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  1. limelect

    webcam settings

    I found this project https://github.com/jpalbert/webcam-settings-dialog-windows I changed the bat to chcp 65001 > nul ffmpeg -f dshow -show_video_device_dialog true -i video="Integrated Camera" and it works however, doing the same with Delphi does not work as I have GetDosOutput that does not do the job Any idea how to do this with Delphi? GetDosOutput works when I read info from a program I tried to delete the repeat section Any other Dos reading? procedure TForm1.GetDosOutput(CommandLine: string); const ReadBuffer = 32768; // 32kb buffer var SA: TSecurityAttributes; SI: TStartupInfo; PI: TProcessInformation; StdOutPipeRead, StdOutPipeWrite: THandle; WasOK: Boolean; Buffer: array[0..ReadBuffer] of AnsiChar; BytesRead: Cardinal; Handle: Boolean; Apprunning: DWord; // T: Ttime; TotalBytesRead, ExitCode: DWORD; BytesLeftThisMessage, TotalBytesAvail: integer; par_s: string; begin // Result := ''; Application.ProcessMessages; with SA do begin nLength := SizeOf(SA); bInheritHandle := True; lpSecurityDescriptor := nil; end; CreatePipe(StdOutPipeRead, StdOutPipeWrite, @SA, 0); try with SI do begin FillChar(SI, SizeOf(SI), 0); cb := SizeOf(SI); dwFlags := STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW or STARTF_USESTDHANDLES; wShowWindow := SW_HIDE; hStdInput := GetStdHandle(STD_INPUT_HANDLE); // StdOutPipeRead; don't redirect stdin hStdOutput := StdOutPipeWrite; hStdError := StdOutPipeWrite; end; try UniqueString(CommandLine); Handle := CreateProcess(nil, PChar(CommandLine), @SA, @SA, true, (CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE) or (REALTIME_PRIORITY_CLASS), // NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, nil, // PChar(WorkDir), nil, sI, PI); except end; CloseHandle(StdOutPipeWrite); begin repeat Apprunning := WaitForSingleObject(PI.hProcess, 100); Application.ProcessMessages; until (Apprunning <> WAIT_TIMEOUT) { or (stop2)}; repeat if PeekNamedPipe(StdOutPipeRead, @Buffer[0], ReadBuffer, @BytesRead, @TotalBytesAvail, @BytesLeftThisMessage) then if BytesRead > 0 then begin // ReadFile(ReadPipe,Buffer[0], ReadBuffer,BytesRead,nil) ; WasOK := ReadFile(StdOutPipeRead, Buffer[0], BytesRead, BytesRead, nil); if BytesRead > 0 then begin Buffer[BytesRead] := #0; OemToAnsi(Buffer, Buffer); par_s := StrPas(Buffer); if par_s <> '' then Memo1.Lines.Add(par_s); end; end; until (BytesRead > 0) {or (stop2)}; // < ReadBuffer) ; end; finally // stop2 := false; CloseHandle(PI.hThread); CloseHandle(PI.hProcess); CloseHandle(StdOutPipeRead); // GoToFirstLine; end; end;
  2. limelect

    webcam settings

    I just want to open webcam setting with Delphi window 7 just code plz
  3. limelect

    2 new programs

    The programs are made with Delphi. But are for Python https://limelect.com/downloads/compile-ui-to-py-files/ https://limelect.com/downloads/python-2-execute/ Have fun
  4. limelect

    communicate between 2 progs with sendmessage.

    use https://torry.net/quicksearchd.php?String=WinPopup&amp;page=1 mdMailSlot it did for me the job
  5. Use OgFirst from https://github.com/TurboPack/OnGuard-VCL in dpr if TogFirst.IsFirstInstance then begin -------------- end else TogFirst.ActivateFirstInstance;
  6. limelect

    Round UpTo 1 Level up

    First, change the comma to point then use the cell function
  7. limelect

    Library for modifying windows PE files?

    I hope this will bring you closer to your need https://www.swissdelphicenter.ch/en/showcode.php?id=1302
  8. limelect

    I need a foldable/collapsible panel

    D10.2.3 It Is Ok thanks
  9. limelect

    I need a foldable/collapsible panel

    Thanks, I will wait for the final fix Thanks for the source
  10. limelect

    I need a foldable/collapsible panel

    @FreeDelphiPascal I know the component very well and use it can you put here the fixed source?
  11. limelect

    An application

    Although it is not Delphi it is mad with Delphi. In one of my Delphi projects, I used Python and it did not have an execution so I made this application for me BUT it might help OTHERS Python 2 execute https://limelect.com/downloads/python-2-execute/ Good day
  12. limelect

    Nobel prize for figuring out

    I am baffled. Now the bad is good. The original directory works.!!!!! If there is GOD he fixes things. And suddenly things work. what a field I chose. Thanks, everybody.
  13. limelect

    Nobel prize for figuring out

    It seems that a window directory is the problem and Delphi does not help since this instruction FDConnection1.GetTableNames('', '', '', str, [osMy, osOther], [tkTable], false); return 0; The "bad" directory used to be the original directory
  14. limelect

    Nobel prize for figuring out

    OK, guys good news and bad news. It is a window problem and Delphi Taking the bad program to a good location it works.
  15. limelect

    Nobel prize for figuring out

    yes. It is a portable computer that goes with me everywhere. So it restarts for almost every few days. it is a Lenovo server very powerful. I started this program out of a need for a project. So it worked in this directory.