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  1. limelect

    change the path to an existing windows explorer

    @PeterBelow Thank you what i did in the above program just added 2 lines findexpl:=GetAncestor(WebBrowserApp.HWnd,GA_ROOT); SetForegroundwindow(findexpl);
  2. I have a similar project like this http://qaru.site/questions/919835/how-to-change-path-of-an-existing-windows-explorer-window when using Result := Succeeded(ShellBrowser.BrowseObject(ItemIDList, SBSP_SAMEBROWSER} or SBSP_ABSOLUTE)); explorer changes but i would like to bring also explorer to FRONT on top of all pages.
  3. limelect

    Getit problem

    On D10.2.3 did any one solved the problem of GetIt "invalid class typecast" I had the same problem d10.2.1 to use getit i open d10 free.
  4. limelect

    Blast from the past: BDE and Win10 W/S

    @Gary Mugford At a time BDE was very popular. I have many projects with it without any problems. Only this one customer who hold big amounts of records. Further more i have a few tables without any problems. Only this one table with large records. SO who have known that large table data will make problems?
  5. limelect

    Blast from the past: BDE and Win10 W/S

    I still have a customer who uses BDE. At a time i included PdxRbd source into the program. I do not know if it can be in your case. How ever from my experience of 20 years with my problem "out of sync" it seem that they closed the computer with out closing the program. Now a days it is OK. however if it once every 1/2 a year it mite happen so i run PdxRbd. At a time after long investigation there was no real solution to that problem. Further more i did NOT GIVE PERMISSION to update from window 7 to 10 !!!
  6. limelect

    A directory translate

    @Remy Lebeau Thank you very much every body. From Remy who gave me a starting point i found what i NEED. It is MustangpeakVirtualShell-2.7.0\Demos\Namespace Browser It dose exactly my need. Thanks again
  7. limelect

    A directory translate

    @Attila Kovacs your solution mite work but in my case i cannot use . http://limelect.com/downloads/explorer-list/ My software opens the same ! explorer page to a new location !! i do NOT open a new page unless i want it. I need the real address P.S Try my software it is very useful to us programmers and many people downloaded it. I will try Remy solution
  8. limelect

    A directory translate

    @Remy Lebeau I will see how to apply your idea. Let me (if you allow ) how i got to this situation. I have a free program http://limelect.com/downloads/explorer-list/ which you can go to any EXPLORER address fast. I am adding to it explore HISTORY. (why ? because some time i forget where i was in explorer). when i go into a directory i get the TEXT in the explorer bar And then if i need it letter i use it. If i have an address as "c:\...." that not a problem. However libraries... this where my problem start. Thanks in any case
  9. limelect

    A directory translate

    @Rudy Velthuis sure no problem for that C:\Users\Rudy\Pictures. Since this is your directory for pictures . But that where i started to GET !!! from libraries\pictures to C:\Users\Rudy\Pictures THIS IS MY PROBLEM !!!
  10. limelect

    A directory translate

    @Rudy Velthuis Libraries\Pictures\My Pictures is OK I tried C:\Libraries\Pictures NOT OK. this is not logical since there in NO such directory. Just go to explorer and see how Explorer open 'libraries' and more
  11. limelect

    A directory translate

    @Rudy Velthuis I tried very simple 2 line of your suggestion var Attr, Eaten: ULONG; PathIdList: PItemIdList; DesktopFolder: IShellFolder; if Succeeded(SHGetDesktopFolder(DesktopFolder)) then begin //Libraries\Pictures\ if Succeeded(DesktopFolder.ParseDisplayName(0, nil, 'c:\', Eaten, PathIdList, Attr)) then begin end; If i use 'Libraries\Pictures\' for path i get PathIdList=nil If i use 'c:\' for path i get PathIdList <>nil i am stuck again Can you put your suggestion source here ? With what dir librery text did you try your solution?
  12. limelect

    Issue with code-editor toolbars

    @Uwe Raabe can you help with similar problem as seen The 2 arrows on the RIGHT of the component pallet (to move the component tab ) are not there since D10.1.0 the demo program. I am using D10.2.3 and still no arrow. On D10.2.1 neither . ON DXE it is OK !!! Can you convey the problem to Embarcadero.
  13. limelect

    A directory translate

    @Remy Lebeau I know most of the answer. It seem i did not ask the right way. The library section on the drive is only TEXT referring to c:/users/.... what i want is a way to translate this TEXT to c:/users/... My picture is just an EXAMPLE of my NEED. I tried Using FileOpenDialog that returns FileOpenDialog1.ShellItem this works. !!!!! BUT I DO NOT WANT TO EXECUTE. I just want the directory NOT a file !!!! I need the software behind FileOpenDialog ON A DIRECTORY (not a file) without the FileOpenDialog.execute. this is why i tried SHCreateItemFromParsingName I hop it clarified my need.
  14. limelect

    A directory translate

    NO because picture is only an example. However you gave me an idea to decode (i do not like it) a WORD in the explorer address to TPath.Get.... However i would like a nicer approach
  15. I am trying to translate "Libraries\Pictures\My Pictures\" for example to the directory "C:\Users\LimElect\Pictures" I am using var LShellItem: IShellItem; LPlace: TFavoriteLinkItem; begin if Succeeded(SHCreateItemFromParsingName(PWideChar('Libraries\Pictures\My Pictures\'), nil, StringToGUID(SID_IShellItem), LShellItem)) then begin Label1.Caption:= ShellItemFileSystemPath(LShellItem); //<< here LShellItem is nil !! end; This dose not work , any idea? I took the above from VCL.dialogs P.S Using FileOpenDialog and return FileOpenDialog1.ShellItem this works. BUT I DO NOT WANT TO EXECUTE. I just want the directory NOT a file !!