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  1. And that takes us back to Dalija's point. Understanding needs to precede coding.
  2. Amazon shows the book out of print. They had a corrupted PDF, and though I uploaded a replacement almost 12 hours ago, they have not moved things forward. I am not taking the book out of print. Amazon is a thing unto itself.
  3. UPDATE: The book is now available in PDF at: https://wmeyer.tech/books I am working on an ebook version, but the book format is not a good fit for ebook, so I am having to rework the presentation a good deal. Probably a couple of weeks till I can have it ready.
  4. Bill Meyer

    Plug-ins and shortcut keys

    Yes, yours is fine.
  5. Bill Meyer

    Plug-ins and shortcut keys

    I think we need to lobby the producers of plug-ins to always make shortcuts part of their options. The collision of shortcuts in plug-ins has lately become annoying, with operations I don't use hiding operations which I value highly.
  6. UPDATE: I see that my book is available now in Europe, and some sales have been logged there. So for anyone awaiting that availability. wait no more.
  7. Availability: Amazon informs me that it can take 3-5 days to appear in foreign markets.
  8. I will check the settings in Amazon. This is my first publication there, and I may well have failed to check the appropriate box(es).
  9. I will need to see whether I have made some error which prevents it being listed for your country. I expect to offer a PDF. Many books include only snippets of code. Some examples in my book are a good deal longer and would not do well in a flow format.
  10. Not at present. I anticipate offering a PDF, but the book layout is not compatible with flowed text, so no eBook will appear.
  11. There are many legacy projects which are still in active production. This volume offers approaches to refactoring and modernizing the code base without the need for complete redesign and rewrite. Evolution, not revolution. These are approaches well suited to the incremental revision of production code, as is usually the concern with a commercial product. Motivated by my own experience with legacy apps and the need to find a manageable approach to transforming a product in current production. On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B2TY6ZZ4
  12. Bill Meyer

    RBuilder issue with pipeline

    I needed to remove the pipeline from the report, and connect it to the group header instead.
  13. Bill Meyer

    RBuilder issue with pipeline

    Update: I finally found the right search term, and found a small article in the rbWiki which afforded me the necessary clue. I am now getting 11 pages and all 384 records.
  14. Bill Meyer

    RBuilder issue with pipeline

    Thanks, I appreciate your efforts. I can't use the forums at the moment, as the license is not active, and the renewal is working its way through corporate. The creation of objects is not a big deal, the main thing is that I have a couple of columns which are always present, and then some number of groups of four columns each, and I have to allow for printer orientation affecting how many can fit, and for putting the excess onto another page (horizontal spanning.) I also handle all the column width management in code. We have only a handful of static report designs in the system.
  15. Bill Meyer

    RBuilder issue with pipeline

    Totally in code. We routinely need to construct dynamically, and that is the case in this one.