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  1. limelect

    Communication between processes (IPC)

    Many years ago with D6 i used TmdMailSlot very successful . Here you can download it https://torry.net/authorsmore.php?id=152
  2. limelect

    Shortcuts in Grep Results window no longer work?

    Just checked D10.2.3 V1.3.11.64 experimntal It works OK F5 (refresh), Ctrl+N (collapse all) and Ctrl + E (expand all) All work
  3. limelect

    How to replace whole words in a string

    In RX library use RxStrUtils.pas and use function ReplaceStr(const S, Srch, Replace: string): string; {$IFDEF RX_D9}inline; {$ENDIF} { Returns string with every occurrence of Srch string replaced with Replace string. } It dose the job
  4. limelect

    MMX Beta 14.1 available

    This is mine D10.2.3
  5. if you have the source just point to the source path in the project and the project will be compiled with the NEW source. Project>option>search path> to source
  6. limelect


    demo d10.2.3 [dcc32 Error] Casbin.Policy.pas(604): E2010 Incompatible types: 'TStringDynArray' and 'System.TArray<System.string>'
  7. limelect

    Feature request for search shortcut

    I just compiled for curiosity . On D10.2.3 XE8 i took out VirtualTreesD and included jedi.inc thats it. It compiled. I did not install.
  8. In those cases i just leave the DPR and PAS. Make a new directory , copy dpr and pas and load.
  9. limelect

    Google Map Component

    @Rollo62 I use to have many GOOGLE applications for free which i do not even publish. I do not trust this company. What is the point if you do not have a stable program because some has changed the policy. Are we always to change the source for ever?
  10. limelect

    Google Map Component

    @Mavarik Unfortunately you are right My application http://limelect.com/downloads/kml-reader/ has this problem now. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50977913/google-maps-shows-for-development-purposes-only We can no longer trust GOOGLE for any application. See what they did to G+.
  11. limelect

    Google Map Component

    There was a post on G+ Delphi developer (Now closed) for a paid component. Try to search for it.
  12. I have resource as {$R ResourcePNG.RES} It include png as RCDATA.No problem. I know how to show all resources of a program by using EnumResourceTypes(hinstance, @enumResTypesProc, Integer(mmo1.Lines)) How ever i would like to see ONLY the ResourcePNG.RES content. I suspect i have to have the handle of ResourcePNG.RES instead hinstance ? am i correct and how to do it? I do NOT WANT TO LOAD A FILE while running.
  13. Ok new it compile and as for TortoiseSVN it mite have been an older version i installed TortoiseSVN- and now it is OK. Thanks
  14. P.S i added if not Assigned(cat) then cat := catMgr.FindCategory(sCategoryDelphiNew); to rev 40. OK?