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  1. Tom F

    Delphi 10.3 Update 2 available

    I'm able to build 64-bit apps for the Mac! I'm not an authority, so I'm not sure if this workaround helps: If macOS 64-bit doesn't show up under Target Platforms, try editing the .dproj file in a text editor to make sure it has an OSX64 line like the underlined one below. <Platforms> <Platform value="Android">False</Platform> <Platform value="iOSDevice32">False</Platform> <Platform value="iOSDevice64">False</Platform> <Platform value="iOSSimulator">False</Platform> <Platform value="OSX32">True</Platform> <Platform value="OSX64">True</Platform> <Platform value="Win32">True</Platform> <Platform value="Win64">False</Platform> </Platforms>
  2. You might want to do a survey to confirm your speculation on how many developers are still on 32-bit vs 64-bit. I'd be surprised if even 25% of Delphi users are on 64-bit.
  3. Tom F

    Remote Desktop with ICS

    Mostly on-topic question: how is it that commercial remote control programs (Zoom, GotoMyPC, WebEx) seem to be able to get around most firewalls without help from IT?
  4. Tom F

    Mojave with RAD Studio 10.2.3?

    Thankfully, RAD Studio up until now has shielded me from having to know anything about Xcode. I'd just install RAD Studio and PAServer and everything would work. If I upgrade in place from Sierra to Mojave, does XCode 9.x.x remain installed on the machine? Do I have to uninstall more recent XCodes, or can different versions co-exist? It appears that I can download XCode 9.x.x. from here: https://developer.apple.com/download/more/. Is the installation of that download straight-forward to a newcomer? Manually attaching the debugger is an unfortunate time-waster. I hope EMB has prioritized a fix for that too.
  5. Tom F

    Mojave with RAD Studio 10.2.3?

    Let us know how it goes.
  6. We have a stable shipping MacOS product (50,000 LOC) that we developed over the past few years with RAD Studio 10.2 Update 3 and MacOS Sierra (10.12.4). It was originally written for the VCL ten years ago. We continue to develop the VCL version, but share a lot of non-UI code with the FMX version. For our needs, cross-platform development with RAD Studio has worked wonderfully. We thought now would be a good time update to Mojave on the Macs to make sure our products remain current. Frankly, the cross-platform tools have (thankfully) hidden what goes on behind the scenes, so I haven't had to learn anything about Xcode, etc. Thus this question: I know there are no guarantees, but should I expect RAD Studio 10.2.3 work with the Mojave (and XCode 9.2 that it installs?) Perhaps I'll just have to redeploy the PAServer? Or will I have to upgrade to Rio? We have a full subscription to Rio, but even after the recent update, for it, we're still quite nervous about making the jump from Tokyo to Rio. The few 3rd party add-ins that we use are available in Rio. However, having seen the problems that some forum members here have reported, we're hesitant to upgrade to Rio. One other comment: if EMB fails to deliver in a timely manner a viable version that allows us to create 64 bit Mac apps, we'll be really, REALLY unhappy that we'll be unable to ship our product. Hopefully, Macro and others at EMB are listening and understand how critical this capability is for those of us who trusted EMB by chosing to build MacOS apps with RAD Studio. I hope that our trust wasn't misplaced.
  7. Tom F

    General DB access question -- paging query results

    Hi, Lars. I'm not that fluent in databases, so could you please help me understand your question above. What does the generated SQL look like? You imply that the query has to read through the first 19,900 rows to get to the data. Are you saying that SQL Server can't use and index so that WHERE (Row > 19,900) AND (Row < 20,000) can be fast? If rows aren't added or deleted (or require persistence in their row number), couldn't a column named Row be introduced? Or perhaps the db has internal row numbers? (I believe SQLite does for example)
  8. I'm no database expert, so I pose this expecting I'll have missed something. Suppose you put the large fields in their own table with a key pointing to them from the main table's records. Load the main table, and then use a background process (or on demand) to load the large fields from the second table.
  9. Hi, Stefan, I don’t like guessing on things as important as this. If I guess wrong, the consequences shipping a defective product which fails in the field are too great. I assume that what you intended to communicate was that errors from missing RTTI info will be flagged at compilation time, not runtime. Is that correct?
  10. Question: I'm not using RTTI, AFAIK. If somehow, due to a mistake on my part, RTTI is needed. Will that show up as a run-time error, or compile-time error?
  11. Has the migration tool EVER worked for you? It hasn't for me. I just tried migrating IDE settings from Tokyo to Rio. I also just tried migrating IDE settings from one Tokyo installation to a clean installation on another machine. Both failed to move my toolbar button or syntax highlighting or desktops, which were the main things I wanted to migrate. I gave up at that point and abandoned Rio. There's even less incentive to update to try a new version of Delphi if the migration tool doesn't work. I actually tried to be a "good user" and took a look at Quality Central with this query. But after seeing two pages of items, some going back years, I gave up. What's your experience with the migration tool?
  12. Tom F

    Stay-on-top for just our app?

