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  1. Bill Meyer

    Tool to fix up uses clause unit namespaces?

    Spent a bit of time with your source. So far, it appears to correctly handle some of the thornier issues which we have in our legacy code. I do need to do some additional testing, and find my way to some of the settings, but what I see so far is very encouraging.
  2. From Primož Gabrijelčič's latest book: vs.
  3. Bill Meyer

    Startup Forms

    Perhaps there has been some change over versions in when the desktop save is accomplished. In D2007, where I spend a good deal of time, the behavior I described is so consistent that I sometimes treat it as a feature.
  4. Bill Meyer

    Startup Forms

    If you found it necessary to kill Delphi, then the desktop would not have been updated, and on the next open, the files presented would be from the last saved desktop state.
  5. I think we all recognize that our skills evolve. And so does our thinking. Moreover, today's "best practices" will someday probably be superseded. Any non-trivial code can be improved.
  6. Bill Meyer

    Tool to fix up uses clause unit namespaces?

    If I get out from under some of my other tasks, I will. My TODO list is a bit long at the moment. 😉
  7. Bill Meyer

    Tool to fix up uses clause unit namespaces?

    Is it not true, though, that they both refuse to tangle with comments -- and compiler directives -- in the uses clauses? That is an issue for the couple of thousand modules I need to process. And yes, it is a less simple problem than it looks. I spent some time on it, and was not willing to spend more, as I have other priorities which demand my time.
  8. Bill Meyer

    Filter Checkboxes for the Messages list?

    Perhaps I should have said "disappointing" defect repair. Although there has been some renewed effort in the last year or two, there remains a long list of issues, some of which have been around for a very long time.
  9. Bill Meyer

    Filter Checkboxes for the Messages list?

    Have you followed the last decade of uneven support efforts?
  10. Bill Meyer

    Download issues

    I see. I guess I was moving too quickly and didn't read your notes.
  11. Bill Meyer

    Download issues

    On https://blog.dummzeuch.de/experimental-gexperts-version/gexperts-1-3-15-experimental-twm-2019-11-23/ The links now resemble: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/22eb6503c8011a347a54a98f2ff62719eb4bc0bf5a5ebe1d62aeb5da90e53b89/detection Nasty stuff.
  12. Bill Meyer

    Hotkeys for Move Entity

    I see. I have been conditioned to expect top of category pages to be empty, so had not looked at that one. Thanks!
  13. Bill Meyer

    Hotkeys for Move Entity

    I did not find a way to do that, short of editing the registry entries directly. Is there a menu path I have missed?
  14. Bill Meyer

    Hotkeys for Move Entity

    I have found that Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Up/Dn is a great benefit in dealing with large uses clauses. But as well as it works on the desktop, it does not function at all when I am on RDP. Whether this is a consequence of something in RDP which could be altered, I have not discovered. I wonder whether this is a known issue.
  15. Bill Meyer

    IDE title bar anomaly?

    Yes, and has had for some years. ;)