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  1. Hello *, our application still uses Firebird 3.0.x with dbExpress for data access. We would like to use Firebird 5.0 in the near future. Some first tests throws an exception "unknown ISC error 0" when executing this simple SQL query: select * from MON$DATABASE Looks like dbExpress can't handle the new "TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE" data type. Is there any switch or parameter to make dbExpress work with Firebird 5? Or do we need to change all the code to use FireDAC? TIA Achim
  2. It is a bug in Delphi 12 (and also Patch 1): https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-42675, reported 3 month ago. You need to unload the project and load it again when switching from debug to release or vice versa.
  3. Achim Kalwa

    Delphi 12 is available

    This one is also related to integer division (currency), but I am not sure if its the same cause: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-42753 D12 is currently not usable for me.
  4. Achim Kalwa

    Error on Build of rev 4096 in D12.

    Very strange; none of the source files tries to include a resource file My.RC. Perhaps somewhere in the include path? Do you compile on the command line or from the Delphi IDE? Regarding the missing GExperts_manifest.res: Please try to remove the line {$R 'GExperts_manifest.res' '..\..\Source\GExperts_manifest.rc'} from the end of then GExpertsRS120.dpr file and compile again. I've no idea why the GExperts_manifest.rc is NOT compiled if the $R directive is below the uses list. If I move the $R to the top of the DPR file; just below the {$E dll}, the rc file is compiled into a res file; if compiled from the IDE. I'm going to remove that manifest thing from the D120 source for now until I find a reliable solution.
  5. Achim Kalwa

    Issue with TNumberBox

    I can not confirm with TNumberbox (VCL) ; both Delphi 11.3 and 12.0: Ctrl+A then Delete clear the edit field; and I can type the new value. Which are your values for MinValue and MaxValue? Any non-default property settings?
  6. Achim Kalwa

    StringGrid: how to get the column number via right-click

    Hi, Use the Grid's OnMouseUp event: procedure TForm4.gridMouseUp(Sender: TObject; Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer); var ACol, ARow: Integer; begin if Button = TMouseButton.mbRight then begin grid.MouseToCell(X, Y, ACol, ARow); ShowMessage('Col: ' + ACol.ToString); end; end; HTH
  7. Achim Kalwa

    Component color in design time

    It is not your code, it is the IDE's form designer which ignores the color. Please try Tools->Options->User Interface->Form Designer and uncheck the "Enable VCL Styles" option.
  8. Achim Kalwa

    Upgrading from 11.2 to 11.3

    Hello alogrep, let me answer your 2nd question first: This dialog is somewhat misleading IMHO; read carefully. It tells you that the previous version will be uninstalled if you click "uninstall". The Yes/No-selection in the dialog is about removing stored data from the registry. "No" means "keep all settings", which includes library/search path, toolbar configuration, installed packages and much more. Which leads to your 1st question: No. If you decide to keep the registry settings by choosing "no" (see above), all your own and/or 3rd-party components will be availabel in V11.3. This because V11.2 and V11.3 are binary compatible. HTH
  9. Achim Kalwa

    Delphi beta testing a "premium" privilege?

    Don't panic; Uwe is right. I have reliable information that users with normal Update Subscription will also be invited to the beta test, but only a few days/weeks later. Merry Christmas to you all.
  10. Achim Kalwa

    tedit hint not working

    If you want to see the TextHint even if the TEdit control has the focus, you need to send EM_SETCUEABANNER to the control: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/controls/em-setcuebanner like this: uses ... WinApi.CommCtrl, ... procedure TForm1.FormShow(Sender: TObject); begin SendTextMessage(Edit1.Handle, EM_SETCUEBANNER, WParam(True), 'please type here'); end; WParam(True): if the cue banner (text hint) should show even when the edit control has focus. Be aware that VCL controls sometimes gets recreated, resulting in a new handle value and losing previous settings. A better way would be to inherit from TEdit and overwrite the protected DoSetTextHint() method like this: Interface uses ... WinApi.CommCtrl, Vcl.Themes, ...; type TMyEdit = class(TEdit) protected procedure DoSetTextHint(const Value: string); override; end; TEdit = class(TMyEdit); ... Implementation procedure TMyEdit.DoSetTextHint(const Value: string); begin if CheckWin32Version(6, 1) // Windows 7 and up and StyleServices(Self).Enabled and HandleAllocated then SendTextMessage(Handle, EM_SETCUEBANNER, WPARAM(True), Value) else inherited; end; HTH
  11. Hello *, It is a nightmare to install Delphi patches because I have to use two different Windows user accounts; one for installing software, the other one for normal work. And because the patches are remembered in the user's registry during installation, they always end up in the wrong user registry path. Now I'm going to install Delphi 11.1 on a new machine. Is there an installer which already containes the patches and hotfixes since the 11.1 release? On my.embarcadero.com I can download "RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder 11.1 Web Install"; filename: RADStudio_11_1_esd_10_8973.exe (2022-03-15) "RAD Studio 11.1 patch 1" (2022-04-27) "Windows 11 Win32 Debugging Patch for RAD Studio 11.1" (2022-05-27) But there is also a "RAD Studio, C++Builder 11.1.5 Web Install"; filename RADStudio_11_1_5_esd_10253.exe (2022-07-14), but without "Delphi" in the title. Maybe this sounds like a stupid question because "Delphi" is not mentioned: Can I use this for installing Delphi 11.1 and all patches until July 2022? Usually the installer knows what to download by my license key. TIA Achim
  12. Yes, even Delphi 11.1 has a lot of issues with changing display dpi. The only way to "solve" most of this problems is to run the IDE as "DPI unware" (there is an entry in the Windows start menu). But all fonts/icons/designer will be blurry on your 150 dpi display; just as Delphi 10.4 was.
  13. I can reproduct it using the "GetIt package installer": When installing a package which requires an IDE restart (i.e. "Bookmarks" or "Navigator"), or when installing the latest patches, I always get the exception. See attached video. GExperts Crash.mp4