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  1. dkounal

    Forum for Spring4D

    Trying to visit it today, I noticed that google has blocked to view old discussions Is that happennig only for myself?
  2. It can be stupid but I decided to ask. In an android application just a Delphi form and its dependencies add 30MB in the file .so of the application. Is it possible to have it as an external library and being loaded when needed? Is that possible in android and how can be done? Thank you in advance
  3. dkounal

    Notifications in android

    I can confirm that with the help of Dave Nottage (DelphiWorlds) using API from Kastri, I can have notifications in android with a progress bar. Many many thanks for his time.
  4. dkounal

    Notifications in android

    yes it is different. I noticed in the kastri project the following and I am evaluating it: https://github.com/DelphiWorlds/Kastri/issues/50
  5. dkounal

    Notifications in android

    As I can understand, Delphi does not support such notifications
  6. dkounal

    Notifications in android

    Hi, I want to create a Notification in an android application that shows the progress in uploading an image. I have seen many styled, multiline with icons notifications in existing applications, having also controls like a progress bar. Tried to do the same in Delphi, and I have not managed to find documentation, nor an example how to do that, without writing it in java. I found that even Flutter can now show a notification with controls inside. Can Delphi show such a notification and update its contents? Thank you in advance
  7. dkounal

    Show a FMX form inside a dll from a VCL application

    The new editor is in FMX, the existing application will take time to change and needs just this FMX form type. Until now it works with the exception when finishing. I am testing it. For the moment I am moving part of the code in a web service using XData.
  8. dkounal

    Show a FMX form inside a dll from a VCL application

    I have a working application in VCL that it does not worth to transform it to FMX. And I need custom interactive forms with controls inside created once by the user and being available to run in both VCL and mobile apps. Until now, I am a bit afraid to invest in FMX. This was a first attempt in windows.
  9. dkounal

    Show a FMX form inside a dll from a VCL application

    Thank you, I did not know it. To be honest I started from your code as it is here. The problem is that even without unloading the DLL the exception happens. It happens inside the Thtmleditor component, when it frees a TGPRegion and I believe it has to do with GDI+ It is mentioned here and here but I am not so experienced to deal with it.
  10. dkounal

    Show a FMX form inside a dll from a VCL application

    As my project is just minimal for the moment I will try the separate process. RemObjects's hydra is really interesting, I will give it a try Thank you
  11. dkounal

    Show a FMX form inside a dll from a VCL application

    It works with the following code I found: procedure TForm1.ShowAppEmbedded(WindowHandle: THandle; Container: TWinControl); var WindowStyle : Integer; FAppThreadID: Cardinal; begin /// Set running app window styles. WindowStyle := GetWindowLong(WindowHandle, GWL_STYLE); WindowStyle := WindowStyle - WS_CAPTION - WS_BORDER - WS_OVERLAPPED - WS_THICKFRAME; SetWindowLong(WindowHandle,GWL_STYLE,WindowStyle); /// Attach container app input thread to the running app input thread, so that /// the running app receives user input. FAppThreadID := GetWindowThreadProcessId(WindowHandle, nil); AttachThreadInput(GetCurrentThreadId, FAppThreadID, True); /// Changing parent of the running app to our provided container control winapi.Windows.SetParent(WindowHandle,Container.Handle); SendMessage(Container.Handle, WM_UPDATEUISTATE, UIS_INITIALIZE, 0); UpdateWindow(WindowHandle); /// This prevents the parent control to redraw on the area of its child windows (the running app) SetWindowLong(Container.Handle, GWL_STYLE, GetWindowLong(Container.Handle,GWL_STYLE) or WS_CLIPCHILDREN); /// Make the running app to fill all the client area of the container SetWindowPos(WindowHandle,0,0,0,Container.ClientWidth,Container.ClientHeight,SWP_NOZORDER); SetForegroundWindow(WindowHandle); end;
  12. dkounal

    Show a FMX form inside a dll from a VCL application

    If I have the FMX form to run as a separate process, in an separate executable, is it possible to embed it in a vcl control (ex tpanel) by using its window's handle?
  13. dkounal

    Show a FMX form inside a dll from a VCL application

    Thank you for your response. I have read not enthusiastic comments about having VCL and FMX together. I have tested the Firemonkey-container but I have usually strange internal compiler errors and I do not feel safe. The FMX form is a user customized form that should be able to run in all environments but for windows I have a VCL app that I do not want to change. I should probably forget FMX and try something else for these forms.
  14. Hi, I have a dll with a FMX form inside. Four procedures are exported to create and destroy the form. No other interaction exists. var xform:Txform; function CreatexForm: HWnd; stdcall; begin try if not Assigned(xform) then xform:=Txform.Create(nil); Result:=xform.GetHWnd; except Result:=INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE; end; end; procedure ShowxForm; stdcall; begin if Assigned(xform) then xform.Show; end; procedure HidexForm; stdcall; begin if Assigned(xform) then xform.Hide; end; procedure DestroyxForm; stdcall; begin if Assigned(xform) then FreeAndNil(xform); end; I want to use it from a VCL application that loads the DLL, show the form before closing. The testing VCL application just load DLL, calls CreatexFrom and ShowxForm to show the FMX form from the DLL. I click the system close button in the shown FMX form from the DLL Then I call DestroyxForm, and FreeLibrary and the DLL unloads without problems. I am getting an Exception just when VCL forms that called the DLL closes. I have searched about the subject but I found only results that deal with FMX forms from DLL inside VCL controls or forms. That it is not my case. Any ideas? Tank you in advance
  15. dkounal

    XML Parsing and Processing

    I am using sOmniXmlVendor for mobile app compatibility. The Xml.XMLIntf.IXMLNode.XML is not available. How can I get the xml of an IXMLnode ? or how can I copy an IXMLnode to a new IXMLdocument? Thank you in advance SOLVED: I did the following: function getxml(x:inodexml):string; var srcx:Txmldocument; begin srcx:=Txmldocument.Create(nil); try srcx.xml.Text:=''; srcx.Active:=true; srcx.DOMDocument.appendChild(x.DOMNode); srcx.SaveToXML(result); finally srcx.Free; end; end;