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Found 39 results

  1. I usually work in low light and it gets a little difficult sometimes to see certain characters when using the dark theme for the IDE. (Some of the colored fonts like blue/red/green get fuzzy looking under my laptop's 1366x768 screesize) I thought it would be a quick and simple method of Ctrl+Wheel-up/down, but that did not work. Is there a quick shortcut to enlarge/decrease the font at will? TIA.
  2. I am using Delphi 11.3 I type a single quote in my IDE editing a pascal unit, and the quote does not appear until I press the space character. What is happening? More than this if I press a capital C after the single quote, I get a C with a tail underneath it. Very strange.
  3. I moved from D10.4.2 (IIRC) to the D11.3 CE. I have already posted about issues with File Version, but here's something that may be correct or not. This is a DLL. When I view the Project pane in the IDE, it only shows the project, it does not show the related (or any other) *.pas files. There seems no way I can make it show them. For the record, the PAS file is uDbXConnect.pas: And further, in GIT version control, it only shows the *.dproj, I cannot, within the IDE at least, add any other files (just as I cannot in IDE>Project. Previously I was using subversion (yes, I know not as good, but at least it worked and was simple). I cannot get subversion to work with 11.3 - that's another issue. Here's what I see in GIT Commit, only the dproj file. Note I can view all of the non-versioned files, but I cannot seem to get them to add to the GIT version control/repository. Am I supposed to be doing things with GIT outside the IDE, that kinda makes no sense if we are assuming this is Version Control with IDE integration. As noted, with subversion previously, it was relatively easy, this just doesn't seem to work (as I expected it to). Does anyone have a handle on what I should do to set this up correctly or can point me to appropriate documentation? Thanks......
  4. Hi. Delphi 11.3. Open an existing project, press DEL Key twice (to delete 2 letters) and the IDE goes fishing: keystrokes or mouse totally disabled. Need taskbar to end it. Anybody experienced this? Funny thing: I put IDE in the serach of this newsgroup and get zero results.
  5. See [RSP-41949] LSP does not work when project includes modified file found in the search path - Embarcadero Technologies for details. Has anyone been bitten by this? Code Insight now works in my PyScripter project. I thought that cyclic unit dependencies may be the cause and spent quite a bit of time reducing them. I guess, that this was time well spent, but it was not the source of the LSP failures.
  6. Ali Dehban

    ChatGPT plug-in for RAD Studio.

    Hello, everybuddy. Recently I made a plug-in for Delphi to use ChatGPT inside the IDE. The main service is ChatGPT but it's actually multi-AI support, you can get responses from three different sources, compare and decide. I hope this can be helpful and accelerate your work. Repository: https://github.com/AliDehbansiahkarbon/ChatGPTWizard Key features: - Free text question form. - Dockable question form. - Inline questions(in the editor). - Context menu options to help you to find bugs, write tests, optimize code, add comments, etc... - Class view. - Predefined Questions for class view. - History to save your tokens on OpenAI ! - Fuzzy string match searches in the history. - Animated letters(Like the website). - Proxy server options. - Supports Writesonic AI (https://writesonic.com) - Support YouChat (https://you.com) Short Video 1: Short Video 2 - Inline Questions: Full Video (ver. 2.0):
  7. Philip Vivier

