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  1. mikerabat

    LINEST function

    Hi! You could use the regression functions from here: https://github.com/mikerabat/mrmath and the regression example from here: http://www.mrsoft.org/home/downloads.html
  2. mikerabat

    Firebird Encryption options

    Cool thanks for the info!
  3. mikerabat

    Firebird Encryption options

    Thanks for the hint! I will definitely look into that 🙂
  4. mikerabat

    Firebird Encryption options

    Hi Folks! I hope anyone can give me some hints on this topic: Firebird Data encryption and encryption of the data sent. Especially the "over the line" encryption of data is going to be mandatory for our next projects since there are a few attack vectors we didn't really anticapte that this would ever be a problem: an attacker has access to an internal network (e.g. a hospital) and reads the communication from between our program and the remote database. So... data encryption ala SSL, TLS would be a great thing to have. So far the FAQ from firebird only suggest to use an SSH tunnel or similar to connect to the database but ... is this feasable or even performant? Has anyone any experience with such a problem or is there anything some Delphi components could do? kind regards Mike
  5. mikerabat

    mrMath matrix library

    Hey guys! I wanted to share my matrix library with you basically it contains tons of function for matrix manipulation (add, sub, mult, inverse) and higher order functions (SVD, CCA, PLS and tons more) The library is highly optimized (handoptimized assembler, AVX, SSE, FMA support) and can be multithreaded. Check out the repository on https://github.com/mikerabat/mrmath and check some tiny examples on: http://www.mrsoft.org/home/downloads.html hope you have fun with that ;) kind regards Mike