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  1. Henry Olive

    Sql-Add Number begining of an INT field

    Thank you everybody. I'm so sorry i forgot to mention Db Server, It is INTERBASE
  2. I wish a healthy day to everyone MyTable : DOCNO (it is an Integer Field) --------- 1285 1286 ...... I want to UPDATE my table and add shortyear begining of DOCNO. like below DOCNO --------- 211285 211286 ...... Thank You
  3. Henry Olive

    Vcl to Fmx

    I wish everyone a healthy day I'm planning to start a Fmx database app. ( i already have a database Vcl app., i'll just convert it to Fmx) I saw there are 2 grids (Grid,String Grid) in Fmx, which one should i use instead of my vcl dbgrid ? Also is there any advice information anywhere in web regarding from Vcl to Fmx ? Thank You
  4. Henry Olive

    Trim, SplitString

    Thank you so much Rollo62, Mvanrijnen
  5. Henry Olive

    Trim, SplitString

    I wish everyone a healthy day. I have a DIMENSION data as a string like '10*20*30' I want to get each dimension number if user doesnt put empty string between the numbers like(10*20*30) there is no problem but if user put empty string between the numbers like (10 * 20 * 30) then i cant get correct result procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var i: Integer; Str, Seperator : String; begin Edit1.Text := '10 * 20 * 30'; Str := Trim(Edit1.Text); // i hoped that Trim removed the empty strings that is converted the Str to 10*20*30 but no for i := 1 to Length(Str) do if Str in ['*'] then begin Seperator := Str; Break; end; Edit2.Text := SplitString(Str,Seperator)[0]; Edit3.Text := SplitString(Str,Seperator)[1]; Edit3.Text := SplitString(Str,Seperator)[2]; end; Thank You
  6. Henry Olive


    Thank you Stefan
  7. Henry Olive


    I wish everyone a healthy day. Edit1.Text := 22/333/44444 ( Not fix can be change, could be 1/2/6) I want to get below result firstnumber:= 22 secondnumber := 333 thirdnumber := 44444 Thank You
  8. Henry Olive

    Disable & re-Enable a Procedure

    Thank you so much Corneli dm.OrdersDOCNO.OnChange := nil; dm.OrdersDOCNO.OnChange := OrdersDOCNOChange; works
  9. I wish everyone a healthy day. I have below procedure procedure TDm.OrdersDOCNOChange(Sender: TField); begin .... end; How can i disable & re-enable this proc.? I tried dm.Orders.DOCNOChange := Nil; // Err.Msg = Undeclared identifier: 'DOCNOChange' Thank You
  10. Henry Olive

    Alfabetical order of a letter

    Thank you so much Vandrovnik, David, Lars My excel sheet always has 12 columns no more Vandrovnik, with below code I get Low cannot be applied to a long string err.msg. Str := Edit1.Text; // Edit1..Text:='D' Num := Ord([Low(Str)]) - Ord('A') + 1; Edit2.Text := IntToStr(Num); But below code WORKS Num := Ord(Str[1]) - Ord('A') + 1; Thank you so much
  11. Henry Olive

    Alfabetical order of a letter

    Thank you Vandrovnik, eivind From an Excel Sheet i get column name ( for example F ) then i need to convert F to an integer number ( which is 6 ) so that i can import some datas from excel to my dataset. Str:=Edit1.Text; // Which is D Num := Ord(PChar(Str)) - Ord('A')+1; Edit2.Text := IntToStr(Num); I'm getting 37266172 instead of 4
  12. Henry Olive

    Alfabetical order of a letter

    Thank you Lajos, if Edit1.Text ='A' then // (Edit1.Text =D) Edit2.Text := '1' else Edit2.Text := IntToStr(ord(Edit1.Text) - ord('A')+1); Expecting 4 but getting 37266172 with below code i get correct result ShowMessage(IntToStr(Ord('D') - Ord('A')+1));
  13. Is there an easy way to get Alfabetical (English) order number of a letter like C=3 , E=5 , H=8 .... Thank You
  14. Henry Olive

    Excel to DBGrid

    Thank you aehimself
  15. Henry Olive

    Excel to DBGrid

    Thank you FPiette