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  1. Yes, I saw your PR in SVGIconImageList and I think I came across IconFontsImageList a while ago, but didn't try it, because I wanted to use SVG. I'll keep an eye on both projects.
  2. So many gems on GitHub that I learned about today and so many more to discover. Thank you!
  3. We have the full VCL UI Pack and I'm planning to port our applications to the SVG image list until the end of the year. We are already using SVG Icons, but we currently render them to bitmaps with cairo and use standard image lists.
  4. luebbe

    Missing compiler warning

    Yes and no. There was almost no activity on FixInsight from the end of 2017 until the end of 2019 and there were several open issues. By the end of 2019 bugs were fixed again and new features were added.
  5. luebbe

    Missing compiler warning

    Yes, FixInsight is great. Although it doesn't get as many updates anymore as it did in the first year. Basically only one per Delphi version. But 2020 seems to be a better year for FixInsight customers 😉
  6. The Japanese parts that I can decipher are correct 😄
  7. luebbe

    TButtonItem does not have a TAG property

    Isn't it common practice to store pointers to objects in the tag property? At least that's what I've learned by looking at some legacy code 😉 /sarcasm off
  8. Do you know the name of the constant by chance? Then I could grep the delphi sources.
  9. luebbe

    Crash when Delphi 10.n exits... again

    On 10.3.1 the GExperts Grep window causes crashes, when it is docked. The problem seems to be caused by VCL Styles. When the grep window is floating free, nothing bad happens. I haven't seen any correlation with FixInsight, but that doesn't mean anything.
  10. luebbe

    Crash when Delphi 10.n exits... again

    If you're sure that FixInsight is the culprit, please post it in the TMS Forums. Roman has become more active lately...
  11. Hi Folks, currently I'm trying to add a default exception handler to our logging framework. I wanted to add a test case to DUnitX using a mock logchannel. The problem I'm facing is that DUnitX already catches the exception so that it never gets delivered to the logger. When I wrap the exception into Assert.WillRaise() DUnitX is happy, but the mock verification fails, because g_Logger.DoOnException never gets called and thus the message never gets delivered to the channel. If I don't wrap it, DUnitX catches the exception and the test fails. Is this possible at all? Am I heading down a totally wrong path? procedure TestLogChannel.TestReceivesAnyException; var MC: TMock<ILogChannel>; begin Application.OnException := g_Logger.DoOnException; // Set up the mock log channel MC := TMock<ILogChannel>.Create; try g_Logger.RegisterChannel(MC); MC.Setup.Expect.Once('Deliver'); // Check whether a message has been delivered to this channel // Raise EDivByZero.Create('Thou shalt not do this'); Assert.WillRaise( procedure begin Raise EDivByZero.Create('Thou shalt not do this'); end, EDivByZero); Assert.WillNotRaise( procedure begin MC.Verify; end, EMockVerificationException); g_Logger.UnregisterChannel(MC); finally MC.Free; end; end;
  12. A github search revealed these: - https://github.com/coolsoftware/VHashedStringList - https://github.com/bodo-hugo-barwich/hash-lists I didn't take a closer look. Just dumping the links here.
  13. You might also consider the french 77 or 99, which are expressed as: 77 -> soixante-dixsept (60 + 17) 99 -> quatrevingt-dixneuf (4 * 20 + 19) as a nice complicated example From a German point of view, Swiss and Dutch sound like someone has a bad cold, but danish isn't far behind. GD&R.
  14. luebbe

    GExperts 1.3.14 released

    You have to add (System.)Actions to the uses clause of Gx_IdeUtils.pas for "newer" versions of Delphi to compile. Newer means, that at least 10.2 and 10.3 need the Actions unit. I can't check with older Delphi versions. I compiled with 10.3 and copied the resulting dll to the installation directory. No more crashes upon startup and the experts that I used worked. Thanks for the fix. During start GExperts now complains that some default icons are missing from the icons folder. I copied GXIcons.rc and GXIcons.res from the sources into a Icons folder underneath the installation folder, but still get the error message shown in the screenshot. GotoExpert.bmp is indeed missing from the images folder in the sources.
  15. luebbe

    GExperts 1.3.14 released

    Done. Enjoy your vacation 🙂