    Library path problem on IDE

    When I click Tools->Options->Language->Delphi->Library -> [...] button, the whole system hangs. Does not matter on which [...] button I click. I need to stop Delphi every time with task manager. I am using windows 11 and Delphi 1.2.
  8. I've known of CodeSite for years, but I'm afraid not about CodeSite. And now that I know more, I could really put its logging to use rather than my cobbled-together and code-modifying techniques. Except, the GetIt installer runs and installs CodeSite to the catalog repository just fine, but it doesn't add it to the IDE (11.3). I have also run the installer from the catalog repository -- it's just a Windows installer -- but that also yields no love. I'm guessing the package version, from September 2022, doesn't know about this version of the IDE. It's Windows 10, and I give the OS admin-level credentials in my install efforts. Is there anything to be done? Thanks in advance for hints.
  9. Delphi was behaving fine in regards to startup until recently, when the IDE 'freezes' upon startup, after loading all design time packages. The splash screen shows the added component packages loading, and then nothing. If I set BDS.exe to run as admin it opens as before. There must be(maybe?) a file somewhere that a security setting has changed (maybe I did without knowing in a previous IDE session). I have re-installed some of the components, with no change. I do not plan to re install Delphi - I will wait for 11.3... Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated.
  10. Hi, An hour ago I've tried out CnPack's "Bug reporter" IDE enhancement. It did not go well, after I've clicked "send Email". (Lot's of AV errors, ca 100 / sec while tried to close Delphi 7.) Since than: If I click the green |> arrow or [F9] to start debugging >> it compiles the EXE fine, than starts the EXE normally! (without attaching the debugger process.) Tried to: - restart PC - disable some CnPack modules But nothing helps 😞 - Where is the Delphi "error LOG file"?
  11. I'm using the IDE dark theme and when I press F1 for help my eyes hurt (really) from the glare of help white pages! I uninstalled help in the hope of IDE will use the online help at https://docwiki.embarcadero.com but that didn't work, (the funny thing here is that I had to uninstall the whole thing not just help, no option for help uninstall only ) checked command line params but nothing there. Anyone knows a way to do this? PS: In case you may think online docwiki pages are also white?, I use the Dark Reader browser extension: https://i.ibb.co/py2qyxB/dt.png
  12. I have a Delphi 10.4.2 project that has issues when clicking the file [lighttheme.pas] in the Projects window on the right. It won't open the file. I loads information into the Object Inspector but the file doesn't create a tab at the top. This file does not an associated .DFM. Its a unit file that holds procedures. The only way i can get it to open where i can edit it is to close my project then choose File | Open...and open the file that way. I have also tried to remove it and re-add it to my project with no change. Something is stuck somewhere. Any ideas?
  13. Clément

