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  1. bazzer747

    DBGrid sort descending on Column Title Click

    if Grd.IndexFieldNames = Column.FieldName then fGrd.IndexFieldNames:= Column.FieldName + ':D' else Grd.IndexFieldNames:= Column.FieldName; end; ..The :D reverses the sort.
  2. bazzer747

    Debug Points won't clear

    Hi, I'm using Delphi 10.4. When I set a debug point in my code it works fine. However, there are times when I'm in debug mode that I don't want my code to stop at that debug point so I remove it and press F9 to continue. If the debig point is, say, at the end; of a loop the app still stops at that point, even though the debug has been removed. When I come out of the app the debug point has returned! I then remove it and run the app, and it still stops at that debug point. Is there a place where I can see where it records where the debug points are so I can monitor what is going on? Is this a known bug that's resolved in a later version? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Ah, good point. Sorry about the image it was sent by my client. I've assumed the PCs are 64bit and are OK with how I've configured my other apps, that all work OK (all are 64bit). I'll investigate further.
  4. Hi, I have an Delphi 10.4 VCL app which connects to a remote MSSQL Server. This app works fine on my development PC and the Firedac setup is the same as I have on other apps I've created. However, whist these other apps also work fine on my clients PCs this particular app gives the above error message (snap attached). It would appear there is a difference in this app to the others but I cannot see any. I've created a small app which solely connects to MSSQL and this fails on these PCs also, which now makes me think there is something not setup correctly on their PCs. Any thoughts as to why I am getting this error would be appreciated.
  5. bazzer747

    Attachments to iPhones

    Done some further testing. The emails with PDF attachments can be opened and read on iPhone/iOS version 14.7.1. I also had someone with iOS 15.3.1 who could open a PDF OK. It seems those with iOS 15.4 are the ones having the problem. In the UK that was released March 14th.
  6. bazzer747

    Attachments to iPhones

    Many thanks for taking the time to help with this issue. I've changed my code to reflect what you are suggesting so again thanks for explaining that. I pick up bits and pieces from different places and sometimes they do end up a bit haphazard. Forget the attachment, it was early in changing the code, I had a create in the wrong place. This is the first time my User has used Indy to send emails with attachments (as he doesn't have Outlook), previously all emails with attachments have been sent by Outlook. And these have been sent to iPhone, Android mobiles, PCs etc. with no problems. From that it would appear to be an Indy issue, would you agree? Although I have one User, who has an old iPhone (with an older version of iOS) who receives these messages and can open the PDFs OK. That would indicate a later iOS might have something to do with the problem.
  7. bazzer747

    Attachments to iPhones

    Thanks, qubits, I've Googled this and there's a mass of items about issues with PDFs sent to iPhones. Most talk of the obvious, like corrupt PDFs or incompatible formats and lots from way back. Trying to figure which if any relate to my issue is difficult, but I'll pursue. Remy, I can send the same email (with a PDF attached) from Outlook or from Indy to myself on a PC and on an Android phone (a gmail account) and they arrive OK with the attachment which I can open OK. Here is the gist of the code which I use: procedure CreateIndyEmail( xMsg:string; xFirstName:string; xNameid:integer; xEmail: String; xSubject:string ); var DATA: TIdMessage; SMTP: TIdSMTP; SSL: TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL; begin DATA:= TIdMessage.Create(nil); with DATA do begin Clear; ContentType := 'text/html'; ContentType := 'multipart/mixed'; Subject := xSubject; end; IdOpenSSLSetLibPath( cLoc ); SSL:= TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL.Create(nil); With SSL do begin Destination := 'smtp.xxvemail.co.uk'; Host := 'smtp.xxvemail.co.uk'; SSLOptions.Mode := sslmClient; // was sslmUnassigned; Port := 587; //465; ; SSLOptions.Method := sslvTLSv1_2; // originally sslvTLSv1; Fasthosts suggeted change SSLOptions.Mode := sslmUnassigned; SSLOptions.VerifyMode := []; SSLOptions.VerifyDepth:= 0; end; SMTP:= TIdSMTP.Create(nil); with SMTP do begin IOHandler := SSL; UseTLS := utUseExplicitTLS; Host := 'smtp.livemail.co.uk'; Port := 587; AuthType := satDefault; end; DATA.Recipients.EMailAddresses:= xEmail; SMTP.password := 'xyz'; SMTP.username := 'Seniors@xyz.com'; DATA.From.Address := 'Seniors@xyz.com'; DATA.Sender.Address := 'Seniors@xyz.com'; DATA.ReplyTo.EMailAddresses:= 'Seniors@xyz.com'; with TIdMessageBuilderHtml.Create do try Html.Text := xMsg; if gvbAttached = True then HtmlFiles.Add( gvAttachedFile ); FillMessage( DATA ); finally Free; end; try SMTP.Connect; SMTP.Send( DATA ); finally SMTP.Disconnect; end;
  8. bazzer747

