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  1. Bill Meyer

    Is this C++ builders new FORUM ???

    No web-based forum has impressed me as much as XanaNews. That said, I do not miss B.P.D.O-T!
  2. Short answer is: Ordinary human response in workplace (not gaming) tends to be around 150-200mS. So in dealing with button click responses, the processing overhead in this situation is irrelevant.
  3. That's correct. The question is what problem are you trying to solve? What is your purpose? I use a record helper to implement a two way conversion, string to enum, enum to string. The string forms are used in persisting values to a database. If you need custom strings, then you will incur a maintenance issue, one way or another. As I mentioned earlier, if different languages are a factor, then you may need a multi-dimensional array of string constants.
  4. Why not use RTTI? No need for maintenance of string constants. It's not clear from your three cases whether you want these to be display values, and if you do, then you will likely need an array of strings, possibly with a dimension for the selected language.
  5. Working in Tokyo with the MMX build 2440. Ctrl+E works in some files, and not in others. Also it sometimes works in one area of a file and not in others. Tried changing to Ctrl+Shift+E and it made no difference, though GExperts thinks that shortcut is uncontested.
  6. I have need of values that can be persisted to a DB, so am now using RTTI to let me save the enum members by name, not their ordinal values. That frees me from any dependence on order or number. I don't know of any way to directly achieve what you want.
  7. Same is true with ReportBuilder, as I just discovered. I have emailed Andreas, and hope to hear something from him.
  8. Bill Meyer

    Abandoned components?

    Thanks. I had seen other threads, but not that one. Not unexpected. Given the state of the code, I am hardly surprised at the comments.
  9. Bill Meyer

    Abandoned components?

    Anyone here have any knowledge of components called Jazmine, and sold by Palmsoft, Inc.? Both the components and the publisher seem to have vanished years ago.
  10. Bill Meyer

    Delphi compatibility with Windows 11?

    Many motherboards, such as the Ryzen mobo I am using, have a header for an installable TPM 2.0 module. And as it's only about 18 months old, I would not characterize it as a dinosaur.
  11. Bill Meyer

    Delphi compatibility with Windows 11?

    And some folks are no doubt less than amused to find that they bought an MS Surface in the last two years that is reportedly not compatible. I haven't seen anything compelling yet, and have seen a number of things which I find undesirable.
  12. Bill Meyer

    Delphi demands elevation?

    Dalija Prasnikar pointed out https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-34143, which is for Rio and 64-bit, but otherwise vary similar: Debugger stops with 'Cannot create process' The executables run fine when started from Explorer. Uninstalling the update solves the problem. 32bit debugger is fine.
  13. Bill Meyer

    Delphi demands elevation?

    As I mentioned above, I have run normally as well as elevated (Administrator), and although 'Run as Administrator' allows me to work, it is abnormal, and not the desired mode of operation.
  14. Bill Meyer

    Delphi demands elevation?

    I will try to clear up the issues which I failed to adequately explain in my original post. The complete report from MadExcept is here: https://pastebin.com/rS7vn8Tc 1. Everything in my note is based on the content of the VM. The IDE is there, and when I run independent of the IDE, the app is also running in the VM. 2. Running the IDE normally, the error I get is this: That error occurs before I reach the first line in the DPR. 3. Running the IDE elevated, there is no error. 4. We use a manifest, and it does NOT specify elevation in privileges. 5. I said the application "demands" elevation because without elevation, I cannot get to any part of the application code in debug mode. Oh, and running in the IDE without debugging fails in exactly the same way. 6. RDP is not involved; I am running the VM on my local machine. 7. The project has been migrated from D2007, though some files also came from XE7. Migratory work was completed months ago. We are now in debug and functional rework. 8. I created the VM and did the initial work migrating components and application code. The VM has been in use for 10+ months with no issue of this sort until two days ago. 9. As I mentioned in my original post, reverting to code from last Friday does not alter the behavior. Neither does code from two weeks ago. So again, the behavior is contained in the VM image in some way, but is independent of application code. 10. I am the only developer experiencing the elevation error. My colleagues do not get the error. I do appreciate the thoughtful suggestions and the insights into security in Windows. However, from Friday afternoon to Monday morning, something changed which created the need for elevation. No files were added or altered in that interval. I have pored over settings to no avail, and am at a loss to imagine what Delphi option, either global or project level, could create this issue, or why. At this point, I am wondering about the registry, about security policies (none of which I have altered), and beyond those thoughts, I am out of ideas, other than to build a new VM from scratch.