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  1. dummzeuch

    failed deffered Getit package

    getitcmd -c=onlinemode (I'm not sure about the parameters, use the --help option to look out it up.)
  2. dummzeuch

    Do bug fix patches really require active subscription?

    Google can't find files that aren't referenced anywhere (it doesn't work with magic), so if the links are only available from pages that cannot be indexed, it can't find the links, regardless whether the files themselves are available without a logon. There are several files on my homepage that you won't find in Google. But everybody I provide with the link can download them without login. It's not highly secure, as it would be possible to guess the urls or to brute force them but it's secure enough for my purpose. Maybe Embarcadero thinks similar? It's convenient to be able to use a download link on a different computer than the one used to login. I usually download the ISOs for new Delphi releases with wget from a Linux server rather than having to keep my computer running until the download finishes.
  3. No, not yet. But you can always get the sources, apply the fix proposed by @merijnb and compile your own DLL.
  4. dummzeuch

    compiling DCU without creating EXE

    As @Uwe Raabe already suggested: The commandline compiler dcc can compile single pas files to a dcu. So you could use a batch file that only compiles the pas files and creates dcus using the command line compiler. You only need to figure out the parameters once and generate that batch file using e.g. the map file of your project(s). No idea whether that would actually speed up the process though.
  5. dummzeuch

    Delphi 10.4.2 Professional

    These don't, but the girls do. "Frauenpower" as we say in Denglish. (Hm, not sure whether this is sexist. If it is: Sorry ladies this is meant to be a joke.)
  6. So the solution is simple: Let's invent a time machine, go back to 1968 and kill N. Wirth. Problem solved. Or, a bit less blood thirsty: Get him involved with a girl that keeps him from inventing Pascal. 😉
  7. Ouch. I guess this shows that I'm not used to inline variables.
  8. On the positive side: This way Delphi developers learn about pointers and how to use them correctly. 😉 type PFoo = ^TFoo; TFoo = record // Lots of stuff here end; PBar = ^TBar; TBar = record Foo: array of TFoo; // Even more stuff end;  TFooBar = array of TBar; var FooBar: TFooBar; begin with FooBar[i].Foo[j] do WhatEver := 42; var Foo := @(FooBar[i].Foo[j]); Foo.WhatEver := 42; // Nope. end; (Now, It would be really embarrassing if I got this wrong. 😉 ) I'm always unsure whether I need the parenthesis in this: var Foo := @(FooBar[i].Foo[j]);
  9. I got a bug report for GExperts and Delphi 10.4 that’s really curious: When a secondary editor window is open in the IDE and the FMX form designer is active, trying to insert a component from the clipboard into the form inserts the textual description of that component into the editor windows instead. I could immediately reproduce this but finding the culprit took quite a bit longer. (Read on in the blog post) TLDR: The workaround is to disable the "Goto Previous / Next Modification" editor experts.
  10. It seems that disabling two editor experts (and restarting the IDE) fixes this problem: Goto Previous Modification Goto Next Modification No idea yet, what causes it. Could you please confirm this @Diego Simonini ? I guess it's the way these experts add themselves to the editor popup menu. This probably makes Ctrl+V always call the editor popup menu's Paste entry (or the associated action) even if the editor window does not have the focus.
  11. dummzeuch

    List of usable RegEx for source code

    No, it's actually pretty easy. Unfortunately I know of no existing way to call an external tool and put its output into such a list view. But it might be worth writing one.
  12. dummzeuch

    List of usable RegEx for source code

    I'd use GExperts Grep, of course. But the question was: I would prefer the IDE search over more powerful external tools if it can somehow still fit the bill for the convenience of easily navigating to the found lines.
  13. dummzeuch

    List of usable RegEx for source code

    Because many of us like to work in the IDE and prefer it to use tools that integrate with it. Of course one could add a commandline grep to the IDE's tools menu to automatically run it on the current unit, but even that would not result in a clickable list of possible offending lines.
  14. dummzeuch

    I will be less active for a few weeks

    Get well and I hope you won't get any of the Long Covid symptoms I read about. I plan to get vaccinated the first chance I get. Unfortunately that will likely not be before fall, given the current availability of the vaccines here in Germany, NRW. Too old to not be afraid, too young to get priority and no important job either. OTOH I can work from home 99.9% so it's OK.
  15. Workaround for the moment: Use the context menu entry "Edit -> Paste" of the form designer.