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Found 4 results

  1. Andrzej

    Own TQuery without database

    I try using old FreeReport with new Delphi. Fr examples use BDE which is not in my new RAD. It uses BDE dataset and query. I am starting write own dataset. But still query. It seems to be problematic due to SQL interpreter. I can use other query, for example standard query with my dataset? Or can be standard TQuery but dataset must handle SQL?
  2. Hi In Interbase, does anybody know how to use an expression in the "group by" clause, e.g.: select extract (month from HIRED_DATE) HIREDMONTH, count(*) EMPLOYEECOUNT from employee group by extract (month from HIRED_DATE) or select extract (month from HIRED_DATE) HIREDMONTH, count(*) EMPLOYEECOUNT from employee group by 1
  3. Hi, I have searched for 'simple' stuff in using FireDac but havn't found the answer to the following, which would save me lots of keying ... I have a datamodule with a fdQuery & Datasource, and the fdQuery has the following: 'Select * from tTable where Company = :pC order by oOrderName' - so a parameter is created in the query. If in my code I want to set the query to different values do I have to do the select statement again in it's entirety, like: dm.fdc.Open( 'Select * from tTable where Company = :pC order by oOrderName', [ 'Debenhams'] ); Or can I simply specify the new parameter value like: dm.fdc.Open( '', [ 'Woolworths' );
  4. Hi I'm having great difficulty in getting the syntax correct on a query I need to make via a Firedac Q!uery. Basically I want to set a WHERE clause that picks up all records that have a 'S' or 'R' in a certain field. In 'normal' SQL this codes like this: SELECT * FROM tTableName WHERE Status IN ('S', 'R') ORDER BY EventDate ... which works fine on the SQL Server, but how do I do this via a Firedac query? It may look something like this: qQueryName.Open('SELECT * FROM tTableName WHERE Status IN :pSR ORDER BY EventDate',[ ('S','R') ] ); The issue is how do I format the parameter - the above doesn't work, nor any of the different ways I can think of of setting the parameter to 'S','R'. Any help would be appreciated.