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  1. dummzeuch

    Single Instance of Dephi IDE?

    A plugin would probably not be the best solution because that would always prevent multiple instances of the IDE. I think pinning it to the taskbar is a simple solutin that should work. Otherwise I would write a program that checks if the IDE is running and if yes, brings it to the foreground, if no starts it. And then instead of starting the IDE start that program. (But basically that's the same as pinning the IDE to the taskbar.)
  2. dummzeuch

    Using dxgettext on Windows 10

    OK, I'm back home with a computer. What is the current status of the problem @Sue King ? Did you find the cause? Can you give me some more hints where to look? Edit: Yeah, right. I have got a computer, but it doesn't start. 😞 Why do these bloody things always break when you just want to get something done? (Because that's the only time you turn them on, obviously...)
  3. That's unlikely to work, because many other units use the Windows unit, so the compiler will complain because it is newer than the one these units were compiled with. But I'll give it a try once I'm back at a computer with Delphi 10.3
  4. dummzeuch

    "Use overloaded method instead"

    There are multiple, overloaded declarations of this method. They differ in the number and/or types of parameters. The one you are calling has been marked as deprecated, which means that it will be removed in a future version. Check out the others, one of them is probably suitable to replace the one you are calling.
  5. I wonder whether it's possible to make it work anyway...
  6. dummzeuch

    Rio IDE Menu Font Size

    You can't, unless there is a 3rd party plugin that allows it. I'm not aware of one.
  7. dummzeuch

    Using dxgettext on Windows 10

    I can't currently look at the code and I don't remember. I'll try to find out next week when I'm back from vacation.
  8. dummzeuch

    Using dxgettext on Windows 10

    If you have a version that works, and one that doesn't, I would take the list of changes to the file and, like in a binary search, try to find the revision were the problem starts to occur. That should be doable if the problem is reproducible.
  9. dummzeuch

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    Not just contracts. Don't underestimate the hassle of declaring taxes and associated stuff for what essentially would still be pocket money.
  10. I'm not surprised given the many changes I have made to the code for accessing the editor buffer. Most of them were for the better, at least. 😉 It's very difficult to do regression tests for a tool like GExperts, given how many versions of the IDE it supports and that I am most of the time the only developer working on it. I don't catch many bugs when using GExperts because I rarely use many of the features. So I need good bug reports, especially ones containing steps to reproduce the problem reliably.
  11. That sounds a lot like this bug: https://sourceforge.net/p/gexperts/bugs/79/ I think I know what the problem is but could not yet fix it (see my comments there).
  12. dummzeuch

    Watch list, inaccessible value

    It's off by default. I'm not sure whether it is even possible to change that default.
  13. dummzeuch

    MMX for Delphi 10.3 Rio

    If there are multiple declarations of the same type (or variable or const or function or procedure) in different units, Delphi takes the last one it finds: Unit a; [...] type TBla = integer; [...] Unit b; [...] type TBla = string; [...] Unit c; [...] uses a, b; var x: TBla; [...] Would mean that x is a string. So, when searching for the relevant declaration, one must start at the end of the uses list: Unit c; [...] uses a, b; var x: b.TBla; [...]
  14. dummzeuch

    MMX for Delphi 10.3 Rio

    It would also have to start from the last unit in the uses clause and stop when it finds the first match.
  15. There is just the original rtf file by Sergey Orlik which is linked from the project page. But since I haven't changed anything in the actual functionality it should still be valid.