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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all! I have always been using JCL/JVCL libraries in my Win32/64 VCL applications. Is anyone still keeping them alive? I opened some reports in the JEDI Issue tracker (also posting the possible solutions) but with desolation I see that in the last few months there are only new error reports and no one taking them in charge.
  2. Hello, The JEDI Code Library is a code library for Delphi that has existed for almost as long as the IDE and which has proven useful to many users along that time. When Kylix came out, support for its Linux compiler was added to the JCL but was left dormant ever since. As it turns out, Delphi now has a new Linux compiler, based on LLVM and the support provided at the time for Kylix is not enough to bring back Linux support to the JCL. I am currently trying to make the JCL compile with this new Linux compiler as can be seen in the Linux64 branch here: https://github.com/project-jedi/jcl/tree/Linux64 As this is quite a large task for a single developer, I would appreciate some support in the form of pull requests, or simply advice on what I should be aware of. For instance, this compiler does not support inline assembly, so I need to rewrite those methods in PUREPASCAL form but my ASM is a bit rusty. Only the files from the common folder need to be tested with the Linux64 compiler, I personally have started with JclStreams as an arbitrary choice. I have tried to keep my commits as small as possible to illustrate what kind of problems there are and how I believe they are to be fixed. Many thanks for your consideration Olivier