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  1. dummzeuch

    Delphi 12: Install Packages inconsistency?

    That's actually the same frame which is shown in these two dialogs. If a project is loaded, you are viewing and possibly changing the project's configuration. If no project is loaded, you are viewing and changing the default packages loaded by the IDE without a project and for new projects. As far as I remember that has always been the case. (Or I might have misunderstood you.)
  2. dummzeuch

    Delphi 12 is available

    They do. As long as you haven't got an alternative development environment for the work you rely on, you will have to pay for Delphi or stay with an older version.
  3. dummzeuch

    Change Install Location

    On the first page of the wizard, there is a button for doing that, somewhere on the bottom left. I can't look up how it is called now because the installer wants to uninstall everything first when I start it now.
  4. dummzeuch

    Accessing protected symbols

    That's for historical reasons. And with the "new" strict keyword even this can be prevented. If you only want to access the Canvas property you can change your TGetCanvas class to this: type TGetCanvas = Class(TCustomControl) published property Canvas end; This is used by all the classes that derive from TCustomControl to publish protected Canvas property, so it will always work.
  5. That's not really an editor feature, is it?
  6. I wrote my own IDE "integration" using the tools menu a few years ago. Scooter Software actually contacted me about it when they ware approached by Embarcadero to license BC for the IDE integration. I like to think that my simple work was what sparked the idea. Having said that I don't like the IDE integration either. Its complicated to use.
  7. That was easier than I thougth: As of revision #4112 the formatter now actually does support multi line string literals. And only those unit tests that already failed still fail. Of course that does not mean that I have not broken anything else. You are welcome to build your own dll and test it.
  8. I expected this but just confirmed it: The GExperts code formatter does not handle multi line strings correctly (bug #337) For now the workaround is using the comment to prevent formatting ... read on in the blog post
  9. dummzeuch

    Problem indent with inline var inside try/finally

    Inline variable declarations in begin end blocks already worked fine.
  10. dummzeuch

    Problem indent with inline var inside try/finally

    fixed: https://sourceforge.net/p/gexperts/bugs/336/ Thanks for the report and the patch.
  11. Did you know that the limited Beyond Compare that comes with Delphi, can be used to show the differences of two arbitrary files? Just start it with parameters or even just start it and use drag and drop to diff the files. I have even configured it in TortoiseSVN as the diff viewer.
  12. Hm, I have just read through that page and another one but I'm not quite sure whether I would find inline hints useful or annoying. I'd probably have to try it.
  13. I've moved this to a new topic because it is not much related to Delphi 12 being released. Anything from JetBrains... I am not saying that Delphi is stuck in the Stone Age... but it is lagging behind in some areas. OK, I bite: What's your favorite feature(s) in a JetBrains editor that Delphi does not offer? (Excluding things that Delphi offers but that don't work.)
  14. dummzeuch

    Delphi 12 is available

    OK, so what are examples for editors that are not "stuck in the Stone Age"?
  15. dummzeuch

    Problem indent with inline var inside try/finally

    Just to confirm: Your first example is how you think it should be formatted?