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Found 1 result

  1. Turan Can

    full screen view capture

    Hello everyone, Full screenshot. How do I capture the entire screen? In this example, I can take a screenshot of the open form. Sample; function MakeScaleScreenshot(Sender: TObject): TBitmap; var fScreenScale: Single; function GetScreenScale: Single; var ScreenService: IFMXScreenService; begin Result := 1; if TPlatformServices.Current.SupportsPlatformService(IFMXScreenService, IInterface(ScreenService)) then begin Result := ScreenService.GetScreenScale; end; end; begin fScreenScale := GetScreenScale; Result := TBitmap.Create(Round(TfmText1(Sender).Width * fScreenScale), Round(TfmText1(Sender).Height * fScreenScale)); Result.Clear(0); if Result.Canvas.BeginScene then try TfmText1(Sender).PaintTo(Result.Canvas); // Sender.PaintTo( Result.Canvas); //, RectF(0, 0, Result.Width, Result.Height)); finally Result.Canvas.EndScene; end; end; procedure TfmText1.btnScreenClick(Sender: TObject); var B: TBitmap; begin B := MakeScaleScreenshot(Self); // MakeScreenshot(Image1); Image1.Bitmap.Assign(B); B.DisposeOf; end;