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  1. It is a legacy application. Sustain mode. So looking for a quick solution.
  2. We use an config file to store the database connection string. We are thinking about encrypting the connection string. Is there any best practices to keep the connection string information safe?
  3. Yes. I was about to type the same. It is not same.
  4. I tried that comment. Did not work out well though 😒
  5. Thanks @Attila Kovacs. This is interesting. I will give a try. If I can make it work, then it avoids going through loop by loop and adding the peekmessage.
  6. Thanks for your response. Application.ProcessMessages is not a solution I am fond of. I wanted to avoid that and came into the peekmessage option. Yes. It is possible to move to thread. But it is a big overhaul and in sustain mode, it is not allowed to do that overhaul.
  7. I have a legacy Delphi app which was running fine on windows server 2008. When the server updated to 2012, the app starts to have a paint issue. There are some big tasks running on a modal form (In main thread). It is big for/while loops. When those tasks runs, the main form turns black and some cases, the border turns white. The correct solution to this is to run the task in threads or use parellel library. But that is a big overhaul and that is not possible to do. I was looking for some quick fix to handle it and I used the following code snippet and it worked: PeekMessage(Msg, 0, 0, 0, PM_NOREMOVE); I have to do this everywhere in the code where big bloat is there. Is there any other solutions available?
  8. Soji

    PDF Encryption

    I already downloaded that tried. But it seems like it can only generate the PDF. I haven't find anyway to load an existing PDF file and just encrypt it. I looked into the help/source and it looks like it is not possible to load an existing PDF file and make changes with that unit.
  9. Soji

    PDF Encryption

    I have a requirement to encrypt a PDF file with password. Does anyone have experience doing this with any libraries? (I am looking for a free library at this moment.)
  10. Soji

    FireDAC - Change Expired Password

    Thanks Dmitry. We will try to update to latest Delphi and see if it works.
  11. Soji

    FireDAC - Change Expired Password

    You mean FireDAC can do with ODBC driver?
  12. Hi, We are trying to add the functionality to allow the user to change the SQL server password if it is expired. The following code snippet using TFDConnection shows what we are trying to do: FDConnection1.Params.Values['Server'] := 'SQLExpress'; FDConnection1.Params.Values['Database'] := 'TestDatabase'; FDConnection1.Params.Values['User_Name'] := 'testuser'; FDConnection1.Params.Values['Password'] := 'oldpass'; FDConnection1.Params.NewPassword := 'newpass'; FDConnection1.Open; But when we get an error while trying to change it: [FireDAC][Phys][ODBC][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Login failed for user 'testuser'. (Error Code is 18456) Tools we use: RAD Studio 10.2 FireDAC = 16.0.0 (Build 88974) Platform = Windows 32 bit SQL Server 2016 express edition ODBC Driver 17 for SQL server. What we observed is that if we use then it works with a patch in FireDAC units. (While debugging we found that it uses a method TFDPhysMSSQLConnection.CheckPasswordChange which uses a connection to check the SQL versions but by that time the connection was not able to make because of the password expiration. So we commented the code inside "CheckPasswordChange" and then it started to work.) But we are told to use ODBC Driver because Microsoft is not going to support Native Client in the future. Is it possible to change an expired password using FireDAC in combination with ODBC driver.? If that is possible then any advice to fix the problem mentioned above? Kind Regards, Soji Mathew.