    Project manager feature

    Hi, I was wondering if there's a feature (or plugin) that would allow me to right click a folder and add a new unit direct in that folder. For example: When I right-click "task.code" folder, I would like the context menu to display two new options "add new unit" and "add new existing unit". When selecting "add new unit", "Unit1.pas" would be created under "task.code" allowing me to renaming that unit directly and start working on it. Do you know if there's such a tool? I'm using D11.1 TIA, Clément
  14. Whenever a new Delphi version is out, there is this small tedious job I do of customizing the Toolbar. I add some speedbuttons (Exit, Close All, Compile project, Project Options and a few more), and I delete a few others that I don't use. (I never found a smart way to copy the settings from a previous Delphi version to a new version. The Migration Tool never works. This time I tried migrating from 10.4 to 10.5. Version 11 wasn't listed, so I guessed 10.5 actually stands for 11. Anyway. no luck there). So I added some and removed some. Then restarted Delphi. The result, in short: removal works, but adding does not. So removing for once is removing forever. Well, actually, adding speedbuttons to the toolbar works during a session. Restart and they are gone again. Anyone else seeing this? (shall i submit a bug report to QC?) Is there a solution or workaround?
  15. Hi all. In this thread I will post new information about my expert called RAD & Installer. Please make new thread for your support questions and keep this thread for announcements only. Official website, more info and download: http://rad-installer.com/ About RAD & Installer is a RAD Studio expert for creating NSIS and Inno Setup installers. It integrates NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) and Inno Setup with Embarcadero RAD Studio IDE (Delphi and C++ Builder) and allows you to create and build NSIS and Inno Setup projects right within RAD Studio getting all benefits of common integrated environment. Key Features New project types: NSIS Project and Inno Setup Project Full integration into RAD Studio IDE, supports: RAD Studio 2009 - 2010 RAD Studio XE - XE8 RAD Studio 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo, 10.3 Rio, 10.4 Sydney Works in C++ Builder and Delphi - all Editions including Starter and Community! Build installers directly with other project types NSIS Project and Inno Setup Project Properties (with MSBuild) Syntax highlighting (coloring) Code Insight Code Completion Code Insight Parameter Hints Code Insight Code Hints Navigation Bars Complete linkage to the project group build process Quick jump from Messages window Code Insight Code Browsing (Ctrl + Click) Find Declaration support Hints and tips for writing scripts Code optimizations Opening script files (Go To file) Live Templates support Creating custom Live Templates Plug-ins recognition (* NSIS Project only) Full version control system support Dynamic help system Cross-version compatibility for all RAD Studio versions Based on MSBuild projects Easy to be integrated into many popular build (automation) systems: Jenkins, Maven, Apache Ant, Hudson, Gradle, FinalBuilder... Here is picture of the IDE editing the Inno Setup script: IDE I will post new versions announcements in this thread, but I want to keep it clean so I start with latest version only (I am sorry my previous thread with old changelog was somehow lost). Get the full changelog here: http://rad-installer.com/changelog.html Version Release: 2020-10-12 We have completely reworked how IntelliSense in Inno Setup works. IntelliSense is now [Section] sensitive, so only items valid for speficic section are shown when Ctrl + Space is performed in that section. That reduces searching and increases speed of work. Cleared, updated and removed deprecated IntelliSense items for Keywords, Flag,s Parameters, Attributes, etc. Support for NSIS 3.06 and 3.06.1 (see changes Support for GI for NSIS 4.10.01 (Webka) and Graphical Installer Wizard 1.15.01 (see changes) IntelliSense items for are now reordered so the most used items are on the top of the list. The order of appearance in section: Inno Setup Pascal (like MsgBox(), ...) -> Classes (like TButton, ...) -> Procedures and Functions (User defined) -> Variables (Global, Local, Parameters) -> Members (#Symbols, types, consts) The order of appearance outside of [Code] section: Keywords (like AppName, ...) in [Setup] or Various constants (like {pf}, MB_OK, ...) [non-Setup] -> Flags (each section has its own set of them) -> Parameters (each section has its own set of them) -> Procedures and Functions (User defined) -> Variables (Global, Local, Parameters) -> Members (like #Symbols, ...) Fixed parsing warnings from Inno Setup ISCC compiler (especially if multiple colons were present in the warning) Support for Inno Setup 6.0.5 See changes) Support for Graphical Installer for Inno Setup 6.0.5 (Wonka) and Graphical Installer Wizard 1.15.01 (see changes) Fixed Inno Setup #preprocessors: added missing #redim, fixed typo in #ifexists Improved parsing variables in Inno Setup - up to 10 variables per line in var block Added missing IntelliSense items for NSIS + fixed few typos Inno Setup Compiler: corrected parsing warnings: Warning: A message named "..." has not been defined for the "..." language. Will use the English message from Default.isl. Warning: Message name "..." in "...path...to...ISL...file..." is not recognized by this version of Inno Setup. Ignoring. Inno Setup New Project templates now (again) use 'OutputDir=Output' so running the setup directly with Ctrl+F9 is working.
  16. Hi all, I'm using Sydney 10.4.1 and I'm used to works with ProjectGroups formed by 8-12 projects. A project could have only WIN32 version and other have either WIN32 and WIN64 versions. A WIN32 build outputs an exe as <project_name>.32.exe. A WIN64 build outputs an exe as <project_name>.64.exe There is a way to say to IDE: Build all projects versions (Win32 or Win32/Win64 when projects have either) in a single click? At this moment I need to continue to switch manually the active Target Platform from WIN32 to WIN64 and it is a great waste of time. Thank you in advance for your replies.
  17. I would like to put a hyperlink somewhere in my code, to be able to jump clicking on it, in another unit, at a specific point (anchor). Is it possible ?
  18. Hi developers, I am moving a project from BDS2006 to Sydney. I have strange behavior when debugging with Sydney, the program slows down a lot, and becomes almost unusable. In BDS2006 there is no noticeable difference between running a program in debug or without debugging which helps a lot in the development. In Sydney, this is not the case, and to understand if some changes bring about performance improvements or not, all that remains is to run without debugging and disseminate the log code ... Frustrating. I am attaching a video that highlights how the behavior changes between the two ways of running a program. When running in Sydney the system becomes so slow that the thread sending data via TCP / IP to the connected device cannot keep up with the data request. Everything is slowed down and jerky. Do you have any idea what might go wrong? PS: During the installation of the IDE I also installed the Parnassus Debugger, doesn't this considerably increase the load in the execution of programs in Debug? I obviously use a lot of threads but not a lot to bring the process to its knees. As you can see, when it is not debugged, the CPU used by the program aligns itself on 1-2%. Thanks in advance for the suggestions. https://youtu.be/eLTVhPkn0NA
  19. Juan C.Cilleruelo

    How and when install the Patches.

