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  1. So, to wrap it up: Be a genius and have your decades old application rely on an object being available at all times. Or just double check to make sure. The penalty for that is being frowned upon by the real geniuses...or not.
  2. @Stano, please try to post in English. For the time being I have inserted a google translation into your post. Feel free to enhance it.
  3. Please don't forget India... there is a (mostly monetary) reason why management considers outsourcing a good idea.
  4. Sherlock

    Split String

    I would suggest to look up TryStrToInt. But that is just the beginning. What happens if you add 1 to 999.9999? Are there rules for those grouping dots? If the dots are always at the same place you could remove them before conversion and put them back in after your math and reconversion to string.
  5. Unemployably expensive? 🤪
  6. Sherlock

    Add #13#10 to a string

    In Python a \n usually does the trick. As per your example: caption = 'First line \n second line' Note that there is no need to concatenate the string.
  7. I just patched it...
  8. Here's a different link: https://pacmanattack.com/
  9. Sherlock

    macOS where to save downloaded executable?

    And the OS may interject as well, asking the user to verify that it may execute this downloaded file.
  10. Sherlock

    GUI are not the same size

    All you need to do is calculate the correct size. No biggie.
  11. Sherlock

    Partial Serial Number Verification System in Firemonkey

    Well, what are your problems? Any error message would be appreciated. Apart from that, have you tried your FMX build on the same Windows machine? Was it built with the same "bitness" (32-Bit or 64-Bit)?
  12. Sherlock

    How is text being saved to the database?

    Side note: Considering the DBEdit in question is the 85th of its kind, and remembering the low scalability of LiveBindings I find that highly improbable.
  13. Sherlock

    Vcl to Fmx

    Seriously, at this time all alarm bells should be going off, when entering the MIDA Converter site: No Certificate, no Imprint, last forum entry was April 2019. This is no place to buy anything from right now. Try to get your bank to cancel the money transfer.
  14. Sherlock

    Rounded polygon

    Ok, so the points need to be hit, but the lines in between may be rounded. That might not be covered by splines to well. 😞 Well strike that, of course the Points will be hit. It is "just" a matter of choosing the controlpoints well to get a decent shape. But therein lies the rub I guess.
  15. Sherlock

    Rounded polygon

    From the Bézier curve you'll eventually have to move on to (Bézier) splines to get from a polygon to a bezigon. And not sure about VCL, but FMX has some Bézier procedures. Edith says: Naturally VCL has it, because MS has it: https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Sydney/en/Vcl.Graphics.TCanvas.PolyBezier