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  1. dummzeuch

    Download issues

    These are the links about the virus scanner false positives. The download links are below that and these work fine (at least for me here on the hotel WiFi).
  2. dummzeuch

    Code formatter in CnPack

    I didn't follow this thread so I had to scroll way back to see what it is about. There are various options to insert/remove line feeds in if then else statements. Have you tried them? If they don't satisfy your needs or think there is a bug, please file a feature request or bug report on sourceforge, detailing exactly what you want. Of course you are also free to implement any necessary changes yourself an provide a patch.
  3. Why? Simply add it to the list of exceptions the debugger should ignore and you will never see it again.
  4. dummzeuch

    SVN server updated

    Does the server really use the svn: protocol? I thought that was legacy. Or does it use http(s)?
  5. dummzeuch

    SVN server updated

    Do you really want to check out the whole repository or only the trunk? If the former, this is correct, if the latter, add /trunk to the URL. The result will then be a working copy that can be updated with svn update From within that directory.
  6. dummzeuch

    Component already exists

    Try to spot these: fViewSignups:= tfViewSignups( Self ); Also quite difficult.
  7. I definitely wouldn't, at least not if it is about transferring large amounts of data between programs on the same computer.
  8. From my blog post: But thanks for your suggestion on how to group them. I'll keep that in mind once I get to actually implement it.
  9. dummzeuch

    Fix for bug in JclShell

    That page is petty much dead. The only way to reach anybody of the Jedi team (the few that are left) is through GitHub.
  10. dummzeuch

    Fix for bug in JclShell

    If you want this bugfix to be included in the JVCL, you will have to create a pull request on Github.
  11. If dropping frames is not an issue, why bother with such a large buffer? Two frames would be enough.
  12. If that's acceptable, simply using files would probably be the easiest way. Since we don't know what those programs actually do with the images, that's difficult to decide. If files are too slow, I would probably go with memory mapped files with two buffers and a combination of mutexes and events (event as in syncobjs.TEvent). One buffer is always available for the sender to fill. It doesn't check, just locks it (using the mutex), writes to it, unlocks it and sets an event to signal that data is available. The receiver is the part that manages which buffer is currently to be written to. It then waits for the event, switches the write buffer to the other one and starts processing the data. If that takes longer, the sender will overwrite the data in the write buffer as long as necessary. Yes, I think that would work. Needs a bit of polishing though.
  13. dummzeuch

    GExperts sources currently broken

    They compile again. But there are still a few warnings and hints I need to investigate. Also, some testing will be in order.
  14. Given a unit that exports a function that should be inlined: unit bla; {$INCLUDE 'jedi.inc'} interface function blub: integer; implementation function blub: integer; {$IFDEF SUPPORTS_INLINE} inline; {$ENDIF} begin Result := SomeCalculationHere; end; Is it OK to put the inline only in the implementation? Or does it also have to go to the declaration in the interface section? It compiles OK this way, but I don't know whether it would still be inlined. I'm asking because I would like to keep the interface as clean as possible which means avoiding to clutter it with an ifdef.
  15. I apparently doesn't care whether there is a space between 'error' and ':' or not. I haven't investigated any further, e.g. if "warning:" also counts as a compiler warning. Even if it is meant as a feature, it's definitely not implemented correctly as there should not be such an additional and confusing error dialog. And of course it should have been documented.