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  1. Sherlock

    RadStudio Roadmap 2019

    Sure, but they could have stuck to old OpenGL drivers, just because.
  2. Sherlock

    RadStudio Roadmap 2019

    Of course, I'd be ecstatic otherwise 😉 Concerning the language server complex, I recommend starting in our very own thread on that subject:
  3. Sherlock

    RadStudio Roadmap 2019

    What's so interesting about that? At this time FMX for mobile devices is rendering via OpenGL. OpenGL in iOS however is deprecated. I don't know the situation in Android, but for iOS this is really good news and leads to faster rendering in Delphi apps.
  4. Sherlock

    RadStudio Roadmap 2019

    Delphi LSP, YAY! But also for Delphi 10.4 Metal 2, YAY!! I'm really giddy like little girl, right now.
  5. Sherlock

    RadStudio Roadmap 2019

    As @Markus Kinzler has pointed out with his announcement, there is a revised roadmap for RadStudio available at: https://community.idera.com/developer-tools/b/blog/posts/rad-studio-roadmap-may-2019 Your two cents may find a home right here 😉
  6. Sherlock

    10.3.1 has been released

    Amber! Amber was so soothing for the eyes... I really miss it at times.
  7. Sherlock

    Delphi for HUAWEI OS?

    Oh, goody! But I fear the ban of the orange dragon might also befall IDEs...
  8. Sherlock

    FastMM4 and False Positives

    Peer pressure FTW!
  9. The blessings of DRM. What has been true for gamers turns out to become reality for business software as well: You may have paid for something, but it sure isn't the right to use our software anytime or anywhere you like.
  10. Sherlock

    MacOS development environment

    I'd like to mention Parallels as a very good VM host as well.
  11. Sherlock

    FastMM4 and False Positives

    @David HeffernanThank you for that great start into an otherwise dark day! @Sue King Try to create a simple example using that component which still produces the error. Surely this will convince the vendor of their mistake.
  12. Sherlock

    MacOS development environment

    I too am working on an MBPro (2016 model though). I would not notice the touchbar because I use an external keyboard and mouse. I consider any notebook keyboard to be inferior to a regular external one. And a trackpad is an inadequate mouse replacement.
  13. Thank you for finally describing your issue 😉 19 forms should definitely be condensed into less. Just consider the probability of some design fetishist becoming the person in charge and demanding the design of the software to be changed radically. Being able to adapt no more than 3 forms vs. 19 should be considered a win. And that is just one reason, why 19 forms for basically the same operation is not a good idea.
  14. Sherlock

    MacOS development environment

    The really best thing is to have one cheap iMac somewhere in a shelf, running headless. Then a Windows computer of your choice and a fast connection between the two. PAServer is running on the Mac and for the times you need to see results you connect remotely via some remote protocol like VNC. This way you can scale to more developers without the cost of buying a mac for them. I too use a mac with a Windows VM via Parallels however. The VM has the advantage of taking snapshots, but a solid backup solution should do the same trick...