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  1. Davide Angeli

    SSL certificate for VCL Application Exe

    We have been using this one from several years: https://www.certum.eu/en/code-signing-certificates/ They give us an usb token containing the certificate. To apply the certificate to our exe, dll, bpl, installers etc I've created a small custom internal delphi tool using this library: SecureBlackBox, its not cheap but we are using it for other digital sign purposes and it works fine interacting with tokens and certificates.
  2. Davide Angeli

    TIdFTP read time out in FinalizeDataOperation

    Thanks you just put me on the right path! IdFTP.NATKeepAlive property was already set in my application but probably with wrong parameters, maybe an IntervalMS too long. I've recalibrated the parameters (IdleTimeMS = 30000 and IntervalMS = 10000) and now it seems working properly (no read time out anymore). Sorry I'm not a "Wireshark guru" it's the second time for me using it! I've to say that is not so easy to use. I've found how to isolate FTP commands directed to the FTP server IP address but even if the size has reduced, 100 mb still remains. Perhaps it can be reduced more but it is not necessary.
  3. Davide Angeli

    TIdFTP read time out in FinalizeDataOperation

    I've monitored with WireShark both Filezilla and TIdFTP transfer. I've attached the final part of the transfer of both. I did these tests one after the other. I really don't know why this is happening. I've done a test with Total Commander too and also with this tool there are non timeout problems. Why TIdFTP doesn't receive the answser and waits for a timeout? I could not attach the 2 wireshark log here because they are about 500Mb (but if it could be usefull I could upload it somewhere).
  4. Davide Angeli

    TIdFTP read time out in FinalizeDataOperation

    Hi Remy, I've just simulate that transfer with Filezilla (3.52.2) and it works fine (no timeout error)... Just retried TIdFTP and unfortunatly with it the timeout is still present (I was hoping it might be a temporary internet connection problem but it doesn't seem to be the case). Attached is the filezilla log if could help. In it I could see a message "226 transfer complete" after the send data. This message is missing in IdFTP log... filezillatransfer.log
  5. Davide Angeli

    TIdFTP read time out in FinalizeDataOperation

    Hi, I'm using TIdFTP to transfer a 100Mb file on a FTP server on cloud. This process always worked fine. Now I've upgraded to D10.4.2 (I'm using INDY distribute with Delphi). I don't know what is changed now (if something on Delphi, on Indy or something on the FTP server) but now at the end of the file transfer, in the TIdFTP.FinalizeDataOperation the program raises an EIdReadTimeout executing this instruction: ... GetResponse([226, 225, 250]); ... The file seems transferred regularly. There is only something wrong in the finalizing operation. Attached there is the log file produced with TIdLogFile. There is something that I could do or that I could check to avoid this timeout? Thanks Davide installa.exe.log
  6. Davide Angeli

    JCL installation problems in D10.4.2

    I think is something related to use with c++. For me is irrelevant because I'm using only Delphi Pascal Compiler.
  7. Davide Angeli

    JCL installation problems in D10.4.2

    In my case I've solved unchecking the "Dual Packages" option in the 64 bit page
  8. Davide Angeli

    JCL installation problems in D10.4.2

    Same problem here... I just download latest JCL from github to upgrade it. Win32 goes fine but when the installer starts to compile win64 I got this: Could it be related to latest hotfixes?
  9. Davide Angeli

    Several F2084 Internal Error on Delphi 10.4.2

    Same here. Yesterday LSP/Codecompletion doesn't work the whole morning (close/reopen ide multiple times, rebuild every library etc but nothing) then I closed a couple of source files in the IDE's editor and it start to work again! Another amenity of yesterday, debugging a 64bit delphi application the IDE consumed all my PC memory (8Gb on 16Gb used by the ide alone!). This obviously crashed the whole system making debugging impossible. Closed the IDE and redone the operation everything worked regularly. They are not insurmountable problems but they are very annoying because they are continuous.
  10. Davide Angeli

    Several F2084 Internal Error on Delphi 10.4.2

    After several days of working with the 3 patches applied I have to say that things are going better but 10.4.2 is still far to be a stable environment to work (in my configuration). Even if with less frequency I continue to have scattered errors in the IDE: - access violations in dcc32270.dll (usually compiling a project not active and always need to close/kill ide when happen because of cascade of access violations) - access violations in rtl270.bpl (switching between projects / closing the ide) - "Error reading Image1.Picture.Data" doing text search in ide editor I think/hope that embd should/could invest some time to make things better for those who work with project groups and runtime packages.
  11. Davide Angeli

    Several F2084 Internal Error on Delphi 10.4.2

    After a day of testing the update I make some considerations on the subject of this conversation: the internal error situation has definitely improved. Now in my case I have a more stable situation again. Let's say that in my opinion this bug has exacerbated the underlying problems that exist in the management of Delphi project groups. I always work with an open group of projects and sometimes it happens, despite being positioned on a project, to compile another one (for example a dll used by the active project); I do it with the right click selecting the project in the project window. In this case, despite the patch, it has already happened to me a couple of times that the IDE went into error (an access violetion in dcc32270.dll) and then if I return to compile the active project I get the internal error in question again. However these now seem sporadic cases probably linked to internal problems in switching on the fly from one project to another.
  12. Davide Angeli

    Several F2084 Internal Error on Delphi 10.4.2

    I raccomend this too because in the first time I tryed to apply te patch I selected YES and one of the patches was not applied. After strange errors (red text in cmd prompt) I read the patch logs and I discovered the the second patch did nothing but both of them result installed in the getit manager. So I unistalled both e reinstalled both selecting "NO" when getit ask me to close the IDE. Now I did the same with the third patch. This way of applying patches via getit is terrible but after few attempts I got the job done... I raccomend also to pay attention to UAC prompt that in my case does not appear on top: I was waiting to the patch apply and because it tooks tool long (cmd window opened doing nothing) I noticed on the task bar the flashing icon of the UAC prompt.
  13. Davide Angeli

    Several F2084 Internal Error on Delphi 10.4.2

    I completely agree. I can't understand why I have to change my infrastructure (used for decades) just because Embd broke the toy ... For a thousand reasons that I am not going to list I absolutely do not want to have a mega gigantic single exe. After all, how is Delphi made? Isn't it an exe that makes extensive use of dll bpl files? It would be like telling someone who wants to use Ms Word not to use docx files use only plain text files because docx do not work and crash the program! If creating programs that run bpl and dll is not a recommended practice, Embd has to declare it out of the product box!
  14. Davide Angeli

    Several F2084 Internal Error on Delphi 10.4.2

    Excuse me but I'm just curious to understand in which kind of situations the IDE fails like in mine... Which kind of projects are you working on? A singole exe file? My main projects have all a structure of a main exe, 3/4 runtime packages (common to every project) and several dll's. I'm daily working with project groups. Every piece (exe, bpl, dll could be compile in 32 or 64 bit).
  15. Davide Angeli

    Several F2084 Internal Error on Delphi 10.4.2

    I've only projects that use packages... Top priority correction for me is an hot fix released in a couple of days not one released in more than a couple of months!