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  1. Stefan Glienke

    Debugger in 10.3.3 is useless :'(

    Use diff tool/setting that also shows whitespace/eol differences
  2. Stefan Glienke

    Debugger in 10.3.3 is useless :'(

    If there are no generics it's a different issue than RSP-27000.
  3. Stefan Glienke

    RAD Studio 10.3.3 now available

    The reason is they added a converter for encoding fields in TStrings to Data.DBXJSONReflect so it writes it different from before.
  4. Stefan Glienke

    Debugger in 10.3.3 is useless :'(

    I just tested it and reduced the code further to pinpoint the wrong behavior, added additional information and reported as RSP-27000
  5. Stefan Glienke

    Sourcetrail support for Delphi

    Emba does not contribute to open source - especially not GPL
  6. Stefan Glienke

    Default for published property

    The TypeInfo uses the value $80000000 to indicate that this property has no default value. That unfortunately overlaps with Low(Integer). You have to use the stored keyword: property MinValue: Integer read FMinValue write SetMinValue stored IsMinValueStored; function TMyComponent.IsMinValueStored: Boolean; begin Result := FMinValue <> Low(Integer) end;
  7. Stefan Glienke

    Overrided TForm.DestroyWnd is not executed

  8. Stefan Glienke

    Overrided TForm.DestroyWnd is not executed

    The point is that DestroyWnd is never called on the TForm (tested with 10.3) thus FDropTarget never destroyed.
  9. It ever did? Not for code that I write and it does not completely format as I would like it to.
  10. Stefan Glienke

    Main menu

    Nah, in fact I only use a fraction of what GExperts offers, I just cba to disable those that I don't need.
  11. Stefan Glienke

    Main menu

    Might it be worth considering restructuring the Main menu which is getting longer and longer and organize the items in sub items to clean it up?
  12. Stefan Glienke

    DUnitX and testing MemoryLeaks

    Use LeakCheck - there is even a blog post how to. Not having done anything on something that just works does not mean abandoned. If something does not work, let him know. FastMM is good to report memory leaks on an entire application run but not suited for unit tests memleak reporting - that is why LeakCheck was written plus having something that works cross platform.
  13. Stefan Glienke

    How to manage defined list values

    Although I am a big fan of rtti and attributes I would choose the const array[enum] of x any day as its compact to write and compile time evaluated (i.e. error if someone introduces a new enum value and forgets to specify an array value for it).
  14. Stefan Glienke

    Patch a private virtual method

    Check the $RTTI directive in System.pas ... - also there is no this or that RTTI. Stuff from Rtti.pas just puts an easier to use layer ontop of the pointer stuff from typInfo.pas