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  1. That's nifty ! I will put that one to my toolbox.
  2. M.Joos

    FMX Platform Frame design

    This is by design and not a specific problem of frames. So you cannot have platform specific design with frames. But maybe the approach suggested by Ray Konopka may work for you. He had given a session at Coderage 2018 called "Mobile View Management" in which he proposes an alternative to using frames. You can find the replay here: https://www.embarcaderoacademy.com/courses/441209/lectures/8426275 (You need to sign up for free in order to be able to watch the replay)
  3. That sounds like a feasible fix. Let's wait and see what they come up with in a hot fix.
  4. I have not installed 10.3.2 yet, so don't have the source code to look at TfieldCache. But yes it makes a lot of sense to cache the Field addresses of a class, as in a typical form loading scenario you have multiple instances of the same class, so that the expensive code to determine the Field address is not repeated over and over again. Unfortunately as Remy showed, this introduced some severe bugs, so I would expect a hot fix for 10.3.2 very soon. Hopefully they can fix TfieldCache rather than rolling back to the 10.3 approach for FieldAddress.
  5. Do you have more details about what they changed to make serialisation faster?
  6. I think your code did not work with Delphi Tokio (10.2.3) either. You should set the stored property of your child components (Panel, Rectangle, Timer) to false.
  7. M.Joos

    screen shot - reliable method

    In modern Windows (I think they started with Win7) you could use the Windows Desktop Duplication API. A delphi wrapper can be found here https://github.com/tothpaul/Delphi/tree/master/DesktopDuplicationAPI
  8. M.Joos

    Hands-On Design Patterns with Delphi

    Yes, mine arrived yesterday.
  9. No, in your example both loops will be O(INFINITE). Well, not quite. It would be O(MaxDouble / x) to be precise.
  10. In theory, yes. But which unit tests can or do test the specification in full? Well, maybe some do, but e.g. the all so often used example of a unit test for an addition fails to test the full specification.
  11. I would argue that the same is true for single threaded code as well.
  12. M.Joos

    TMediaPlayer and TMediaPlayerControlFMX

    Be aware that there is a bug in the TMediaPlayer component that reports an "unsupported media file" error when it should have reported a "file not found" error. So first check if the file you are pointing to actually exists.
  13. Although I wouldn't phrase it like this, yes, this version should work. Variable capture is actually an important feature of anonymous methods. Without, they would hardly be more than a fancy way of procedural types.
  14. This is not a bug, but expected behavior: This is what variable capture with anonymous methods is all about. But I agree, this can sometimes be hard to spot and lead to unexpected results as in your case.
  15. M.Joos

    Property editor - on the finest art

    Thanks a lot. I will look and eventually extend your code somewhat. I am really missing the OI expert from Uwe Schuster, that went along similar ideas that you have. So maybe I can come up with a similar solution than Uwe's expert. At least your code is a good starting point, so thanks a lot for sharing.
  16. M.Joos

    Property editor - on the finest art

    Hi Attlia, looks very promising. But where can I find the code fort it ?
  17. Thanks a lot, works like a charm, also in RIO. Now if you would also have the "old" Object Inspector Expert from Uwe ..... that would be a dream !
  18. AFAIK this is not a feature of the official Delphi IDE, but rather a plugin from Uwe Schuster that is no longer supported for recent Delphi version. Correct me if I am wrong as I love live blame very much, but can't use it except for Delphi XE.
  19. M.Joos

    Add Indexer problem

    Hi Uwe, When I try to use the Add Indexer Wizard, the Wizard complains about "no indexer implemenations found". The directory with the Indexers templates exits: C:\ProgramData\Raabe Software\shared\Indexers with two templates in it. I am running Version 14,0.5 Build 2276 on DX Rio. Any help appreciated. TIA
  20. M.Joos

    Add Indexer problem

    Thanks Uwe, done and works now as expected. As I am using MMX (and starting to see its benefits more and more) I have encountered a few other problems, but I will post separate threads for those.
  21. M.Joos

    Add Indexer problem

    Thanks Uwe, indeed, there is no Indexers subfolder in the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Raabe Software\Shared\RootDir is pointing to. See attached image what this folder looks like on my system.
  22. M.Joos

    Debugging in Android

    Debugging in Android is somewhat a matter of chance - sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't for not obvious reasons. I have never tried it from within a VM, so I can't comment on that. What I found quite helpful in some cases was a tool called Android log viewer which can be found here: http://app.serialgames.jp/sgd/alog/ It works similarly to the CodeSite Viewer. You can send log messages to it via the different class functions in the Log class which is in the System.Diagnostics unit. There is also a similar tool from Griijy. Find more about it here: https://blog.grijjy.com/2017/08/22/grijjycloudlogger-remote-logging-for-windows-ios-android-macos-and-linux/ I personally found the latter one somewhat cumbersome to get running, but your mileage may vary.