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  1. Good Day, How can i sort (descending) a table on a calculated field ? Thank You
  2. Henry Olive

    Debug Break Point

    Good Day, Delphi 10.3 When i compile or build my program i cant see in some code lines small BLUE POINT on the most left side of code screen so program doesnt read the lines with out blue point (I didnt change anything in Tools/Options.... etc.) . MyTable.Close; // There is blue point MyTable.Open; // No blue point Thank You
  3. Henry Olive


    Thank you SO much David, KodeZwerg, Programmer I solved the problem.
  4. Henry Olive


    Thank you so much Peter I dont convert anything My Code = a:= MyQuery.FieldByName('TOTAL').asFloat; (which is 66,3333.-) b:= MyQuery.FieldByName('RATIO').asFloat; (Which is 1,50 ); c:= a * b; // In Debug i see c as 99,50 instead of 99,4999 MyTable.Edit; MyTableBENF.asFloat := c; // i was expecting to see in mytable's BENF field 99,49 not 99,50 (BENF field in firebird3 database is as Numeric(15,2) (In Delphi my table's releated field's Currency proporties = True)
  5. Henry Olive


    Good Day, var a,b : Double a:= 66,3333 b:= 1,5 c:= a* b ( Delphi shows c:= 99,5, actually c should be 99,49995 ) How can i get exact result ( 99,49995 ) ? Thank You
  6. Henry Olive


    Thank you so much Lajos, DelphiUdit, Programmer, David David, Combobox1.Text.AsInteger doesnt compile in D10.3
  7. Good Day, I add Customer No & Customer Name in a combobox like below Combobox1.Items.AddObject(SQLQuery1.Fields[1].asString, Pointer(SQLQuery1.Fields[1].asInteger)); I want to make CutNo=1 record in the combobox selected (I mean, combobox1.text = CustNo=1 record's Customer Name) but i get, Identifier expected but 'OBJECT' found error msg. Combobox1.ItemIndex := Integer(Combobox1.Items.Object[Combobox1.ItemIndex]); Could someone please help Thank You
  8. Good Day, Procedure TForm1.MyProc; begin .... end; TForm1..DBGrid2DblClick(Sender: TObject); begin MyProc = Nil; // i want to disable myproc procedure, how? ....... MyProc:=MyProc; // i want to enable myproc procedure, how? end; Thank You
  9. Henry Olive

    Delete substring from a string

    Sorry, i should have informed that they are always separated by commas Thank you so much aehimself, programmer, David
  10. Good Day, var Str,SubStr : String; Str := could be '100' or Str := could be '100,101' or Str := could be '100,101,102' ..... I have another variable which indicates delete number SubStr :=100 ( this could be 101 or 102 ...) I want to delete SubStr from Str that is if Str = 100 then Result :='' if Str = 100,101 then Result :='101' if Str = 100,101,102 then Result :='101,102' If SubStr ='101' then then Result := '100,102' If SubStr ='102' then then Result := '100,101 Could someone please show me how to do ? Thank You
  11. Henry Olive


    Thank you so much David, actually my code is like yours but when i write here i made a mistake, otherwide Delphi doesnt compile
  12. Henry Olive


    Thank you so much Aehimself
  13. Henry Olive


    Thank you so much Programmer
  14. Henry Olive


    Thank You so much Stano I just found out Contains (StrUtils) I solved my problem with Contains instead of Pos
  15. Henry Olive


    Thank You Stano No it is not a DBTable, CDS1 table is a Query Result