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  1. MikeMon

    Quickreport for Delphi 11.1

    Does anyone know if there is a Quickreport version for Delphi 11.1?
  2. Anybody knows how to enable TLS 1.2 (or any other SSL version) in Datasnap? It seems to only have TLS 1 enabled. I tried using "TIdServerIOHandlerSSLOpenSSL.SSLVersions" to enable TLS 1.2 but it didn't work.
  3. What's the procedure to upload a new app version to Google play if you have changed the keystore file? When I'm uploading the new private key I created during the "opt in" procedure in the "App Integrity" screen of Google Play Console, I'm getting the following exception: "The private key does not match the certificate we know for this app". Basically, how can I update the certificate?
  4. Yes. The 32-bit version is working fine. I even checked the "check passwords" and it's fine. The thing is I haven't even assigned anything on the 64-bit. The minute I choose the 54-bit bit, I'm getting the error. BTW, when I go to Tools->Options->Deployment->Provisioning and assign it there, it's working fine for both 32 and 64. Is it enough?
  5. Hi I'm using Delphi 11 and I have this strange issue. Under provisioning, assigning a keystore file and alias for Android 32-bit is working perfectly fine. When I go to Android 64-bit, I'm immediately getting the following error: keytool error: java.io.IOException: Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect. The thing is that there is nothing yet assigned in the 64-bit provisioning key store and I'm getting the error. Has anyone come across anything like this?
  6. MikeMon

    KSVC gone missing.

    I can see Bonus KSVC 7.0 in my GetIt Package Manager just fine.
  7. Yes. It's the SessionTimeout of the TDSHTTPWebDispatcher. Currently it's 20 minutes. But again, if that was the problem, I would ALWAYS have the problem; regardless if there is another connection active or not.
  8. There is no KeepAlive setting on the server. I am using Datasnap, not RAD Server.
  9. TDSRestConnection.Connection is Keep-Alive. But like I said earlier, when I have a connection to the database by another software, there is no speed issue on the client. That's the strange part.
  10. My application as in the client (app)? i don’t use any timers. Every single call to the datasnap server is much slower except if there is already a connection to the database on the server side. How does this code help exactly?
  11. Yes. I checked on 2 different servers. On both servers, if another software is running that is connected to the same database, the Datasnap connections from clients are much faster. Very strange.
  12. I have a very strange situation. I have developed an online ordering app connecting to a Datasnap server. This is the strange part: purely by luck, I found out that when I have a database connection active (by another software) on the server where the datasnap server resides, the app runs very fast; when I don't it is way too slow(er). I use Interbase and Firedac. Does this make sense? Has anyone come across an issue like this? It's like when the database has no connections active, the first connection is taking way too long.
  13. MikeMon

    Android 11 Support in 10.4.2?

    But the official Embarcadero docwiki 10.4 Sydney - Release 2 - RAD Studio (embarcadero.com) states that it does. Is it safe to follow @vfbb 's post above?