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Found 3 results

  1. Actually I guess is the other way around! The more expert I get the more refactoring I do! As @Lars Fosdal said, cryptic code, WTF was I thinking code, Code that could benefit from modern RTL code if there's no performance penalty. For example: For lPair in SomeObjectList is slower than for i:= 0 to SomeobjectList.count-1. So I won't refactor it. Depending where the code is placed, I will use one form or the other. Replacing TStringList (used as dictionary) with a TDictionary/TDictionaryObject makes a huge diference!
  2. I have an FMX project that is mainly reading csv files and turns the numerical data into plots (more detailed: measurements over time, with 4 measurements per second). It has been performing "so so" for iOS which caused me to not leave beta phase. Windows performance is way better. That was 10.3.1. Now in 10.3.2 I see almost the same performance in the iOS simulator (still iOS 10.3 only, thought that was being fixed in this release), but on the real device (5th gen iPad) it is way, way slower. I will of course enter lots of stopwatches to check what exactly is costing time, but before that I just wanted to check if anyone else has noticed this as well. Cheers
  3. I recently switched from Win7 and D2007 to Win10 and Delphi 10.1 Berlin. I use VmWare workstation VMs. Many new things to explore. But I noticed one thing. To open projects and forms is much slower now. I Googled it and found an older post claiming that rename livebinding bpl could improve speed. I am sure we will never use livebinding in our code. Any comments how to improve speed i the IDE?