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  1. M.Joos

    screen shot - reliable method

    In modern Windows (I think they started with Win7) you could use the Windows Desktop Duplication API. A delphi wrapper can be found here https://github.com/tothpaul/Delphi/tree/master/DesktopDuplicationAPI
  2. M.Joos

    Hands-On Design Patterns with Delphi

    Yes, mine arrived yesterday.
  3. No, in your example both loops will be O(INFINITE). Well, not quite. It would be O(MaxDouble / x) to be precise.
  4. In theory, yes. But which unit tests can or do test the specification in full? Well, maybe some do, but e.g. the all so often used example of a unit test for an addition fails to test the full specification.
  5. I would argue that the same is true for single threaded code as well.
  6. M.Joos

    TMediaPlayer and TMediaPlayerControlFMX

    Be aware that there is a bug in the TMediaPlayer component that reports an "unsupported media file" error when it should have reported a "file not found" error. So first check if the file you are pointing to actually exists.
  7. Although I wouldn't phrase it like this, yes, this version should work. Variable capture is actually an important feature of anonymous methods. Without, they would hardly be more than a fancy way of procedural types.
  8. This is not a bug, but expected behavior: This is what variable capture with anonymous methods is all about. But I agree, this can sometimes be hard to spot and lead to unexpected results as in your case.
  9. M.Joos

    Property editor - on the finest art

    Thanks a lot. I will look and eventually extend your code somewhat. I am really missing the OI expert from Uwe Schuster, that went along similar ideas that you have. So maybe I can come up with a similar solution than Uwe's expert. At least your code is a good starting point, so thanks a lot for sharing.
  10. M.Joos

    Property editor - on the finest art

    Hi Attlia, looks very promising. But where can I find the code fort it ?
  11. Thanks a lot, works like a charm, also in RIO. Now if you would also have the "old" Object Inspector Expert from Uwe ..... that would be a dream !
  12. AFAIK this is not a feature of the official Delphi IDE, but rather a plugin from Uwe Schuster that is no longer supported for recent Delphi version. Correct me if I am wrong as I love live blame very much, but can't use it except for Delphi XE.
  13. M.Joos

    Add Indexer problem

    Thanks Uwe, done and works now as expected. As I am using MMX (and starting to see its benefits more and more) I have encountered a few other problems, but I will post separate threads for those.
  14. M.Joos

    Add Indexer problem

    Thanks Uwe, indeed, there is no Indexers subfolder in the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Raabe Software\Shared\RootDir is pointing to. See attached image what this folder looks like on my system.