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  1. Bill Meyer

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    I find no mention at all on that page of DirectX11 or any version of DirectX. Nor in the manual for VBox.
  2. Bill Meyer

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    Will have to experiment, I guess. There is no mention of DirectX11 in the VBox manual.
  3. Bill Meyer

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    So does this mean that the Extension Pack for VBox is needed to run 10.4.2? I don't see any notes in the installation page about extraordinary video requirements.
  4. Bill Meyer

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    I am on VBox 6.1.18, and the settings offers only a max of 128MB. How are you getting 256MB?
  5. Bill Meyer

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    If so, that is a full stop for my needs.
  6. Bill Meyer

    50 Years of Pascal

    I had the opportunity to play a bit with Whitesmith's C on CP/M, and that persuaded me it would not be my future. I am not sure now how many floppies were involved, but I do remember that compiling hello world -- when it didn't crash -- took about 4 minutes. BDS C was fare more usable, but gave a whole new meaning to quirky. TP 1.0 on CP/M was a revelation. Purely amazing, and all in a 27K .com file.
  7. Bill Meyer

    50 Years of Pascal

    It was a long time ago, but let me offer a few recollections. I got UCSD Pascal (for CP/M) at a disk copying fest held at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA. Fairly certain it was 1978. There was also Sorcim Pascal/M which was 1980-81, I think, and Pascal-MT+ from the same time. Microsoft also released an ISO Pascal which had no I/O, since ISO defined none. TP 1.0 (for CP/M) was 1983, and flyers were sent out with cartoon art of "Frank Borland". Looked like a prospector, as I recall. I still have my manual from that. When I called to ask about it, Philippe was answering the phone from his office above the Jaguar repair shop in Scotts Valley. TP 1 came out just after a scandal about JRT Pascal, which had been offered for $29.95, I think, but was apparently quite buggy. Some of the UK Borland team went off on their own when Borland elected not to market Modula-2. And how many here realize that Quattro Pro was written in Modula-2? But there were, in fact, versions of Modula-2 published by Borland, and I used to have one that ran on my LittleBoard Z80. The commercial Modula-2 was under the name Topspeed. And they also offered Topspeed C++. See this page: http://www.edm2.com/index.php/TopSpeed_Modula-2 Also see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modula-2
  8. GetIt doesn't -- in most cases -- let you put things where you would like.
  9. Also, as far as I know, many (most?) component packages ignore the possibility of "Install for All Users." Some claim (falsely) to support it. Not usually an issue, but some months ago, I was setting up a new VM to be used by members of our team, and it would have been convenient to install the 8 devs as users, then install everything to be for all users. Each could then make the VM personal by removing the other users.
  10. Bill Meyer

    Max string literal length = 255

    And despite the unwieldly nature of string literals you would have to scroll horizontally to read, that feature of the IDE begs the question of why the limit on the literals is 255.
  11. Bill Meyer

    A Component Named xxxx Already Exists.

    This can happen when the named component is present in the PAS file, but not on the form, or vice-versa. In my experience, it comes up when you move a form from a particular version of Delphi in which the component was installed to one in which the component type is not installed. Most often, it is in the DFM file, which will not display the component because it can't be found. Right-click on the form and edit as text, then search on the name. Alternately, it could be absent from the form, but the declaration in the PAS file may still be present. If that is the case, remove the declaration and then place your new component. As to the behavior described with CodeSite, I have no idea, as I have never experienced that. You could try a message to Ray Konopka, who is very helpful.
  12. Bill Meyer

    Generic set comparer

    Ah, I did indeed misunderstand. So really, you want set operations on collections of whatever type.
  13. Bill Meyer

    Generic set comparer

    Not aware of any library, but I have written small routines like function AnyOf(ATarget, AActual: TOptionSet): Boolean; and function Contains(ATarget, AActual: TOptionSet): Boolean; Makes the code more readable, I think, which is all I really needed. My notion was that although the set operations are pretty terse, not a lot of devs spend much time reading them, so comprehension may be a struggle. AnyOf() handles any members of the target being present in the actual: Result := ATarget * AActual <> []; while Contains() tests: Result := ATarget * AActual = ATarget; Unless your need is for a lot of densely coded operations, this kind of thing may be sufficient. If you do need dense code, then you may better simply use the existing operators.
  14. I'm three generations removed from my German ancestry.
  15. Bill Meyer

    Hiding a public property in a descendant class

    Visibility can be increased, but not decreased. I seem to recall someone using a trick to gain the effect, but can't recall when or where. This is one of the drawbacks of inheritance. You may find this discussion helpful: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4749867/delphi-how-to-hide-ancestor-methods