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Found 5 results

  1. I've been using a small InterBase database for testing and learning purposes while doing some mobile and web development. I work on a Windows 10 machine and have a Windows 2016 Server, both with InterBase 2020 installed. My Windows 10 development machine has Delphi and I use the developer license for InterBase. I'm also playing around with RAD Server and have gotten a small module working in RAD Server on my development machine. I'm using my one production RAD Server license on my Windows server which requires encrypted databases. I finally found the reference on how to encrypt an InterBase database and want to copy this database over to the server so I can test it out on a simulated real-world environment. I created a backup of the database and copied the .ibk file over but using gbak with -sep and -eua_u and -eua_p parameters to specify the System Encryption Password and embedded user authentication is giving me this: When I encrypted the database, it had asked for the System Encryption Password and a Backup Encryption Password. I entered the same for both and it allowed it to be saved and encrypted. I also checked the box to not tie the SEP to the hardware. So why isn't this working? How can I develop an encrypted database on one machine and copy it to another when it's ready for deployment? Does the SEP have to match exactly on both machines? If so, I'll have to find another way to get the data over because I have no idea what the SEP is that RAD Server uses.
  2. Two blog posts to share: https://blog.synopse.info/?post/2021/02/13/Fastest-AES-PRNG%2C-AES-CTR-and-AES-GCM-Delphi-implementation https://blog.synopse.info/?post/2021/02/12/New-AesNiHash-for-mORMot-2 TL&DR: new AES assembly code burst AES-CTR AES-GCM AES-PRNG and AES-HASH implementation, especially on x86_64, for mORMot 2. It outperforms OpenSSL for AES-CTR and AES-PRNG, and is magnitude times faster than every other Delphi library I know about.
  3. Hi, I am looking for a Delphi AES encryption/decryption library to decrypt a text which is encrypted using power-shell script. Another application encrypts a text using power-shell and put it into a file. My Delphi application has to read the file and decrypt the string. This is the power-shell script to encrypt ( Powershell encrypt and decrypt ). I want to mimic the function fAESDecrypt() in Delphi. Anyone knows any libraries which can do this? If there is nothing out there which can do it, I am thinking about executing the power-shell from Delphi to decrypt it. I think that should be possible. Thanks in advance, Soji.
  4. We use an config file to store the database connection string. We are thinking about encrypting the connection string. Is there any best practices to keep the connection string information safe?
  5. Soji

    PDF Encryption

    I have a requirement to encrypt a PDF file with password. Does anyone have experience doing this with any libraries? (I am looking for a free library at this moment.)