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  1. bazzer747

    RadioGroup layout

    I have a RadioGroup setup with all letters of the alphabet (for filtering surnames on first letter). The items are entered A, B, C, D, E ... etc and are spread over 9 columns and 3 rows (dictated by the space available on a form. However, the buttons don't display in a left-to-right format but a top-down format, so along the top row I see A, D, G, J ... etc. and A, B, C are column 1, D, E, F column 2 and so on. This layout isn't very User friendly in my view, and I suppose I could add the items in an order that visually fixes it so the top row reads A, B, C, D ... etc. Just wondering if there is another way? (Couldn't see a property that does this; BiDiMode I thought might do it but doesn't).
  2. bazzer747

    Button needs two clicks

    Hi, I have a button on a form that I initially have disabled, as I don't want it clickable until a couple of comboboxes on the form have values selected. When the two comboboxes have been selected I enable the button. However, a first click on the button does nothing. A second click actions the code behind the OnClick event - which is to open up another form. I have a breakpoint on the OnClick event but nothing happens on the first click. On the second click the breakpoint kicks in and takes me to the OnClick event. It's as though the first click never happened. Any thoughts on why this should be would be appreciated.
  3. bazzer747

    Removing breakpoints

    So easy! And obvious! Must look before asking :-). Thanks
  4. bazzer747

    Removing breakpoints

    Hi, Often I have a project with many breakpoints to help in debugging. When I'm done with the session of debugging I no longer need those breakpoints. I know I can manually remove them one by one, but is there a way to remove them all at once to save time? I read that these are stored in the .dsk file, but is the only way to remove them is to edit this file and delete them there? Deleting that file, whilst an option, doesn't seem to be a good thing to do as it holds many other settings.
  5. bazzer747

    10.4.1 Update

    Many thanks for the info, especially the blog by Darian, very clear explanation of why the 'problem' exists and why it won't go away soon. This is one of the reasons I find this forum so useful and view it regularly. My issues are minor in comparison to the larger world which uses Delphi on a more professional and deeper level than I ever will.
  6. bazzer747

    10.4.1 Update

    That's a bit pedantic. Ace Reporter is a suite of components as is eDocEngine, I accept, but these are the 'add-ons' I add on to my Delphi. They are applications I add to my Delphi, and need installation routines to integrate them. Hence all my comments above. So if you don't like my term add-on, please substitute with component suites.
  7. bazzer747

    10.4.1 Update

    eDocEngine and Ace Reporter I see the Konopka VCL components install OK via Getit.
  8. bazzer747

    10.4.1 Update

    No, I ran the installer letting it uninstall/reinstall keeping settings. The fact the add-on vendors needed to provide me with an update also meant they would not have worked using their previous installers. Are you suggesting that any add-ons, which have been installed OK in 10.4, will work in 10.4.1? This I hope for and will see what happens when my 'test' install on my laptop completes.
  9. bazzer747

    10.4.1 Update

    Traditions should be ditched if they don't provide a happy client base 🙂 When I went to 10.4 from 10.3 none of my add-ons worked and needed re-installs. I've contacted my vendors and asked this question, still awaiting their reply. My feeling is they will need an update, even though this is a minor upgrade. I hope for otherwise. Yes, I'm installing on my other machine to see what's what.
  10. bazzer747

    10.4.1 Update

    Hi, I see Embarcadero have released 10.4.1. I'm especially happy they are fixing problems found in prior versions, more so than any 'new' features. However, yet again they say you need a total uninstall and reinstall for this update. What I don't understand is why a full uninstall is necessary for a 'minor' release. This isn't 10 to 11, or even 10.4 to 10.5 - this is one level further - 10.4 to 10.4.1! A full install causes me all sorts of issues. I have a few add ons which I I have to wait on other companies to provide their own updates to the new version which can take weeks. Recall the problems with the Konopka VCL components when 10.4 arrived, it was a couple of weeks before they provided and updated set in GetIt and that component suite is owned by Embarcadero! Even Ray Konopka couldn't understand why this happened. Some companies must have many more add-ons than I have and suffer more than I do with this issue? Surely for a minor upgrade all that is needed is replacing the files that have changed, which can't be that many (being a minor upgrade)?
  11. bazzer747

    Outlook OLE Attachments

    Anders, That code works perfectly, many thanks, so my problem is solved. With Outlook closed, when I run the code the email is created and I can see Microsoft Outlook (32 bit) in Task Manager. Even after the VarClear( Outlook ) executes Outlook is still there. When I close or send the email Outlook then closes. When the line GetActiveOleObject('Outlook.Application') is run I get an error message: 'Operation unavailable', but the email still gets created and displayed/sent. This only occurs in debug mode. When I run in normal mode I don't get an error message, but as above Outlook opens only on the vMailItem.Display line, and only closes when I send/delete the actual email.
  12. bazzer747

    Outlook OLE Attachments

    After I've done a vMailItem.Send (or .Display), I issue a VarClear( Outlook ). This is for every individual email sent.
  13. bazzer747

    Outlook OLE Attachments

    Anders, try Outlook:= GetActiveOleObject('Outlook.Application'); except Outlook:= CreateOleObject('Outlook.Application'); end; vMailItem := Outlook.CreateItem( olMailItem ); .. and later on ... if gvbAttached = True then vMailItem.Attachments.Add( gvAttachedFile ); //(gvbAttached being boolean which determines if file is to be attached, and gvbAttached being the location/name of that file).
  14. bazzer747

    Outlook OLE Attachments

    Hi, I mainly use Outlook to send emails, and on some I attach a document. My code mainly revolves around this line: vMailItem.Attachments.Add( filename ); (vMailItem being the Outlook item object. However, what I'm finding is that after I've sent an email with a file, if I want to send another email but without a file, the file is still attached to the email. I've cleared the edit box which holds the file name (which I use to get the name of the file). I use a boolean variable to say whether there is an attachment or not and that code does bypass the above line, but the previous file is still being attached. Is there a method which can remove any previous file attachments to an email, like 'vMailItem.Attachments.Remove' ?
  15. bazzer747

    Table Update Freezing

    I've put at Start Transaction, TRY .... Commit structure around this single MSSQL Update statement and it runs OK now. I don't normally use transaction structures unless I have more than one SQL statement happening in a process, but, well, this solves the problem, without knowing why.