 | 20.0 If for some reason you need to go back to the original settings, you can remove the -rTest1230 and it will use the original settings: HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Software | Embarcadero | BDS | 20.0 -----------------------
  7. Tom F

    Unfixed bug in Sydney

    Mitov has said that he is waiting for EMB to fix their bug because the work-around would be prohibitively expensive to implement.
  8. Tom F

    Unfixed bug in Sydney

    @JSPUS Your statements above are all correct. If you click the link in my OP, the "Reporter" of the bug is listed as Mitov. He has also posted in the Comments section of the report. The report contains a 30-line self-contained code sample that reproduces the problem.
  9. Tom F

    Unfixed bug in Sydney

    Thanks for you thinking on this issue. I am an end user of the libraries. Not having source code, I don’t know anything more about the problem or proposed fixes than what I’ve shared in my post. Tom
  10. Tom F

    Unfixed bug in Sydney

    I hate complaining in public about our beloved Delphi because by doing so I add to the negative reputation that it has. So, first: here are some positives: I'm a big fan (and decades-long user) of Delphi. I used Delphi at a Fortune 1000 company where we created several very successful, industry-changing, million-line international applications with it. I use Delphi now in a smaller company to create award-winning products for macOS and Windows. Delphi (and Turbo and UCSD Pascal before that) has been a major contributor to my successful career. But, here's the negative: I'm tired of wasting money on annual maintenance plans. But I need them to fix older bugs or for fixes or access to new platforms. It seems I always have to wait until the first few bug-fixing patches from EMB. If I don't wait until one or two patches have been released, it seems that I and the rest of us becoming unwitting beta testers for EMB. But, now, it's worse: I am totally unable to use Sydney to develop our products. This problem is a memory leak. It was reported last summer: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-30215. And it hasn't been fixed by EMB. This bug prevents us from being able to compile our product in Sydney because we depend on the (wonderful) Mitov libraries which the bug affects. So, the subscription we paid for almost one year ago has been useless to me. The above URL contains a simple sample code to reproduce the problem. EMB has acknowledged the problem. I'm told that a workaround was proposed by EMB but that the workaround would take an enormous amount of time to implemented by us. I recently expressed the above concerns to Marco and Jim. But, I have not heard back anything positive. I'm worried that they may have once again postponed fixing this bug. So I thought I'd post about it here. If you're using the Mitov libraries, you're in the same boat as I am. I hope you (and anyone else reading this) will vote for this issue at the above URL so that perhaps it will be fixed in the near future. Meanwhile, I'm stuck paying for updates that don't work. From my perspective, EMB's programming team appears to be seriously under-resourced. I am very worried that Atana Popov and the group that manages Delphi has abandoned the product and are just squeezing as much revenue for as little investment as they can. It certainly looks that way from here. 😞
  11. Tom F

    App not running on Mac in applications folder

    Do you know if any of your code is being run? Put a ShowMessage as early in the program as you can. AFAIK, that would be in the initialization section of the first unit in the .dpr's uses list.
  12. Tom F


    @David Heffernan I am surprised to see you using a pointer. I've always felt that one of Delphi's strengths was the diminished need to use pointers, since pointers introduce the risk of weird, unpredictable errors. I'm not criticizing, but rather asking why you choose to use pointers here. Is it because you wanted to make it as fast as possible, or do you feel pointers are clearer and sufficiently safe or ?
  13. I had 10.3.3 running with the GetIt Bookmarks for more than a year. I installed 10.4 and it broke 10.3.3 bookmarks. So I uninstalled Bookmarks from 10.4 and 10.3.3 and then reinstalled Bookmarks on 10.3.3 using Getit. When starting 10.3.3 I get this message: Any suggestions on how to get 10.3.3 Bookmarks to work. I've given up on 10.4 until EMB fixes some bugs and until FixPack exists from whomever. 😞 It seems likely that I wasted my money purchasing the 10.4 update earlier this year.
  14. There, I've fixed it for you. πŸ˜‰
  15. Tom F

    Ctrl Tab Ide Plugin

    Does your Ctrl-Tab do the same thing as Ctrl-b <Enter>?