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  1. dummzeuch

    Saving a large project takes soooo Loooonnnnggg..

    The CPU sitting at 13% probably means that something is using one core at 100%. So I would not subscribe to this view: Have you tried to disable all IDE extensions to check whether it is caused by one of these?
  2. Just in case anybody is still interested: I have changed the GExperts Convert Strings Editor Expert to allow for prefixes and suffixes for all lines. Example: I want to create a string containing this code: function FindClassForm(const AClassName: string): TForm; var i: Integer; s: string; begin Result := nil; s := 'Some String'; for i := 0 to Screen.FormCount - 1 do if Screen.Forms[i].ClassNameIs(AClassName) then begin Result := Screen.Forms[i]; Break; end; end; Which means: Quote the lines and escape any existing quotes Add a variable assignment as prefix to the first line Add a " " prefix to all lines to indent the whole thing add a " + #13#10" suffix to each line but the last add a ";" suffix to the last line. The result looks like this: s := 'function FindClassForm(const AClassName: string): TForm; ' + #13#10 'var ' + #13#10 ' i: Integer; ' + #13#10 ' s: string; ' + #13#10 'begin ' + #13#10 ' Result := nil; ' + #13#10 ' s := ''Some String''; ' + #13#10 ' for i := 0 to Screen.FormCount - 1 do ' + #13#10 ' if Screen.Forms[i].ClassNameIs(AClassName) then begin ' + #13#10 ' Result := Screen.Forms[i]; ' + #13#10 ' Break; ' + #13#10 ' end; ' + #13#10 'end; '; There is no release for this yet, but you can always get the sources and compile your own dll: https://blog.dummzeuch.de/gexperts-documentation/compiling-gexperts/
  3. The code is now in dzlib (see blog post for links).
  4. Sometimes your program needs to block the screen saver from automatically kicking in. My use case was that the program was recording data and whenever the screen saver was active, the data was lost (No idea why, it probably had something to do with the way HID is implemented in Windows.) So I was looking for a way to fix that without forcing the user to turn off the screen saver. The methods that used to work under Windows XP no longer work in Windows 7 and later (I don’t care about Vista), so I googled and found this question on StackOverflow. The Windows API functions PowerCreateRequest + PowerSetRequest mentioned in the highest voted answer looked promising. Unfortunately they don’t seem bo be available in Delphi read on in my blog post
  5. It's not only git which uses this kind of annotations. svn and probably many other SCMs do too. So how can it be that somebody commits stuff like this? One option for dealing with this kind of stupidity is setting up a continous build server and slapping everybody who commits stuff that does not compile. But this requires somebody with authority to do the initial slapping.
  6. That's one reason I have switched "my" license to using a license server. No problem with having to increase the registration count any more. I wonder what will happen to my maintenance only version (10.3.1) if the maintenance runs out. Currently I am getting a warning. I theory it should continue to work because I got it while maintenance was active.
  7. dummzeuch

    Mustangpeak UltraExplorer

    By "Google SVN", do you mean Google Code? If yes, it should have been archived. The Vitual Shell Tools for example are here: https://code.google.com/archive/p/mustangpeakvirtualshelltools/source/default/source (and there are multiple forks on GitHub) But I could not find any trace of UltraExplorer there.
  8. dummzeuch

    quality.embarcadero.com down?

    Worked for me too now. Thanks.
  9. dummzeuch

    P.I. Engineering XKeys keyboards

    Yes, in particular it's the 24 keys variant I am accessing (directly, not via keyboard or mouse emulation): https://xkeys.com/xk24.html
  10. dummzeuch

    quality.embarcadero.com down?

    Can anybody currently log into quality.embarcadero.com ? I'm getting the login form, but login fails. I received a question regarding one of my bug reports but I can't answer without login.
  11. dummzeuch

    P.I. Engineering XKeys keyboards

    OK, I have now translated the C headers to Delphi. Works fine, but the API has some quirks.
  12. When I decide to use code generated controls, I usually start with visually designed controls anyway and later on convert these controls to code with the GExperts Components to code expert. But mostly I simply go with the visually designed forms, even if it mostly duplicates some form. Unless there is a lot of duplicated code I don't care.
  13. dummzeuch

    Detected problems with API-compatibility

    Does the Community Edition even include these subscription only updates?
  14. dummzeuch

    Is editing posts disabled?

    If I remember correctly, this topic has been discussed before and the admins have explained their reasons for these restrictions. Try searching the forum.
  15. dummzeuch

    P.I. Engineering XKeys keyboards

    Before I reinvent the wheel: Has anybody used the XKeys PIEHid32.dll from Delphi? The API functions aren't very complicated but there is of course still room for errors when converting the C header files to Delphi. A quick Google search did not turn up anything usefull.