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  1. Berocoder

    New Delphi job opportunity

    Internally we didn't agree on that sentence. Anyway a new guy start next week and another one in August. Many complain that there is no jobs for Delphi. At the same time some employers leave Delphi as it is hard to find developers. It don't make sense for me 😊
  2. https://ihateregex.io/ Is good regex resource
  3. New job opportunity if you are experienced. Prefered location is Kokkola Finland but remote work is accepted. https://attracs.teamtailor.com/jobs/1660578-delphi-developer/45cf12cb-1f96-4e93-94c1-8b96c6a45ade
  4. Berocoder

    Send attachment to Slack

    How can I add a large text-file as an attachment to a Slackpost? A working example would be great. I use SDriver https://github.com/andrea-magni/SDriver and the included demo works fine to send some strings. What I did so far https://gist.github.com/bero/e675bdf38c6e884be7e08377d6d52009
  5. Berocoder

    Connect to Google Cloud?

    Ok thanks for the feedback. So back to the original question 😊 What is the best or most convenient path to connect and use Google Cloud logging from Delphi? I want to avoid dependencies to third-party components and dll-files if it is possible. But it is not a requirement. Roland
  6. Berocoder

    Connect to Google Cloud?

    I refer to builtin https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Using_an_HTTP_Client Regards Roland
  7. Berocoder

    Connect to Google Cloud?

    Ok I have never used https in Delphi. Just so I understand you correct. Delphi httpclient use openssl? No need to deploy additional dll with exe-file? Where can I find an example of this? The application is deployed on Windows Server 2012 Regards Roland
  8. Berocoder

    Connect to Google Cloud?

    I am not sure how complicated it would be to use https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Sydney/en/System.Net.HttpClient instead. Grijjy use a dll for SSL. HttpClient use what is available in OS.
  9. Berocoder

    Connect to Google Cloud?

    Thanks I also found that. I am not found of deploy a dll-file beside the exe- file
  10. I want to use Google Cloud logging from Delphi. From https://cloud.google.com/apis/docs/client-libraries-explained While you can use Google Cloud APIs by making direct HTTP requests to the server (or RPC calls where available), we provide client library code for all our Cloud APIs that makes it easier to access them from your favorite languages Of course Delphi is not represented. Any hints on how I can use cloud for logging? It also mention that https://www.fluentd.org can be used from any language. But I still want samples how to use all this in practice. Any help appreciated!
  11. Berocoder

    Conflict with TestInsight

    I think I found some kind of conflict between TestInsight and MMX Explorer. I have installed Delphi 11 in a VmWare WorkStation VM. Installed TestInsight from https://files.spring4d.com/TestInsight/ Run installer and verified it works fine on a test-project Next install MMX Explorer from https://www.mmx-delphi.de/download/338/ Now I run TestInsight on the testproject and it looks like this So it just show an empty window. No result from the tests. I have the same problem in Delphi 10.4.2. I like both plugins and want them to cooperate better. Anyone with similar experience ? Regards Roland Bengtsson
  12. Berocoder

    IDE Code Coverage Plugin available

    Good that you manage to fix problem with Toolbar The big 5 mloc project also have a Testproject. I know only a fraction of code is executed in testproject. So I am curious how much. 0.1, 3 or 10 % of all code ? But I also understand now it is technically challenging to get a code coverage of whole project. Reading https://github.com/magicmonty/delphi-code-coverage/blob/master/CodeCoverage/BreakPoint.pas now It use opcode $CC Is it the same kind of breakpoint you use ? Could be there is no silverbullet to get full code coverage without major speed penalty
  13. Berocoder

    IDE Code Coverage Plugin available

    Does it understand Delphi source ? URL ?
  14. Berocoder

    IDE Code Coverage Plugin available

    Ah ok. I am sure it will be slow. I have been looking for a tool that cover a whole project for Code coverage. There is https://github.com/magicmonty/delphi-code-coverage. I had a memory there was some kind of problem last time I tried. Maybe I should look again. But still impressive work with your plugin! Regards Roland
  15. Berocoder

    IDE Code Coverage Plugin available

    Yes the Toolbar is not working in Sydney. But can still use hotkey so no big deal. I have to manually mark each method to enable code coverage. Is it possible to just enable all code in a project for code coverage? My project have about 5 mloc with thousands of methods. It would be handy 😊