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  1. Sonjli

    IDEFixPack 6.4.4 stop working

    Hi, sorry for the late... No, it's not related with virus-scanner. I don't know... I'll try to clean "something" again.
  2. Sonjli

    IDEFixPack 6.4.4 stop working

    Thank you very much. IDEFixPack is a must have. Problem solved. I will pay attention about instability. The problem with the CompilerSpeedPack dlls remains... I disabled them as I don't use. What can be the problem? Eddy
  3. Sonjli

    IDEFixPack 6.4.4 stop working

    Hi guys, no one experiences this? @jbg any suggestion? Thanks, Eddy
  4. Hello, from this morning IDEFixPack 6.4.4 stop working on my IDE. I don't know what's changed. It's weird. Since today I never reinstall the expert, and never had any issue. The error is in attachments. Infos: - Windows 10 professional - 2004 (May updates) - Delphi 10.3.3 full patched - I always install with ISO, NOT Webinstaller. I NEVER used webinstaller in my life - I start the IDE "as administrator". - I restarted the pc but nothing changes - More weird: I uninstalled and reinstalled the 6.4.4 and from there the errors multiplied (more attachments). - The DLLs BPLs and everything are in their right place (C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\Experts\). Checked also with GExperts "Expert Manager" and in registry - If I start the IDE NOT "as administrator" the problem with DLLs CompilerSpeedPack remains, but IDEFixPack starts correctly What's going on? Anyone knows this behaviour? Thanks, Eddy
  5. Sonjli

    COM: OleCheck() in polling

    I DO use COM events... so, should I change COINIT_MULTITHREADED in COINIT_APARTMENTTHREADED? Can this make server unstable? Remark: the server is no more reachable from other clients until I close my "buggy" ntservice. When this issue happens, I stop my ntservice and the other clients connects correctly. I doubt it is a server issue, I am barely sure I am doing something wrong.
  6. Sonjli

    COM: OleCheck() in polling

    Is it possible that if I never call the CoUninitialize the server goes out of order or lock after a lot of calls? I call CoInitilize every 5 minutes but I forgot calling CoUninitialize... f**k.
  7. Sonjli

    COM: OleCheck() in polling

    Hello, I hope not to be out of topic... I have a COM client (developed as NTService) that every 5 minutes need to reconnect to server (don't ask me why... the COM server kick out clients for "security" every 5 minutes). In every "connect" I do this: OleCheck(CoInitializeEx(nil, COINIT_MULTITHREADED)) Can this be a problem? I see that sometimes, after 30/40 reconnections, the COM server seems "locked". No other clients can connect correctly to the server until I kill my NTService. It is not fault of the "security" system, because I still tested that. Any ideas? Ask me for infos if you need. Thanks in advance, Eddy
  8. Sonjli

    Stopping a TimedTask

    Ok, this is my last chance... after this you must wait for @Primož Gabrijelčič Try something like this: procedure ProcessMessages; var Msg: TMsg; begin while integer(PeekMessage(Msg, 0, 0, 0, PM_REMOVE)) <> 0 do begin TranslateMessage(Msg); DispatchMessage(Msg); end; end; ... FKeepAlive.Stop; repeat ProcessMessages; until FKeepAlive.Terminate(1000); ...
  9. Sonjli

    Stopping a TimedTask

    Hi, I am pretty sure the problem is related to this: http://www.omnithreadlibrary.com/book/chap05.html#introotl-messagelooprequired-console Regards, Eddy
  10. Sonjli

    Stopping a TimedTask

    The only problem I know about console apps is about "omni messaging system". Look at documentation http://www.omnithreadlibrary.com/book/chap05.html#introotl-messagelooprequired-console Maybe after 5 seconds the parallel timer is not terminated. Try this: destructor TjBASEComm.Destroy; begin if Assigned(FKeepAlive) then try FKeepAlive.Stop; FKeepAlive.Terminate; FKeepAlive.WaitFor; // This wait until the task is REALLY terminated. If it is stuck then the problem is elsewhere except end; try FConn.Free; except end; inherited; end; There is also a doubt about "FConn.SendStr('')": what does it do? Regards, Eddy
  11. Sonjli

    Stopping a TimedTask

    Hi, I think your problem is FConn. It seems a class field, and maybe it is destroyed before the timer ends? Regards, Eddy
  12. Sonjli

    Pipeline with global variable

    No, it's "Pipeline" of OmniThreadLibrary
  13. Hello, I am trying to read from a tcp socket some data and elaborate it in a pipeline. The pipeline should do something like this: Stage 1: polling the tcp socket and write the list of bytes in Output Stage 2: read output and make some calculation with bytes (I need to know when a packet starts and ends) The problem is that in the second stage I receive a list of simple "numbers" (a list of bytes) not continously. I mean that the bytes arrive in groups, but I need to save them in a global array to make my decisions. Questions: 1. Is the pipeline the right choice? 2. How can I use a global array inside a Pipeline? (I can't use SetParameter as in ITaskController) Thanks in advance Eddy
  14. Sonjli


    It's hard to reproduce, yes I understand your pov... I'll try