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  1. Sherlock

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    Yeah, scratch my remark, please. USB-C is Thunderbolt compatible.
  2. Sherlock

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    Anyone with no need for USB peripherals I guess...
  3. I am very happy about noticeable changes in the compiler. It means they really still care. It's just not my main concern to save one or two megabytes here or there. But I do understand folks that really need it, hence the "broader audience" part in my post... some really need small executables. There is a whole Non-VCL movement out there, that denies themselves the VCL for reasons of exe sizes (among other reasons, I am sure). But, they might not profit from these changes...
  4. While it is a nice thing for some, ever since the use of floppy disks for data exchange has dwindled, the broader audience does not really care about exe sizes.
  5. Sherlock

    splitting interface + implementation

    So, what is left is separating application logic from UI.
  6. Sherlock

    Missing The Old Forums

    Oh, that's easy...decrease sales to a noticeable amount. But old timey companies with the "we do everything right" attitude owned by new timey "generate revenue or bust" corporations would die over that in an instant. So everything should go on the way it has always gone... move on, nothing to see here.
  7. Sherlock

    Farewell Rx10.4.2

    Yet another way to look at it: Wow! Many folks still use Delphi and are eager to use the newest release as well. So.... not dead! EoD.
  8. Sherlock

    RAD Studio 11 Alexandria is now available

    D'uh! Thousands....thanks for pointing that out.🤦‍♂️
  9. Sherlock

    RAD Studio 11 Alexandria is now available

    Show of hands: Who mucks up their code with thousands separators? Or would that one accountant who happens to dabble in Delphi please stand up!
  10. Well, he could be referring to IDLE... but that is a long shot. 😄
  11. I believe you need to give the PAServer read permission for the files in your scratch folder. Check permissions for PAServer in the Settings of your Mac. These permissions may get lost after an update of either the Mac or the respective application.
  12. Sherlock

    Crash starting delphi 10.4.3

    Honestly, I feel this right here is the best place to get information like that 😊
  13. Sherlock

    Crash starting delphi 10.4.3

    Yes. Since September....
  14. Sherlock

    Crash starting delphi 10.4.3

    Surely you mean 10.3.3 10.4.3 is up next year...
  15. Sherlock

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    At four times the price 🤣😂🤣