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  1. corneliusdavid

    Confusing marketing email from EMB

    Yeah, I get lots of emails like this, too, and just have to delete them. Those seconds glancing at emails add up each day (not being sarcastic). However, I can see Embarcadero wanting to send this out to everyone just on the off chance that: You have one product (Delphi or C++Builder) and have been thinking of getting the other one, or.. You might want to upgrade your current subscription, or ... You know of someone that is ready to purchase but hasn't done it yet and they're not on the mailing list. A couple of years ago, I was a current subscriber of the Professional edition and I took advantage of one of these offers to upgrade to the Enterprise edition. It was considered a new purchase because I did not currently have the Enterprise edition so I qualified for the advertised sale but I was able to get an additional discount because I upgraded from the Professional edition. So in some cases, these sales can even be good for existing customers.
  2. corneliusdavid

    Confusing marketing email from EMB

    Isn't that the same thing?
  3. corneliusdavid

    Confusing marketing email from EMB

    I didn't conclude that--just the opposite, in fact. What I said is "It's a sale on a new purchase..." If you follow the link in the email and read the "Terms and Conditions" you'll see: "This offer does not apply to term licenses, renewals or academic licenses."
  4. corneliusdavid

    Confusing marketing email from EMB

    Yes, I believe you got it right. It's a sale on a new purchase which usually comes with 12 months of updates free but this offer will extend that to 18 months. I guess that's a pretty good deal if you're in the market for a new purchase.
  5. corneliusdavid

    TChromeTabs for Delphi 11?

    I've created a pull request to add Delphi 11 to the repository.
  6. corneliusdavid

    TChromeTabs for Delphi 11?

    It's still in Delphi 10.4 GetIt but since Delphi 11 support has not yet been added, it's not in the D11 GetIt. You can add it yourself quite easily, though: just clone the GitHub project to your development area, copy the Delphi 10.4 packages to a new folder, and open them in Delphi 11. Then you can save the updated projects to your own .groupproj file. I had no trouble compiling/installing them in D11.1.
  7. RAD Studio is not a non-existent product. It's just that it's not licensed as a Community Edition. So somehow you have an installation of RAD Studio (valid for trial or purchase only) with a Community Edition license (valid only for a single personality; not valid for RAD Studio which contains both personalities). And when you reinstalled, did you re-use an existing license or enter a new CE-specific license? It doesn't matter whether you understand the reason or not--it's not supported which is why Embarcadero won't help you. And remember, you can deploy to Windows 7 but you should not develop on Windows 7.
  8. I'm suspecting you installed the trial then uninstalled and installed the CE, perhaps using an existing license--or some other scenario that confused the installer. It should not be possible--and Embarcdero does not intend--for there to be any way to use the CE of both Delphi and C++Builder at the same time. See their CE FAQ, specifically this one: So what I would suggest is uninstall all remnants of Delphi and/or C++Builder and reinstall Delphi CE and be sure to enter a new CE license. If you already did this, you'll have to call Embarcadero for support.
  9. Well, it sounds like you're up against a no-win situation if the customer can't pay enough to support a professional development tool. Even if you did get the Trial working, it only lasts for 30 days.
  10. It sounds like, perhaps, you have no experience with Delphi. So I have to wonder why you would take on a project that requires Delphi? And by talking with the previous developer, you'd realize you would need the Professional version and that it costs money--which is another reason to question why you would take on this project. So either get a down-payment from the customer or use the trial and get some billable hours in--you will very likely need to own a purchased copy of Delphi Professional. Maybe there's more to this story than that... The Trial version is the Architect version which has all the FireDAC components (the CE version does not). Perhaps it's just not installed correctly?
  11. corneliusdavid

    Getting input from a TListBox and continuing execution

    I mistyped; that line should've been: FocalFormResult := FocalForm.ShowModal;
  12. corneliusdavid

    RDP and RD Web deployment of Delphi VCL apps

    OK, good. I'm glad my suggestion might be useful. I know there's a way to present a list of windows as well (involves digging into Windows APIs and calling FindWindow if you don't build this list yourself) but I don't have a link ready to give you for that. I know I've seen blogs about how to do it in the past.
  13. corneliusdavid

    RDP and RD Web deployment of Delphi VCL apps

    Sorry--my reply was totally off. I thought you wanted to solve the problem of windows getting stuck behind other windows.
  14. corneliusdavid

    10.4: Removing directories from Find in Files

    In the "Find in Files" dialog, there are two buttons next to the Directories edit box. The first one is "Browse for Folder" and does what you think, browses for and selects one folder and puts it in the Directories box. The second button is "Folders and Groups" and allows you to build a custom list of folders and even have named groups of folders (for different projects, for example). So instead of excluding certain folders, you create a list of all folders you want to include, then uncheck "Include subdirectories."
  15. corneliusdavid

    Getting input from a TListBox and continuing execution

    I'm re-reading your post and realize you're accessing a different form, FocalForm. So if that's on a different form than the posted code, use ShowModal instead of Show and call that after you've loaded the items. ShowModal will show the form and wait for it to be closed before continuing: begin ... else if ChooseFocalForm then begin FocalForm.LemmaListBox.Clear; for i := nwordfirst to nwordlast do begin getword (i, jstoretmp, jhmgrphtmp, whead, nheadlast); FocalForm.LemmaListBox.Items.Add (jstoretmp); end; FocalFormResult := FocalForm.LemmaListBox.ShowModal; // <--waits for Windows to handle form and return if FocalFormResult = mrOK then nwordfirst := nwordfirst + FocalForm.LemmaListBox.ItemIndex end else ...