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  1. I had 10.3.3 running with the GetIt Bookmarks for more than a year. I installed 10.4 and it broke 10.3.3 bookmarks. So I uninstalled Bookmarks from 10.4 and 10.3.3 and then reinstalled Bookmarks on 10.3.3 using Getit. When starting 10.3.3 I get this message: Any suggestions on how to get 10.3.3 Bookmarks to work. I've given up on 10.4 until EMB fixes some bugs and until FixPack exists from whomever. šŸ˜ž It seems likely that I wasted my money purchasing the 10.4 update earlier this year.
  2. There, I've fixed it for you. šŸ˜‰
  3. Tom F

    Ctrl Tab Ide Plugin

    Does your Ctrl-Tab do the same thing as Ctrl-b <Enter>?
  4. I don't want to install anything into the IDE or any application. Just the pre-compiled demos. Is there a way to download just the demos? It wasn't clear from the https://www.lmd.de/downloads.
  5. Tom F

    Fast mesh charting on macOS

    Any suggestions on a fast charting component for FMX (macOS/Windows. Mobile not needed) that can do a chart like the one below? We're charting a live stream of data that's up to 4 or 5 datasets/second. I haven't dug into Steema or TMS offerings yet. Up until now we've used SDL's ChartPack (shown below) in our Windows-only app and are very happy with it. Preferably will have auto-scaling, pan, zoom, color controls, and be able to handle 10 or 20 thousand points.
  6. Tom F

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    Kazantsev: GREAT write-up on the quality site! (I don't mean that sarcastically.)
  7. Me too! It seems like such a trivial thing but my habitual typing is so ingrained to use Parnassus Bookmarks that Iā€™m incredibly unproductive and frustrated without it.
  8. Konopka KSVC and Bookmarks are now available in GetIt for Syndey Edit: Navigator is also now available.
  9. Tom F

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    If you're waiting for Raize Konopka KSVC like I am, please vote for this issue: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-29400.
  10. Tom F

    Modern TColorDialog

    TMS has at least one: https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/advofficegraphics.asp. I've used their FMX version and have been happy with it.
  11. Tom F

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    For years I used the ISO because I seemed to have problems with the web install. I know this release is supposed to unify the two installers and eliminate problems. However, I still used the ISO. And then I couldn't get GetIt to work to download CodeSite, etc. I asked about this at the GoToMeeting just now. I needed to RTFM. šŸ™‚ Be sure to read the release notes (http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Release_Notes) which state:
  12. Tom F

    Profiler for Delphi

    It sounds to me that your main complaint is an economic one? ā€” the vendor hasn't updated the software during the year following your initial purchase (during which time it would be free.) I've had that happen and I know it can be disappointing. TBH, being a small one-man business myself, I've done that on a few occasions to my customers too. šŸ˜Æ The good news as far as I'm concerned is that there are no bug fixes or improvements I'm anxiously waiting for in NQS. I suppose the UI could use a facelift and some rough edges in the workflow polished. But, in general, NQS does what I need it too: I was able to quickly narrow down the bottlenecks in my application and test my fixes. Tom
  13. Tom F

    Profiler for Delphi

    Yes, it's the old TurboPower profiler. The UI didn't bother me. No doubt it could be improved, but I found it easy to understand and get my work done.
  14. Tom F

    Profiler for Delphi

    I used AQTime for many years, but it seemed to me that SmartBear wasn't really interested in the Delphi market and their product suffered ... and was expensive. I more recently purchased Nexus Quality Suite and was very happy with it. Great tool, great support, great modern product: https://www.nexusdb.com/support/index.php?q=node/27156. As someone previously said, "You get what you pay for." NQS was well worth what we paid for it.
  15. Bill, not to start a flame war, but I love the trailing comment on procedures: procedure SomeOp; begin end; { SomeOp } Why? Because when I'm scrolling up from the bottom of a unit, when a procedure's end; statement comes into view, I can immediately identify the procedure without having to scroll up further. As you say, the IDE does not strip empty procedures that have a comment like this. But, IMO, that's a small price to pay. What does bug me is that when I use Shift_Ctrl-C, the IDE puts new methods between the end; and the comment. But even with that hassle, I still prefer the comment.