    Attachments to iPhones

    I send many emails out which have PDF attachments and usually via Outlook. However, I also provide the ability to send the same emails with the same PDF attachments via Indy. If the emails go to a Windows PC, or to an Android mobile they arrive correctly and the PDF attachment can be opened and viewed correctly. However, when these same emails go to iPhones the PDF shows as an attachment to the email but cannot be opened. Except if the iPhone is an old model and not at the latest version it can open PDFs from the email. Is this a known issue, or maybe a problem that Indy is aware of and can provide a solution?
  9. bazzer747

    StringGrid Align Vertically

    Many thanks Peter, set me on the right track. Figured it out now.
  10. bazzer747

    StringGrid Align Vertically

    Hi I have a stringgrid which has a height of about twice the height of the text that is entered in it (the right side in the attached). I think the display would look much better if I could align this text vertically in the centre, rather than at the top of the cell. I've tried to figure out if there is a setting somewhere but can't find one (if one exists). Any help would be appreciated.
  11. bazzer747

    Using Resource in Email

    And on Monday, 13th December at 14:18 in the RTL & Delphi Object Pascal forum, just as I said. Perhaps you didn't understand my comment when I said I'd posted the question on a different forum (which I thought was maybe the wrong one)? I have the utmost respect for anyone who helps with queries as it certainly helps me understand this great language. As I always ask for suggestions and not solutions I can then think my way into the problem if given an idea of how to progress. I've always though Praxis and StackFlow are completely different forums and often see similar questions posted on both forums.
  12. bazzer747

    Using Resource in Email

    That's untrue. I posted the question a few days ago on a different forum, but when I received no replies I thought I had posted it in the wrong forum. Hence I re-posted it in what I then considered a more appropriate forum. As I look at Stackflow a lot it s4eemed reasonable to see if anyone different had any thoughts. I was not assuming peoples time is less important, I value both forums and everybodies time as important to me and am very thankful. Do not assume the worst of people.
  13. bazzer747

    Using Resource in Email

    Only because I'd received no replies to my question.
  14. bazzer747

    Using Resource in Email

    Hi, I create emails in HTML using the following code to display a signature in the message: cMsg:= cMsg + ' <img src="BarrysSignature.jpg" '> Which means I need to have the jpg available in the current directory (and distribute it with the executable). I also use these same signature jpgs elsewhere in my program as I've loaded them as resources. What would be better is if I used the resource for the signature in the email, rather than the external jpg picture. I've tried a few ways of doing this but can't get it working. Any thoughts, please?
  15. bazzer747

    Indy Documentation Problem

    Hi, All the documentation files that are downloadable (as zip or 7z) give me an error 'Hmm ... can't reach this page' This is from: https://www.IndyProject.org/documentation/ The top one for .... shows http://ww2.indyproject.org/downloads/IndyDocs_10.1.5.0_H2Help.zip