    I'm just downloaded and installed "RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder 10.4 ISO" And I can see that I can download the next patches: RAD Studio 10.4 Patch 1 10.4 Patch 2 (Professional) RAD Studio 10.4 Patch 3 The only thing I understand is that I need the first installed to install de second and so on. My first question is: The version I've just installed doesn't have these patches included? My next question is: If not, Where are the instructions to install these patches? I downloaded them and I have three ZIP files. The first has a Patch1.txt with a list of file involved but without any instructions. The second ZIP contains another ZIP, an EXE and a BAT file. What's the correct form of installing it? The third is like the second. ------------------------------------------------------------ I'm treating to get info about this from the embarcadero webs, but seem that today all the services of embarcadero has problems.
  20. I am trying to get a reusable TFrame working to use in a number of places in our app to let the users edit and format text in a TJvRichEdit. It consists of a TJvRichEdit and a TJvSpeedBar. The JEDI example code works, and I have copied and pasted the relevant form into the test project where I am developing this frame. But there is a problem in the frame: the colour buttons (Color and Background), which drop down lists of colours in the sample code and change the colour of the text, don't display correctly in the frame. They appear full length but empty, although selecting an item does change the colour of the text. In contrast the Underline button has a drop down list that looks and works fine in my code. The code is essntially the same. I'm initializing the menus in the form's OnShow event, whereas the JEDI sample does it in the form's OnCreaate. There's some strange behaviour in Delphi. If I bring up the Speedbar Designer and select the Color buttons, the list that appears in the Events tab is slightly different between the sample form and my frame, even though they should be the same. In the one that works there is a line for DropDownMenu, with the red font for properties that show up on the events tab. That line is absent from the correpsonding place in my frame. That line does show up for the buttons where the DropDownMenu is nil though. Curious. I'm using Delphi 10.1 Berlin and JCL version 3.50. JvRichEditToolBar.7z
  21. Dave Millington (personal)

    ANN: Parnassus Parallel Debugger

    A new IDE plugin aimed at helped debugging multithreaded apps! https://blogs.embarcadero.com/new-ide-plugin-parnassus-parallel-debugger/ The plugin: Displays all thread call stacks next to each other Lets you step over, run, etc a thread by itself, not the whole process Shows CPU usage by thread Editor integration to see where threads are executing, so you can easily see what other threads are in the same area of code and more... This has taken me five years to write! That said, most of that was downtime due to working too much time to spend time on this - this release is the result of working weekends since August. It's version 1, and I plan to add some more features over the next few months.
  22. Hi, I am looking for an easy option to set "version information" of multiple projects with in a project group at the same time. Is there any option already available wit the Delphi IDE? Going through each and every project and updating the version information for a particular build configuration is error prone and cumbersome. I have almost 75 projects in a project group. Don't want to click through each and every project and enter the version information for every release. Any best practices or suggestions to handle this situation? I use configuration manager to select a configuration to build all the projects in my development machine. (For release build I use a build server and MSBUILD) Kind regards, Soji.
  23. I recently installed the C++ Builder 10.3 community edition on my desktop. Just as a test I decided to compile a Blank Form . It displays when you press the Run icon in the IDE. However, if I drop any control on this form, the form does not display after the Run icon is pressed. I have been using the C++ Builder for some time but never experienced anything like this. Any suggestions on resolving this would be appreciated.
  24. is it possible to tweek the GExpert tool to search in the background for all function/procedure references and paint the result count on the source editor window like the attached picture? the Grep search feature now works great and it already has the functionality to jump to other files. so my proposition is to make the Grep search for all functions/procedure references that are found on the project path and lib path and the standard paths. then paint the count like visual studio is doing. and when the user clicks on the count the grep window is shown, and in future iteration it can be enhanced to show the implementation where the reference directly. This is just an idea that I had after spending an hour to locate all the references of a function in a large project.
  25. pyscripter

    Project Magician gotcha

    Project Magician is wonderful and a must for all Delphi programmers. Thank you @Uwe Raabe. However I recently run into the following problem. As I was debugging, whenever I tried to step into Vcl.Graphics the file would open and get marked as modified. Moreover stepping into the code would not work. Also when I opened Vcl.Graphics and some other files in the IDE, it would automatically marked them as modified. I was puzzled. I thought this was a new bug in the 10..4.1 Delphi IDE. But it turns out this was due to a Project Magician, otherwise very useful option to "Clean Line Feeds" under global settings. Vcl.Graphics has mixed line breaks in Delphi 10.4.1, so whenever it is opened in the IDE it would be automatically marked as modified since the mixed line breaks were detected and marked for fixing. And then debugging is hampered + you get all these annoying messages about the IDE being unable to create a backup. One suggestion to @Uwe Raabe is that Delphi library files are excluded from line-feed cleaning.