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  1. Or as a friend advised me when I started learning to code, on my wood-burning CPU: First make it work, then worry about performance.
  2. Bill Meyer

    Primary Key on FDMemTable

    And other things, too....
  3. There is another one out there, which hasn't turned up yet. Something to the effect that 90% of programmers are wrong 90% of the time about where to optimize.
  4. And as for one-liners: "Premature optimization is the root of all evil in programming. " - C. A. R. Hoare - often misattributed to D. E. Knuth,who was himself quoting Hoare
  5. Bill Meyer

    Outdated Delphi Roadmap

    And other details, such as when it "restarts" without first killing the IDE.
  6. Bill Meyer

    Crash when Delphi 10.n exits... again

    I'll pass, but keep it in mind for the next time I have to start fresh. Too high a price just to lose that error.
  7. Bill Meyer

    Crash when Delphi 10.n exits... again

    DeactivateFontsInfo is not present in any code on my system, whether in GExperts source or SynEdit source. And the shutdown error is present in 10.2.3, as well. Uninstall/reinstall after all else is in makes no difference. As to FixInsight, the last release was 1 June 2020, and the issue is still present.
  8. Bill Meyer

    PortableAppsToStartMenu 1.0.0

    The space in G:\Delphi Projects is a problem. You need your path in double quotes.
  9. Bill Meyer

    Tools API - Changing Key Assignment

    I hope someone can offer a solution, as I find some of the newly added shortcuts in Sydney conflict with some in my plug-ins.
  10. Bill Meyer

    function reference feature for Delphi source code

    As David, says, that is not enough. You need to parse all units, yes, but you need also to deal with many other issues. Think about like-named methods. Think about uses clauses. Consider the search path. If you want reliable results, there are many details which come into play. Sounds like a wish list item for LSP.
  11. Indeed, I had looked at the page with his implementation, but failed to open the page with the article. 😞 Multitasking is best done by machine.
  12. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xoroshiro128%2B As the commentary indicates, all PRNGs have some deficiencies, and those may or may not be of concern in a given application. This one is reputedly of high statistical quality, and very fast. I did not find an expression of the algorithm, so there remains the question of whether the implementation is accurate.
  13. Bill Meyer

    MiTeC DFM Editor 8.0.0

    Yes. The alternatives were ugly. Although the component supposedly implemented a standard encryption scheme, others which implemented the same yielded different results, and we had to support previously encrypted data in customers' systems.
  14. Bill Meyer

    MiTeC DFM Editor 8.0.0

    Had just one experience with it. A former employer used an encryption component for which they had no source. And the publisher of the component was out of business. We needed to move form D6 to D2006, so wrapped the component in a DLL and moved on. Never use a component without source. Never.
  15. Bill Meyer

    Can VCL, TMS, DeveloperExpress styles be combined?

    You can use the components together, and you can develop comparable styles, but the style classes in different component packages -- and in Delphi -- are different to one another.