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  1. Bill Meyer

    New security requirements for code signing, disruptive ?

    Documentation? That's so 20th century. 😉
  2. Bill Meyer

    wuppdi Welcome Page for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    OK, would have assumed as much, but it's good to know that there is no difficulty in reverting.
  3. Bill Meyer

    wuppdi Welcome Page for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    Does this plug-in provide the means to remove favorites?
  4. Bill Meyer

    Anyone using an open-source ORM?

    Yes, I noticed that. But now considering also the issues offered in the article on Coding Horror. The opportunity to explore is the motivator, but between those warnings and the finite time I have for such things, I may simply pass.
  5. Have been looking around at the open-source ORMs for Delphi. Some have gone away, some seem to have had no recent maintenance. InstantObjects 3.0 is in GetIt, but of the 5 demos I tried, only one would build. I'd like to pursue this, but if there is no open-source solution in current maintenance, I will find better investments for my time.
  6. Indeed, reading too quickly. 😞 That said, there was no intention to hijack. And I see that Hextor's future may include support for plug-ins, which would be a great thing.
  7. Bill Meyer

    Creating my own .bpl

    That about covers it.
  8. There is the suggestion that it may get plug-in support in the future. That would be a great addition. (Removed prior content perceived as a hijack.)
  9. Bill Meyer

    Function with 2 return values ?

    The list gets a bit silly. Once you go beyond the commonly used prefixes, the information value drops like a rock.
  10. Bill Meyer

    Paths in DPR and DPROJ

    Thanks, had my mind stuck in the actual app environment, where there was another folder level before reaching the source.
  11. Bill Meyer

    Paths in DPR and DPROJ

    Given a project located at, for example: D:\MyProj\ShinyNewTool.dproj And a collection of shared modules in: D:\SharedCode\ When I add a module from the SharedCode folder to my project, the path given in DPR and DPROJ is: D:\SharedCode\FileUtils.pas instead of D:\..\SharedCode\FileUtils.pas In Tokyo or later, is there a way to prevent the path from being absolute? The only thing I have found is to relocate thus: D:\Projects\MyProj\ShinyNewTool.dproj D:\Projects\SharedCode\ Then the paths will be relative, as long as no module is on a different drive. This becomes an issue because on our build machine, the folder paths must be relative, as they will not be root based.
  12. Bill Meyer

    IDE Syntax Highlighter using Tree-sitter

    I have not yet looked into the project, but there is this: https://github.com/rickard67/LSP-Pascal-Library and this: https://github.com/rickard67/language-server-protocol They were written, it seems, in support of a text editor by the same developer. He provides an unusually large amount of info with snippets demonstrating calls. Seems very helpful, but it also makes me think the task is challenging, even with what he has already written.
  13. Bill Meyer


    The mirror link works, but I am no longer able to login there, and actually surprised it is still online. The password reset claims to function, but no email received. Direct link fails, both on reddit and on the blog.
  14. Glad you are finding it worth your time!
  15. Bill Meyer

    What happened to Felix Colibri

    30+ years of Delphi? Is that the new math?