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  1. Old Delphi probably dont have stringbuilder and operations like stringlify would be slow..
  2. I think, api should be similar to IMemento xml, especially I moved from xml to json. Main reason, that xml are too big, about 7x greater than binary versions.
  3. I think, no need stringlist, rather parsing strings, parse widestring,utf8string,unicode and utf8 files.
  4. I want write Json5 classes. Assume that file is already parsed and we have Json objects. Is array of 10 json objects where can be simple as integer,float,string or compound arrays and objects. How to write method giving value? Virtual getvalue or like databases, asstring,asfloat etc?
  5. What is best way to do following: I need of list of Unicode strings for my Json5 parser. In new Delphi from 2009 i can use Tstringlist and load ,save to stream automatic convert between utf8 and utf16le. For old Delphi I must create WideStringList and convert between utf8 and utf16. Next I must conditionally define JsonStringList as Tstringlist and TwideStringList?
  6. Andrzej


    I try use osMemento; I have problems with other because I need library for both: old a new Delphi. osMemento is OK, I have already converted binary->xml for files of report definition
  7. Andrzej


    What is difference between CreateChild and CreateChildSmart?
  8. Andrzej


    Delphi has standard xml component available in old Delphi7? Is any non standard xml component? My xml are small, no need Sax. Btw, are good free json components?
  9. Andrzej

    TDataSet emulation without database

    With overload - start working. I attach sample: with IntToStr(FCursor) But it fill all visible rows of grid with this value. Probably I must use cache but I don't know how much visible rows has grid in dataset. What is standard way to do with them? send2.zip solution: ActiveBuffer: IntToStr(PRecordBuffer(ActiveBuffer)^.RecordIndex); give me correct
  10. Andrzej

    Own TQuery without database

    I try using old FreeReport with new Delphi. Fr examples use BDE which is not in my new RAD. It uses BDE dataset and query. I am starting write own dataset. But still query. It seems to be problematic due to SQL interpreter. I can use other query, for example standard query with my dataset? Or can be standard TQuery but dataset must handle SQL?
  11. Andrzej

    How make benchmark?

    I am plan make speed test of ZeosLib and FireDac. Is there any sources of standard benchmark with creation of about 50 MB database, with tests of several types of queries?
  12. Andrzej

    TDataSet emulation without database

    Must be simple, free with sources, no sql. I will next create other based on it, for example read data from csv files. Own DataSource is simpler than own DataSet?
  13. I make examples after https://www.kvrsoft.com/articles/delphi-articles/database/db-controls.html. Also I see TGXBaseDataset and Paradox dataset from Github (I save here too many links) I attach example. It is half succeeded: - is numer of records - record nubers are continuus from start to last - two defined columns But I can't make any field visible, only header fields are visible. How make even fake field data iike 'abc'? I attached dpk with two components and test app. send.zip
  14. Andrzej

    What is proper way to crypt some fields?

    If this will be with blobs, how make visible data in table? I thought about SQL AES procedure to select. But is another problem - indices. I can't goto to decrypted value and sort by encrypted column. Select can use SQL procedure, but this procedure can be below hashing indices? For example Person1 - secret1 Person2 - secret2 Important: It must be possible dsplay secret for person. not so important: sort table by secret not so important: go to secret, or een part of secret Here secret is not password, rather is passport , car cart or other personal identifier.
  15. I am planning to crypt not whole database but some columns. I have Firebird database and FireDAC components. 1. How make available to show table decrypted with FireDAC? I must use procedure with 'select' statement? 2. Probably I must make salt. User password will be converted time consument way to 128,192, or 256 bit key. For example million od sha, but better Argon2 with memory consumed. But I have records. I don't want crypt each record as beginning crypted message - two identical records should give different crypted message. Is needed salt? How do it?