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  1. I am looking at a non-https intraweb application. I see the iW authorization components and the Autherevent looks promising. I see that placing it on the servercontroller and using the oncheck event I get what I need. Before anything happens when connecting to the iw web server the prompt comes up. When this is sent back to the server from a browser is that message encrypted in anyway with iW functionality or is it open html text? Thanks in advance
  2. rudy999

    10.4.2 issue maybe

    Side note=I went back to TMENU and used screen font to set font size as desired. Otherwise issue still exists
  3. rudy999

    10.4.2 issue maybe

    Balabuev -It is the class of the menu component - not a menu item. See attached. As per earlier posts - I can always 'get it back' - temporarily and so far it only an issue in the one project. It is an OLD component I have carried over many Delphi versions. The only reason I use it is that I can set the FONT of the menu. I am looking at alternatives also thanks
  4. rudy999

    10.4.2 issue maybe

    Lars Do you have a possible idea on this one? There are no TFrames(s). The main form has a TPagecontrol on the TForm. I am using this code: procedure DockForm(Source: TControl; Destination: TWinControl); begin if Source = nil then Exit; if Destination <> nil then begin Source.ManualDock(Destination, Destination, alClient); Source.Align := alClient; Source.Show; end else begin Source.Visible := false; Source.ManualDock(nil); end; end; **This is from DOPC code - KASSL since this is an OPC client project -I implemented this from an example project from KASSL. This places some other forms visually in elements of the main form, but that code is ONLY executed at runtime, right? In other projects I make extensive use of TFrames, but not this one. **Again - this issue is new. Regards
  5. rudy999

    10.4.2 issue maybe

    If I open up RAD studio and the problematic applicaiton is the first one I open I have this issue. The VCL component is installed and the BPL exists in the correct location. "Class xxx not found" Ignore the error and continue etc. message. -If I close the project (without saving) - open another project with the same VCL component without error - close this project the problematic projects opens - WITHOUT this error. -If I open RAD Studio - FIRST open another project with the component -no errors - I close this project and open up the problematic project - NO ERROR. It may not be a general issue with 10.4.2 but there is some error - corruption with the project. This same project was being developed in 10.4.1 for weeks with no issue. Hope this helps. Any ideas - comments - suggestions will be looked into.
  6. rudy999

    10.4.2 issue maybe

    in one of my applications there is a custom menu component -not TMenu i have been using it pre 10.4.2 in one application App A I am working on (so far), when I open up the project I get the message 'xx' component not found. --However it is installed (and in the pallette). If I open another application (not with this component) and add the menu vcl to this app and close this app and open up the first app then it appears again - no error message. HOWEVER when i close Delphi and re-open it and open App A - same error message until I run the excercise described above. I have not seen this before. (I have not yet checked other apps using this component since I just updated to 10.4.2) Any suggestions welcome. stay safe
  7. Thank you ! I was able to download the GITHUB TDIFF and got the app working with identical results in Win32 or Win64. I may have an incorrect setup but I had to add Winapi.Windows to the HashUnit (DWORD was not defined?) to compile properly. regards all
  8. I had the requirement to compare to two text files (via Tmemo) and found the TDIFF component that worked exactly as I wanted. win32 app. I just set the application to compile as a win64 bit app and the results were 'wrong'. (As verified with Notepad++ compare). No crash, no warning, just different results. I am guessing the optimizations within the TDIFF unit and pointer use do not work in 64 bit target platform. Description: Component to list differences between two integer arrays * * using a "longest common subsequence" algorithm. * * Typically, this component is used to diff 2 text files * * once their individuals lines have been hashed. * I could not find another Component in JVCL - any alternatives out there? Thank you in advance