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  1. corneliusdavid

    web scraping or web parsing for project?

    I would suggest looking at one of Embarcadero's latest acquisitions, ApiLayer; they have a web-scraping API. Don't know anything about it but "Turn web pages into actionable data" (scraped from their website) sounds like what you're trying to do.
  2. corneliusdavid

    IOS 15 suppoort

    Thank you for these details!
  3. corneliusdavid

    Parnassus Bookmarks for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    Bookmarks and Navigator are my favorite Delphi IDE plugins--hope it's not much longer!
  4. corneliusdavid

    Regex help please..

    LOL! We all get stuck in a train of thought once in a while! I've definitely been there. 😎
  5. corneliusdavid

    Regex help please..

    I think I would split the string on semicolons and run the regex on each individual address. function ValidEmail(const EmailAddress: string): Boolean; const EMAIL_REGEX = '^((?>[a-zA-Z\d!#$%&''*+\-/=?^_`{|}~]+\x20*|"((?=[\x01-\x7f])' + '[^"\\]|\\[\x01-\x7f])*"\x20*)*(?<angle><))?((?!\.)' + '(?>\.?[a-zA-Z\d!#$%&''*+\-/=?^_`{|}~]+)+|"((?=[\x01-\x7f])' + '[^"\\]|\\[\x01-\x7f])*")@(((?!-)[a-zA-Z\d\-]+(?<!-)\.)+[a-zA-Z]' + '{2,}|\[(((?(?<!\[)\.)(25[0-5]|2[0-4]\d|[01]?\d?\d))' + '{4}|[a-zA-Z\d\-]*[a-zA-Z\d]:((?=[\x01-\x7f])[^\\\[\]]|\\' + '[\x01-\x7f])+)\])(?(angle)>)$'; var Emails: TStringList; begin Result := True; Emails := TStringList.Create; try Emails.Delimiter := ';'; Emails.StrictDelimiter := True; Emails.DelimitedText := EmailAddress; for var i := 0 to Emails.Count - 1 do if not IsMatch(Emails[i], EMAIL_REGEX) then begin Result := False; Break; end; finally Emails.Free; end; end;
  6. corneliusdavid

    read integer value from database, best practice ?

    Within both the context of the original question and my response, we were talking specifically about Integer fields--not strings or floats or memos.
  7. corneliusdavid

    Delphi 11 Alexandria: New Edit Window

    Just because it doesn't have features you think are necessary doesn't mean it's useless. I really like this new window as I can open this up and move it to a second monitor so I can see either a different section of the code or the design view of the form while editing the code. In this use case, it wouldn't make sense to have it dockable. Also, I wouldn't need it for every unit, just occasionally for some forms or data modules--when I need it, the feature is there. I can see the benefit for making it dockable and saving it as part of a desktop layout but that's not the first thing I thought of. I'm glad they added this feature. Perhaps there will be a dot release with enhancements you suggest.
  8. corneliusdavid

    read integer value from database, best practice ?

    If you know there's a space in the field, then the code you listed, "Fieldbyname('IntegerField').AsInteger" is misleading as that is most definitely NOT an IntegerField as Integer fields cannot have spaces (well, SQLite might allow it). If your "integer" field might possibly contain values other than integers, you will have no choice but to test to make sure it actually contains an integer before trying to use it as one. The AsInteger function doesn't check the data type, it just assumes you know what you're doing with your database.
  9. corneliusdavid

    ToolsAPI for D11 Welcome Page?

    Does anyone know if there will be documentation and/or source for supporting the new Welcome Page plugins in Delphi 11? I like this version's Welcome page much better than previous versions and it's nicely configurable but would still like to be able to create my own additions. I see several WelcomePage.Plugin.XXX packages in the \bin folder and listed under "Known IDE Packages" in the registry but there doesn't seem to be any corresponding source code in the source\ToolsAPI folder of the Delphi 11 installation.
  10. corneliusdavid

    How to run Interbase developer in 10.4 and 11

    Yes, FireDAC can connect to local or remote database, the same as IBConsole and you can view remote data from within the Delphi IDE. You just specify the SERVER and PORT to point to the other machine. And, of course, remember that the database filename is local to the SERVER, not the local machine (e.g. don't give the network share name of the location of the database). One thing to keep in mind if you have multiple instances of InterBase: each one has to be licensed separately--you can't use the same license for two different ones. It'll probably run fine for a short while but you'll soon run into the license problem like I did.
  11. corneliusdavid

    How to run Interbase developer in 10.4 and 11

    When I installed Delphi 11, I skipped the InterBase install since I already had IB 2020 installed so I only have one instance of IB 2020 installed on my developer machine. OK, I should explain--that screenshot is misleading. I originally installed IB 2020 with Delphi 10.4 on my developer machine. Then, I started doing some testing with web modules on my Windows Server under IIS so installed IB 2020 on there. After I registered that and started using it there, when I try to open a database on my developer machine, it tells me the license is already in use. I need to uninstall it from my developer machine--the only one I can really use in that screenshot is the one at the IP address that points to my Windows server. I included the screenshot to show that it's possible to register multiple databases with different instance names and ports. Sorry for the confusion. But to answer your question about how to setup up multiple databases in IBConsole (if that's what you wanted to know), when you right+click on "InterBase Servers" and select Add..., you get prompted for local or remote. For my Windows Server, I selected Remote and entered it like this: Hope that helps.
  12. corneliusdavid

    How to run Interbase developer in 10.4 and 11

    However, I should ask why you would need two instances of the same version of InterBase running on the same machine--and likely using the same license... Why not just use the existing installed IB from both versions of Delphi?
  13. corneliusdavid

    How to run Interbase developer in 10.4 and 11

    Reinstall one of them to use a different port and instance name. Then when you add a connection specify which port to connect.
  14. Cool! Does removing some packages speed up loading of Delphi? Do the descriptions show up anywhere else other than the Windows Registry?
  15. corneliusdavid

    Is it possible to see Git current working branch in IDE?

    I don't think your original question was ever answered--lots of other information, though. To answer your question, No, the Delphi IDE does not show the current Git branch, only recent commits. It has a nice difference viewer that augments the History pane of the editor but that's it; it uses the current branch of the repository folder.