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Found 10 results

  1. Somehow, I have set the font size for iSQL to something that looks like 150point size and I can figure out how to reset it back to something more reasonable. I have tried holding down either shift, control or alternate and rotating the wheel on the mouse without success. Anyone know how to reset the font size?
  2. Hello, I am developing a program with Delphi 7. I am using interbase as database. I used "Zeos7214" component for database connection. I encountered a problem with the client connection and I could not solve it until today. What I did on Client PC. -When I set up an interbase on the Client PC, a database connection is established with the Server PC. -I removed interbase from Client PC and did the following. --into C:\Windows\SysWOW64; I manually copied the gds32.dll & ibxml.dll files. --into C:\Windows\System32; I manually copied the ibxml64.dll & ibclient64.dll files. --I made the necessary addition to the "services" file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. In this way, the Client PC established a database connection with the Server PC. The problem is; Although the settings I explained above were made exactly on the Client PC without interbase installed, “gds32.dll found but couldnot be loaded. Check compile-target and librarycompatibilty." gives an error message. What could be the cause of this error. I would like to thank all interested users in advance. Good work everyone. Note: Translated with google.
  3. Hi, I'm doing a talk this week (15th Feb 2022) for the ukDeveloper group www.ukdevgroup.co.uk as requested by a member. It is about using the IBX components and implicitly Interbase & Firebird. I couldn't find any information about which versions of IB & FB the D11 version of IBX played well with and if there are any gotchas. Does anyone have any input / insight into any of this? Thanks in advance. Jason.
  4. delphi159

    error on Interbase 2020 server

    My final aim is this sql-code: select G.Goods, G.Goods_id, coalesce(dt2.incomes,0)as incomes, coalesce(dt2.sales,0) as sales, coalesce(dt2.writeoffs,0) as writeoffs, coalesce(dt2.endqnt,0) as endqnts From Goods G Join ( select Goods_id, coalesce(sum(inc),0) as incomes, coalesce(sum(sale),0) as sales, coalesce(sum(writeoff),0) as writeoffs, sum(coalesce(inc,0)-coalesce(sale,0)-coalesce(writeoff,0)) as endqnts from( select i.goods_id, sum(i.qty) as inc, cast(0 as float) as sale, cast(0 as float) as writeoff from income i where cast(i.recdate as date) <= :d group by i.goods_id union all select s.goods_id, cast(0 as float), sum(s.qty) as sale, cast(0 as float) from sales s where cast(s.recdate as date) <= :d group by s.goods_id union all select w.goods_id, cast(0 as float), cast(0 as float), sum(w.Qty) as writeoff, from writeoff w where cast(i.recdate as date) <= :d group by w.goods_id) dt1 group by Goods_id) dt2 on P.Goods_id=dt2.Goods_id order by Goods but this dt2+dt1 derived tables code How to correct this code for Interbase 2020 server?
  5. Hi In Interbase, does anybody know how to use an expression in the "group by" clause, e.g.: select extract (month from HIRED_DATE) HIREDMONTH, count(*) EMPLOYEECOUNT from employee group by extract (month from HIRED_DATE) or select extract (month from HIRED_DATE) HIREDMONTH, count(*) EMPLOYEECOUNT from employee group by 1
  6. sjordi

    Free SQLite -> Interbase tool?

    Hi, I'd like to test drive Interbase ToGo for perf compared to my current SQLite DB on mobile apps. In real world. Does anybody know of any free tool that can convert to and from Interbase <--> SQLite? I have TMS Data Modeler, but it doesn't transfer data. Any clue would be welcome. Thanks to all Steve
  7. I've been using a small InterBase database for testing and learning purposes while doing some mobile and web development. I work on a Windows 10 machine and have a Windows 2016 Server, both with InterBase 2020 installed. My Windows 10 development machine has Delphi and I use the developer license for InterBase. I'm also playing around with RAD Server and have gotten a small module working in RAD Server on my development machine. I'm using my one production RAD Server license on my Windows server which requires encrypted databases. I finally found the reference on how to encrypt an InterBase database and want to copy this database over to the server so I can test it out on a simulated real-world environment. I created a backup of the database and copied the .ibk file over but using gbak with -sep and -eua_u and -eua_p parameters to specify the System Encryption Password and embedded user authentication is giving me this: When I encrypted the database, it had asked for the System Encryption Password and a Backup Encryption Password. I entered the same for both and it allowed it to be saved and encrypted. I also checked the box to not tie the SEP to the hardware. So why isn't this working? How can I develop an encrypted database on one machine and copy it to another when it's ready for deployment? Does the SEP have to match exactly on both machines? If so, I'll have to find another way to get the data over because I have no idea what the SEP is that RAD Server uses.
  8. Henry Olive

    Sql Delete

    I wish everyone a healthy day Interbase DELETE FROM MDETAIL MD JOIN ITEMS IT ON MD.ITEMNO=IT.ITEMNO WHERE MD.RNO=120 and IT.ITEMTYPE ='001'; I'm getting token unknown JOIN err.msg Thank You
  9. Hello all, Getting "ibtogo64.dll not found in the path" when trying to run on any computer that does not have Interbase installed. I have been using Advantage local server and would like to move to iblite for testing and small desktop projects. I created a small test project using the sample data. I copied the compiled project and supporting files, including license file and data to a USB drive. Stopped the Interbase service and ran the project fine. Moved the USB drive to a different computer and got the error as soon as project ran. To make sure the running project was using the local DLL, I moved the USB back to the development computer and removed the DLL. Got the error, pasted back everything fine. What am I missing. Things I checked: Made sure DLL's are in same directory as exe Deployment files all checked except reg_ibtogo.txt using reg_iblite.txt reg_iblite.txt is in the license folder Interbase directory in same directory as exe Project is release version I ran the program from USB on laptop that has Interbase installed and service stopped and worked fine. any help would be appreciated, Gary
  10. Hi I use Interbase XE3. How can I give access to a user to see ONLY the metadata of the tables and fields he/she has privileges for. Currently, he/she can see the metadata of the whole database. Kindly, advise