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Found 3 results

  1. In Delphi 11 was the "File Format" menu item in the Editor's Context Menu moved to another spot or removed entirely? On my Delphi... The help says otherwise...
  2. mikerabat

    Tab key in the IDE

    I'm puzzled... Since Delphi 11 the tab key does not work as it has been the case in all the previous versions... I tried to setup the editor options the same way as my Delphi 2010 (or 10.4) installation but the tab key behaves differntly.... What I actually want is that when I press tab the cursor shall be placed after the last non whitespace from the previous line e.g. if you have var i : integer; begin |<- cursor here now when pressing tab the cursor shall jump the character after the n Also in Delphi 2010 it was standard if: if abc then begin while i < 10 do begin |<- e.g.: cursor here end; now the first tab jumps just right below the b of begin, a second tab to the end of begin That was standard for us for up until Delphi 10 ... but now in Delphi 11 I cannot get this working. it either works or it jumps the number of characters that has been defined in the TabStop field. anyone has a clue what there coudl be the problem? A also have DDevextensions and gexperts installed.... kind regards Mike
  3. Dave Millington (personal)

    ANN: Parnassus Parallel Debugger

    A new IDE plugin aimed at helped debugging multithreaded apps! https://blogs.embarcadero.com/new-ide-plugin-parnassus-parallel-debugger/ The plugin: Displays all thread call stacks next to each other Lets you step over, run, etc a thread by itself, not the whole process Shows CPU usage by thread Editor integration to see where threads are executing, so you can easily see what other threads are in the same area of code and more... This has taken me five years to write! That said, most of that was downtime due to working too much time to spend time on this - this release is the result of working weekends since August. It's version 1, and I plan to add some more features over the next few months.