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  1. 1) Don't use it. Secondly: Don't use it like that. 😉
  2. Sherlock

    Which rise no problems ?

    Don't worry, a lot of those AIs seem to pass the Turing test, because they are not....AIs, that is. Read here for more: https://ghostwork.info/
  3. That was no "Oops", that was an "Aaaaaaarghh". For further explanation see this excerpt of the excellent Torch Song Trilogy
  4. Sherlock

    Issue with a new and a (rather old) App for iOS with Rio

    Thanks, will give that a try and come back to you later today. As I said, it's an old Demo project, and time is pressing on the important ones....
  5. Delphi 10.3.2, XCode 10.3 (coincidence?) and MacOS 10.14.6 So, I was trying to update an old demo project to run with iOS 12. Last time it was successfully compiled and installed was with Tokyo and iOS 11. But today it is just giving me a really hard time with the strangest errors I never saw before (details below). So I started a minimal App to get get things rolling again, and this at least runs on the simulator, but not on my iPad. Another App, in constant development, does both perfectly fine, btw. And I already "turned it off and on again". With the new App I started from scratch, compilation is fine, but deployment results in: I found a TesterApp.app in my Macs scratch-dir so I decided to add it to my device manually, which gives me And there really is no info.plist, and no executable. It baffles me. I have no idea how to get those things into the App. Delphi should take care of that. As for the older App I'm trying to revive, compilation seems fine as well, but this is what I get when running it (F9) with Dev-Settings: Leaving me with a seemingly half finished .App file without an executable in my scratch-dir.Setting to Ad-hoc build gets even stranger messages in the IDE and still no executable: Any ideas?
  6. Sherlock

    Delphi Rio code formatting options

    We might have to readapt our priorities 😉
  7. Sherlock

    VCL-styled Popupmenu issue if imagelist is assigned

    And the most reliable way to concentrate on creating the best product with a "no need to learn how to use" UI.
  8. Sherlock

    With's the deal with "With"?

    I beg to differ. Naming a property/function more explicitly for the sake of with is...how do I put this politely?...not helpful. Say I have a class TCar with properties Wheel and Engine and functions Drive and Park. If I understand you correctly you would expect me to call those properties and functions CarWheel, CarEngine, CarDrive and CarPark, to be explicit enough for the rare case when someone uses with on my TCar...
  9. One compiler to rule them all and in darkness bind them...
  10. Sherlock

    Delphi Rio code formatting options

    I actually have not noticed that search thing yet 😄
  11. Sherlock

    Delphi Rio code formatting options

    Check out the "Language" part of that list...you should find "Formatting" very quick.
  12. Sherlock

    With's the deal with "With"?

    I'm guessing they are discussing to drop the with statement altogether once a new release is on the horizon, but chicken out in the last minute. So nothing is done to fix anything broken by with.
  13. Sherlock

    IDE changes monitor when debug run

    Aha, I understand. It would be more flexible if the IDE would stay on the monitor it was last seen on. OK. I have a rather static setup with my two monitors, so I don't have that issue.
  14. Sherlock

    IDE changes monitor when debug run

    Are those settings really not stored when you save the Debug Desktop?
  15. Sherlock

    Do we have a spam problem?

    Those pesky bots overrun our defenses constantly, but combined with the keen eyes of our members we valiantly keep fighting them off. TL;DR: Yepp, we're working on it though.