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  1. MikeMon

    Android 11 Support in 10.4.2?

    But the official Embarcadero docwiki 10.4 Sydney - Release 2 - RAD Studio (embarcadero.com) states that it does. Is it safe to follow @vfbb 's post above?
  2. MikeMon

    Firebase Analytics Events

    Anyone? or even a point in the right direction?
  3. Does anybody have any working code examples on how to implement Firebase Analytics, particularly Events, with Firemonkey?
  4. MikeMon

    Problem with Logging on to my.embarcadero.com

    Yes. It's back on!!
  5. MikeMon

    Codegear site and RSS feed gone?

    There seems to be a general problem with Embarcadero's links. E.g. my.embarcadero.com
  6. MikeMon

    Problem with Logging on to my.embarcadero.com

    Tx. So, it's not just me!!
  7. Is anybody facing any problems logging on to my.embarcadero.com?
  8. MikeMon

    Android - new version of file in assets\internal\

    I use this approach, too.
  9. MikeMon

    Download Images from a URL

    Hi. I'm using it for multi-device apps.
  10. MikeMon

    Download Images from a URL

    Hi. Do you have a working example for reference?
  11. MikeMon

    Download Images from a URL

    Currently I use TTMSFNCImage to download images from a URL; using the LoadFromURL procedure. I'm looking for alternatives to do the same, to try and see which way is faster and more efficient. Any ideas?
  12. Does anyone have any working example(s) on how to use OneSignal push notifications on iOS and Android?
  13. Hi @Huseyin Ozkan Erdem Thank you for your answer. We had tried the fix prior to creating this thread. Unfortunately, it does not work on Windows Server 2012.
  14. I found a solution by embedding the image as a base64 encoded string and it's working fine on iOS.
  15. Hi Has anyone faced a similar issue?