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  1. Never mind. I forgot the answer to an older question. No rtti is generated for class fields and properties, which is a shame. It does for class methods though.
  2. TTest = class A: string; class var B: string; end; Is it possible to tell that B is a class field using Rtti? Ditto for properties. And if you get a chance have a look at my other Rtti question.
  3. But so do overwritten methods, virtual methods etc.
  4. As per title. For instance: A) Second method hides the first ClassA = class procedure Test(I: Integer); end; ClassB = class(classA) procedure Test(S: string); end; B) Second method overloads the first ClassA = class procedure Test(I: Integer); overload; end; ClassB = class(classA) procedure Test(S: string); overload; end; How can you tell the difference with Rtti. GetMethods would show both methods in a similar way.
  5. pyscripter

    Possible memory leak

    This was a python reference counting issue. Fixed in version control. Please try the latest version and confirm the issue is solved.
  6. pyscripter

    Can not install P4D package

    Are you following the instructions at Installation · pyscripter/python4delphi Wiki (github.com)? Specifically, did you build all packages before installing them?
  7. pyscripter

    Possible memory leak

    Clear the output?
  8. This project deserves some attention (greenlets-coroutines, generators, channels and more). It is based on fibers.
  9. pyscripter

    Unable to run 2 TPythonEngine per VCL application

    You cannot load multiple versions of any dll simultaneously in a single process. If you study Demo 33, you will see that this is not necessarily the case.
  10. pyscripter

    Unable to run 2 TPythonEngine per VCL application

    Why do you conclude that? If you want to run python code in threads, please study Demo 33 and search for related content in this forum (there is lots). Also google for "Global Interpreter Lock".
  11. Running python in threads is not straightforward. Have a look at TPythonThread, Demo 33, and search this forum for relevant discussions.
  12. Then try the following before loading the engine: - Create a TPythonInputOutput - Set the PythonEngine IO property to the TPythonInputOutput - Set the RedirectIO property to True.
  13. Looks like the python module is trying to write to the console. Do you use TPythonGUIInputOutput linked to the PythonEngine? If not try setting UseWindowsConsole to True.
  14. Did you mask exceptions (MaskFPUExceptions · pyscripter/python4delphi Wiki (github.com)? If yes, have you checked sys.version and sys.path to make sure they are the same as in stand alone python?
  15. pyscripter

    How to distribute a project

    You can either install python and PyPDF2 in the target machine or distribute an embedded version of Python with your app. If you follow the second route, have a look at Embarcadero/PythonEnviroments: Components to simplify the deployment for Python environments for Delphi applications using Python4Delphi. (github.com).