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  1. limelect

    auto code formatting

    1. this is a Delphi community 2. evaluating which Windows-based IDE to use 3. it formats every... 2 and 3 have nothing to do with each other
  2. limelect

    GameVision Toolkit

    @tinyBigGAMES you wanted errors you got them on git I guess there are more Good luck
  3. limelect

    GameVision Toolkit

    @tinyBigGAMES see my errors on git
  4. and you did not read my comment If it is not open source not useful !!!!!
  5. Component "TplsController" is missing. If it is not open source not useful
  6. limelect

    INI problem

    @Remy thanks you are correct
  7. limelect

    INI problem

    Let's just clarify the point I am with Delphi since #1 and have never seen such a thing.
  8. limelect

    INI problem

    1. current folder is where execution is. 2 first I checked in the IDE 3 then I executed outside the ide (in the folder) 4 a few hours it was NO. it seems something with Windows as this is the only explanation since now it is OK. Or Delphi compilation no other explanation.
  9. limelect

    INI problem

    @Der schöne Günther 2 lines this is the INI Crazy as it sounds I gave a full path I got yes then I deleted the full path I got yes. Well now I am buffeled Is it Delphi that gives me a beautiful day? What I think there might have been hidden characters although no reason for it
  10. limelect

    INI problem

    Crazy but true. I have a solution moved to TMemIniFile but need your help to understand var TIFFileini: TIniFile; begin TIFFileini:= TIniFile;.Create('ComPortServer.ini'); if TIFFileini.SectionExists('Tst0') then Label1.Caption:='yes' else Label1.Caption:='No'; INI file [Tst0] HardFlow=0 ANY IDEA WHY I GET NO ???????????? D10.2.3 never had such a problem
  11. limelect

    Using COM to update Word docx files

    @tgbs thanks
  12. limelect

    Using COM to update Word docx files

    @Remy Lebeau what will be the same idea word := CreateOleObject('Word.Application'); for OPEN OFFICE?
  13. limelect

    Locked SQlite

    @Serge_G I do not know if what I have applied to your case but I have 2 functions in my table and sql that work 1. ProjectsFDTable.Filtered := false; ProjectsFDTable.FilterOptions := [foCaseInsensitive]; ProjectsFDTable.Filter := 'MyDateTime > {dt ' + FormatDateTime('yyyy-mm-dd ', AdvDateTimePicker2.Date) + ' 00.00.00 }' + ' and MyDateTime < {dt ' + FormatDateTime('yyyy-mm-dd ', AdvDateTimePicker2.Date) + ' 23.59.59 }'; ProjectsFDTable.Filtered := True; 2. FDQuery2.Close; FDQuery2.SQL.Clear; FDQuery2.SQL.Add('Select * from Projects'); FDQuery2.SQL.Add('WHERE {fn CONVERT(MyDateTime,DATE)}=:MyDate'); FDQuery2.SQL.Add('ORDER BY MyDateTime'); //=''03/10/2021'''); FDQuery2.Params.ParamByName('MyDate').AsDate := AdvDateTimePicker1.Date; FDQuery2.Open;
  14. limelect

    Locked SQlite

    @Serge_G Thanks, serge however to use your program I needed to move the database to debug and change to Database=madb.sdb DriverID=SQLite While running I got date encode error recovery error D10.2.3 maybe because our date is different?
  15. limelect

    Locked SQlite

    Ok what you all say is that it is ONLY a problem with 2 Applications running but In my case, it was only under 1 development. It seems that somehow the computer used to have access to more than one (same)database. (for that I have a program called "unlocker.exe.) well now I cannot check the problem as somehow it was fixed by itself So maybe you are all right.