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  1. Tom F

    Parnassus Bookmarks for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    Another vote here for David to get the time to update the plugin. I'm so accustomed to using his great Bookmark tool that it's really frustrating to have to wait. It would be nice if Emb actually staffed the RAD Studio team so that things like this (and so many others) didn't get delayed.
  2. Tom F

    GetIt Server down?

    Edit: GetIt is now working again. In Windows 10, I updated from Sydney to Delphi 11 using the ISO. However, in the IDE, trying to access Tools > GetIt Package Manager results in: The Embarcadero GetIt server could not be reached... Error loading data from the server getit-olympus.embarcadero.com: Forbidden The Welcome screen's "New in GetIt" panel also reports "Error loading data." The GetIt Package Manager runs fine on the same machine in 10.4.23. I ran: GetItCmd.exe -c=useonline as an administrator and got "The command finished with success." But the problem remains. There is a discussion here (https://en.delphipraxis.net/topic/3909-delphi-104-getit-connection-issue/ on a similar problem, but it's for 10.4 and is 11 months old, so I'm hesitant about making any of the changes mentioned there. Any suggestions on fixing this?
  3. Tom F

    How to have Live vertical scrolling of TDBGrid

    @Uwe Raabe Wow! Amazing! That works beautifully!!!! My grid no longer behaves like it was created in the last century. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
  4. Tom F

    How to have Live vertical scrolling of TDBGrid

    Yes. I had hoped that at least a StringGrid would live update (since it's not attached to a data source.) But, nope. They have the same problem.
  5. Tom F

    How to have Live vertical scrolling of TDBGrid

    Good point, Lars. Yes, it could imply potentially hundreds of queries. But, in my case, I have several thousand records so there's no reason they couldn't fit in RAM and be updated if the source table changes. No?
  6. Tom F

    How to have Live vertical scrolling of TDBGrid

    Good idea. It's hard to imagine it hasn't been asked for for literally decades, so I'm not confident of any action on EMB's part. But, yes, I'll file a feature request. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Tom F

    How to have Live vertical scrolling of TDBGrid

    Thus assuring that anyone who wants to create a modern UI has to rely on third-party tools. That's what I was afraid of.
  8. I'm sure this has been discussed ad nauseum before, but I haven't been able to find with Google any info on this. I'm using VCL in Sydney with FireDac to SQLite. Is there a way to have a TDBGrid be updated live as I'm dragging the vertical scroll bar, rather than waiting until I release the mouse? I thought maybe Qry.FetchOptions.Mode := fmAll; would help. But it doesn't. I had hoped to find some useful info here, but didnt': https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Browsing_Tables_(FireDAC). Nor here: https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Sydney/en/FireDAC.Stan.Option.TFDFetchOptions.CursorKind. I could use a TStringGrid or other component here too, but StringGrids seem to have the same non-live update while vertical scrolling. I don't want to use a third-party component. Any suggestions? TIA
  9. Can you explain what you mean by that?
  10. Hi, Stefan, But, if I shipped my app without debug info, and I want to find an address in THAT build, how do I get to a breakpoint?
  11. Hi, Uwe, Thanks for your response. That's where I got lost. I shipped my app with no debugging info. If I want to trace down an address that's accurate in that version, I'd compile with the same flags as my shipped version, but this time generate a map file, right? That's no problem. But, then, how do I get to any debug windows (like the CPU window) when I start the app in the IDE with debugging, since there are no settable breakpoints.
  12. What do you mean by a "detailed statement," Stano?
  13. If a user reports an exception like the one below, is there a way to track it down without having shipped an exe built with EurekaLog or MadExcept, etc. My release builds do not generate a .map file, but I can easily rebuild the release to generate one. But, I don't understand how I'd use the 00687017 address once I'd done that to find where in my code the exception occurred. How do I enable the Goto Address menu option in the IDE? Any opinions here on EurekaLog vs MadExcept for distributing with a Win 32 app to help with situations like this in the future?
  14. You're welcome. It took a lot of time to write. Good luck on your project. I'm headed back to coding. See the earlier post by @Stefan Glienke about your #3 being less likely to fail in the future if you change the enum definition.
  15. Mike, You asked me what I meant by digging "too deeply." Suppose you want to drive from New York City to San Francisco. It's about a 43-hour drive. Suppose your friend says, "Oh, I can make your trip shorter. When you get to Chicago, there's a very long stoplight you'll probably have to sit at for two minutes waiting for it to turn green. But, to avoid the slowdown, I know a great detour. It'll save you about a minute. Turn left when you get to Main Street, and then turn right at the next street, go two blocks, and then turn right again and then turn at the next left. This will take you around the block, avoiding the stoplight delay, and then rejoin your original route to continue on your way to San Francisco." Would you take the detour? The detour is faster than staying on the route with the long stoplight. But is it enough faster for you to worry about? Is it enough faster to bother taking? Is it enough faster to risk getting lost on the streets of Chicago? Is it enough faster to spend hours discussing on forums? How much faster should the detour be before you're willing to take it? How much risk can the detour add before you think to yourself, "I'm not going to take that detour." ??? In your code, you have no idea how long the trip is. You have no idea where the bottleneck slowdowns are. So, you have no idea if the proposed speedup will be significant. And people here in the forum are telling you that your detour (new code) may be riskier (i.e. more difficult to maintain.) Suppose your enum code is currently consuming a total of .0050 seconds every time a user clicks a certain button. Suppose you spend hours writing several versions of alternate code. Suppose your new code speeds up enum strings so that they're now TWICE AS FAST, so that processing enums only takes .0025 seconds. Was it worth your time to work on this? What many of us have been saying to you here and elsewhere is that the revisions (detours) that you're suggesting to speed up your code are insignificant and may bring risk. You need to learn how to put your efforts where they will have the biggest impact on improving your code. The first rule is WRITE THE CLEANEST, MOST MAINTAINABLE CODE YOU CAN. Then MEASURE your application with a performance monitor/profiler to identify places where it's slow. A profiler will help you do this by showing you exactly where your code is spending its time. It's likely that the amount of time your current code is spending on enum strings is infinitesimal compared to everything else your code is doing. So even if you speed up the enum code, the speedup is likely to have no impact on your users.