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  1. Sherlock

    Scheduled tasks at system time

    Ohhh, OK. Thanks. I thought I had been sidestepping an extremely powerful library here.
  2. Sherlock

    Scheduled tasks at system time

    Is all that part of the OTL? Then I definitely have to look into that.
  3. Sherlock

    Only default ICS sample SSL certificate is working

    Please, don't remove "old examples" validate your code against them and update the examples if needed. For me it is very hard to use anything without a near complete set of examples.
  4. I too am a Consolas guy.
  5. Sherlock

    In-App Clipboard

    Fellas, please. If Attila thinks he gave enough information, you have two options: Either write an answer based on that, or don't write at all. This should please not escalate.
  6. Sherlock

    Squint and read: CreateFormFromStings

    I get that, really I do, but my brain hurts...
  7. Sherlock

    WinInet coding for Windows XP

    According to the msdn, this is the meaning of the error number: This of course could mean, that your XP can't communicate with the https server you are trying to contact...or anything else that might go wrong with a severely outdated system trying to communicate within a network.
  8. Sorry about that, totally overlooked that report.
  9. I finally got around to installing 10.3.3 and now I get this message every time I quit Delphi: --------------------------- Anwendungsfehler --------------------------- Exception EAssertionFailed in Modul GExpertsRS103.dll bei 00055131. Call DeactivateFontsInfo before calling this. (D:\source\_sourceforge\GExperts\externalsource\UniSynEdit\SynTextDrawer.pas, Zeile 475). --------------------------- OK --------------------------- I have been getting a more generic error ever since 10.2 but kind of got used to it. This now is more specific and I'll report it to the GExperts bug tracker as well.
  10. Sherlock

    Cannot bind an IPv6 address on macOS

    And what does that line look like?
  11. Sherlock

    Why do I get the strange ones??

    That's a NASty bug. *SCNR*
  12. Sherlock

    IDE title bar anomaly?

    The VS and the AutoCAD toolbars look self drawn, not OS drawn with some decoration glued on them. However, I don't see the Delphi issue on my 100% screen.
  13. Sherlock

    IDE title bar anomaly?

    😱 I think we should better get back on track...
  14. Sherlock

    IDE title bar anomaly?

    Maybe errors are the norm and what we consider to be correct is the true error.
  15. Sherlock

    IDE title bar anomaly?

    I'd love to, but alas the Gods wont let me: