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  1. Hello *, It is a nightmare to install Delphi patches because I have to use two different Windows user accounts; one for installing software, the other one for normal work. And because the patches are remembered in the user's registry during installation, they always end up in the wrong user registry path. Now I'm going to install Delphi 11.1 on a new machine. Is there an installer which already containes the patches and hotfixes since the 11.1 release? On my.embarcadero.com I can download "RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder 11.1 Web Install"; filename: RADStudio_11_1_esd_10_8973.exe (2022-03-15) "RAD Studio 11.1 patch 1" (2022-04-27) "Windows 11 Win32 Debugging Patch for RAD Studio 11.1" (2022-05-27) But there is also a "RAD Studio, C++Builder 11.1.5 Web Install"; filename RADStudio_11_1_5_esd_10253.exe (2022-07-14), but without "Delphi" in the title. Maybe this sounds like a stupid question because "Delphi" is not mentioned: Can I use this for installing Delphi 11.1 and all patches until July 2022? Usually the installer knows what to download by my license key. TIA Achim
  2. Yes, even Delphi 11.1 has a lot of issues with changing display dpi. The only way to "solve" most of this problems is to run the IDE as "DPI unware" (there is an entry in the Windows start menu). But all fonts/icons/designer will be blurry on your 150 dpi display; just as Delphi 10.4 was.
  3. I can reproduct it using the "GetIt package installer": When installing a package which requires an IDE restart (i.e. "Bookmarks" or "Navigator"), or when installing the latest patches, I always get the exception. See attached video. GExperts Crash.mp4
  4. When the installer is running ("RAD Studio Platform Selection"), there is no "installer" process, just bds.exe. So it *is* the IDE but in a special download mode. When all is installed and "Start working" is clicked, the bds.exe is terminated and a new instance of bds.exe is started. That is the time when the error message appears. I already detected that the old instance is killed using Windows API "ExitProcess"; and my guess is that this will not unload the GExperts dll nicely.
  5. Achim Kalwa

    Delphi 11.1 is available

    Thanks. Clearing the "light" theme did help. But I can't use a custom theme. I can load a custom image, but the IDE always stays on "light" theme.
  6. Achim Kalwa

    Delphi 11.1 is available

    I just want to get rid of that colorful gradient image; it hurts my eyes.
  7. Achim Kalwa

    Delphi 11.1 is available

    Any hints on how to customize the background image on Welcome page? Changing the theme in Tools -> Options -> Welcome Page, or loading a custom image, has no effect 😞
  8. Achim Kalwa

    Detecting start of drag operations

    Have a look at this plugin for Outlook which enables drag & drop of any item to applications: https://github.com/tonyfederer/OutlookFileDrag Maybe you find out how it works and port the code to Delphi. If you succeed, please make your solution open source, because I would like to implement it to our application, too 😉 Currently we rely on this plugin.
  9. Achim Kalwa

    OldCreateOrder and Delphi 11

    After reading your post, my first idea was to extend the GX_ExplicitFilterExpert to patch the TCustomForm.DefineProperties() method the same way as for TControl, then adding a WriteProperty('OldCreateOrder', True). But when TCustomFormFixOldCreateOrder calls "inherited DefineProperties", the code recursively calls itself, resulting in a stack overflow. So, I don't have any good idea to solve this problem 😞
  10. Achim Kalwa

    Class Completion

    Yes, there is "DDevExtension" by Andreas Hausladen. That IDE plugin has an option to disable the alpha-sort class completion (and much more valuable stuff): For Delphi 2009...10.4.2 you can download this plugin form Andreas' blog: https://www.idefixpack.de/ For Delphi 11 there is a fork on Github: https://github.com/DelphiPraxis/DDevExtensions/releases
  11. Achim Kalwa


    In line #3 the list of variables must me terminated by a semicolon, not by a comma. Beside that your code works as expected (Delphi 11.0). And because you did not tell in which line the error occours I can only wild guess that there is some other "SplitString" function in reach with uses different parameters. Where do you land when doing a Ctrl+Click on "SplitString"?
  12. Achim Kalwa

    Menu captions with images are hard to read under Windows 11

    Embarcadero has fixed the menu font color problem in V11 update 2. I really would like to know why Microsoft discarded the well-looking menu colors from Windows 10 and now uses the Windows-2000-colors for menus. And the selection bar height is 2 pixel too small on Windows 11, which makes font decenders difficult to see. At least Microsoft has "fixed" the bar height on recent Windows 11 builds.
  13. Any special alignments of panels and buttons (Bottom, Right)? Can you provide a sample project?
  14. Achim Kalwa

    GExperts 1.3.19 Alpha for Delphi 11

    No, Delphi 11 is not guilty here 😉 There is some code in GX_Configure.pas which looks like some debug leftover: In line 311...316 the dialog is inflated to a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixel. Remove that code an the configuration dialog will become usable.