    I have determined that this problem is being caused by DisplayFusion, a wonderful program to handle multiple monitors and multiple task bars. If I disable DisplayFusion from adding title bar icons to any application, (these are buttons that allow one to easily move a window to another monitor), the problem goes away. I have contacted them for support. I have been using this program for many years and really value the various screen management tools it provides, especially title bar buttons and a task bar on each monitor that shows only the apps that are running on that monitor. I'd hate to not have the DisplayFusion tools available (and frankly would probably to use it even with the nuisance of non-modal windows burning through in the debugger), so I'm really hoping they will come up with a fix. Thanks to everyone here for their support and suggestions.
  13. Tom F

    Stay-on-top for just our app?

    Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback. I am aware that my application is not performing as expected and that the VCL should handle this properly. A small sample program, as was suggested, works fine. I was not asking for new code. I was asking for suggestions on what I might be doing wrong. My apologies if I didn't make that clear in my OP. I'm running the current Tokyo 10.3 Update 3. My app is 45,000 LOC, so it's difficult to scale back to a small test program. fsStayOnTop works fine inside my app, but often times the on top forms are on top of other apps that I bring to the front. See the attached video. Interestingly, as seen in the video, it seems that every other time I cover it with another app it burns through in front of them. The on top forms are created with their parent form in the TForm.Create() statement. Any suggestions on how to diagnose this? ontop.mp4
  14. Tom F


    That's a good question, David. If the code in the repo compiles without modification, then I absolutely agree with you: the OP should use it. I was under the impression that the OP had a problem with it. I fully understand that what I suggested is not the ideal path. Many of us are not nearly as capable as you. I am one of those people. When I was in the OP's shoes six years ago, I was unable to find a way on my own to compile GR32 in a new Delphi release. I was unable to find support for GR32 anywhere. I was stuck, stopped dead in the water. It felt like GR32 was a dying, unsupported project back then, but perhaps my perception was inaccurate and more the result of my ignorance on how to find help and on my technical inability to understand and revise the open source code. I hired someone to solve this problem for me. I have successfully used that solution ever since. Yes, the code I shared is old. However, perhaps it will provide a starting point for the OP if he or she needs something ASAP. Regarding the code I posted: as you know, sometimes the only solution is to start with something that works, even if it is old. And then, if it works, migrate it forward as necessary. Perhaps you and others, including the OP would be better served by downloading the code from github and trying to get it to work. I failed at that when I tried. Yes, I'm less capable than you and many others and probably shouldn't have been using GR32 at all if that usage requires skills I don't have. I included what I felt were sufficient caveats and warnings in my posting, but I appreciate your alerting the user that using older, unknown code may not make a lot of sense and poses a risk.
  15. Tom F


    Years ago, I faced the same frustrating struggle as you are: how to use GR32 with new releases of Delphi. Good news for you: I use GR32 in modern releases of Delphi daily! I use a small piece of GR32 (TImage32 to display an image that can pan and zoom) in Tokyo daily. However, from the file dates, it looks like the version I use, it looks I downloaded from github quite some time ago, back in 2012. If that works for you, download this zipped source (.pas files) version that I just uploaded to Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1c7TWJ4H910a4m5cCqjmw-tqhNmrbQ4vR. I recall there was some code that wasn't compiling that I commented out a few years ago. So, you may want to do a diff on this code vs what's current (sic) for GR32. The version I linked to above is right from my development machine ready for compiling and installing into Delphi Tokyo. As I recall, there may be some warnings during compilation about deprecated syntax. I ignore them. For future Delphi releases the instructions in the read me file in the zip file show how to change a single constant in the .inc file. It may be possible that you could make similar changes to the current github version, but I have no information on that. The above is what I use. It's been years (and several versions of Delphi) since I looked at this code other than to change the constant and install it into the IDE. Since this snapshot of GR32 is quite old, it may contain missing features or bugs that have been fixed in the current github version. You may want to do a diff to the current github version and determine the differences... I am providing this file to "pay it forward" and "pay it backward." However, since I think I paid a consultant for this solution, and it's so many year ago, I'm completely ignorant about what (if anything) was done to make the above work. So, I am unable to answer further questions about installing or using GR32 because, basically I'm just a "script kiddie" with this. If you or anyone else uses this file, it would be nice for you to post a response to this thread so others know of your success. PS I suggest you investigate migrating to a supported product like ImageEn, parts of which I now also use and am very happy with. Good luck! Tom