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    Grep broken in SVN after rev. 3383

    Hello Thomas, I would just like to notice that the "Grep" expert is no longer available due to some changes in SVN rev. 3383 ff. The defined hotkey does nothing, and the menu item is gone. The new Grep submenu has "show Grep results", but no "Grep search".
  2. Achim Kalwa

    Grep broken in SVN after rev. 3383

    Found the reason: GX_GrepSearchExpert in '..\..\source\Grep\GX_GrepSearchExpert.pas', is missing from the dpr files for most Delphi versions except 2007. After adding this unit, Grep Search is available again. Schönen 2. Advent!
  3. Achim Kalwa

    Tools API - Changing Key Assignment

    @Carlos Tré I like the "Insert Row Below" feature very much, but I had to remove the Ctrl+Enter binding because that is already used for "Open File at Cursor", which I use regulary; but keeping Shift+Enter. And I translated strings and method names from Portuguese to English 😉
  4. Achim Kalwa

    Tools API - Changing Key Assignment

    Works great, thanks for sharing.
  5. Achim Kalwa

    Tools API - Changing Key Assignment

    @Carlos TréVery interesting; I would like to use that expert, too. What's the name of that expert? Or did you write it yourself and are willing to share the code?
  6. VclSmp is the "Embarcadero Sample Components" package, containing TGauge, TSpinEdit, TSpinButton and others. Do you use any of this components in your package? Or contains you package a unit named "spin.pas?"
  7. Achim Kalwa

    remove ExplicitXxxx properties

    For those on older Delphi versions, there is still Andreas "DDevExtensions", which offers a function to disable the Explicit*-properties when saving the DFM file: https://www.idefixpack.de/blog/ide-tools/ddevextensions/
  8. Achim Kalwa

    remove ExplicitXxxx properties

    In fact first attempt was to integrate this little patch into GExperts. There is already GX_VCLFixPack.pas, which is a slightly modified version of Andreas' VclFixPack.pas. It is currently not in use (disabled by $IFDEF) and needs some cleanup, e.g. remove unused and old Win95 code 🙂. But for a "complete" GX Expert it would be neccessary to have at least an on/off configuration switch in the IDE settings section; but I did not dig deep enough to implement such a thing. And some kind of documentation would be helpful, too. Maybe I'll find some spare time at the weekend for creating a patch to GExperts.
  9. Achim Kalwa

    remove ExplicitXxxx properties

    I know I am late to the party, but you might try the attached package for Delphi 10.4.1. It uses the hooking code from Andreas Hausladen's VclFixPack v1.4 to patch the TControl.DefineProperties method to a modified code, which does not write those Explicit* properties to the DFM file. Unpack the zip archive, open DControlsFix.dpk in Delphi 10.4.1, compile & install. There is nothing to customize. If this package is installed, the patch is active. If you like to get the default behaviour back, just uninstall the package. Use at your own risk 😉 DControlsFix.zip
  10. In the Project Manager do a right-click on the dpk file and choose "install".
  11. It is something I created myself with Delphi 10.3. In the past I used a tool named MetaFileExplorer, but it always crashed on some of the files I need to handle. In a first step I tried to fix that bug in the C++ code, but finally decided to create my own EMF explorer using Delphi. It is not public available; and is far from complete (it only handles ~50% of all possible EMR commands; mainly what the VCL Graphics uses when painting on Canvas).
  12. That was a good hint: Enumerating the emf file shows a EMR_BITBLT as the main graphics command. I was hoping that painting the SVG to a GDI canvas will result in a bunch of GDI commands/operations, but the SVG is rendered to a bitmap representation instead. That's OK for me.
  13. Hello pyscripter, many thanks for this library. I've downloaded the example and enhanced it to draw the SVG onto a metafile canvas; but I get always a black background. When painting on the form's canvas or a paintbox canvas the drawing is transparent as I expected. Any idea how to remove the black background when painting to a metafile canvas? And btw: SVGInterfaces.pas: property "Heigth" is spelled wrong; should be "Height".
  14. Achim Kalwa

    Delphi 10.4 PATCH 2 experiences

    Hello Peter, yes, the downloaded update/patch needs to be installed manually. Close the IDE and doubleclick "patch2.bat". This will trigger the User Account Control (UAC) to give the patch app admin credentials. It will open a black console window, with quickly scrolling messages from the patch progress. I've installed that patch a few days ago; and I can confirm that - no information about the patch is in the About dialog. - the Access Violation in the LicenseManager.exe is fixed. You can verify if the patch was installed successfully by checking the timestamp of some files in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\bin" folder; it should be 2020-07-15 (using ISO date format): - LicenseManager.exe: - dcc32.exe - getit270.bpl If the files are still older (e.g. 2020-05-16), the patch has NOT been installed. Just try again 🙂
  15. Achim Kalwa

    Reproducible AV in Sydney

    This bug is not related to Imagelists or images at all. It also happens with just a single component on the form (e.g. a TLabel). It seems like "view as text" invokes the new LSP-based parser, which crashes.
  16. Achim Kalwa

    TTabSheet - Set color and remove margin?

    You may try to set PageControl.Style to tsFlatButtons (but I don't know if the result is what you want).
  17. Achim Kalwa

    dbExpress "database unavailable"

    Which database?
  18. Achim Kalwa

    Delphi 10.3 Update 2 available

    Sorry, my mistake. Both name and value without quotes (can't edit the original post).
  19. Achim Kalwa

    Delphi 10.3 Update 2 available

    You can remove the error message by disabling the problematic fix: Tools -> Options -> IDE -> Environment Variables In the "User System Overrides" add a new Variable "IDEFixPack.DisabledPatches" (without the quotes) For the value, enter "CodeGenMod.Win32.FastFuncProlog" (with the quotes) Save and restart the IDE Remember to remove this entry if a new IDEFixpack version is installed 🙂
  20. Achim Kalwa

    Saving a large project takes soooo Loooonnnnggg..

    Hello Ian, Just a shot in the dark: Disable "TrackingSystem250.bpl" from the "Known IDE Packages": Close the Delhi IDE, run Regedit.exe and navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\19.0\Known IDE Packages". Find the entry named "$(BDS)\Bin\TrackingSystem250.bpl", and change the value (not the name!) to start with an underscore _ char. Close Regedit and try again with your project. HTH Achim
  21. Achim Kalwa

    IDE Fixpack 6.4.2 hangs Delphi 10.3.1

    Delphi 10.3.1 Enterprise with IDE Fixpack 6.4.2, DDevExtensions 2.85, GExperts, Bookmarks 1.6, Navigator 1.6, JCL, JVCL, ... When shutting down the 2nd instance of bds.exe, there is an access violation: Project bds.exe raised exception class $C0000005 with message 'access violation at 0x50067e88: read of address 0x122e72dc'. But after that bds.exe exits normal.
  22. Achim Kalwa

    Code completion stopped working on my project

    Any IFDEFs in your code? I guess you already restarted the IDE...
  23. Achim Kalwa

    Delphi Rio IDE hangs opening 10.2.3 projects

    You may try to delete/rename the .dsk file for the affected project. HTH
  24. Achim Kalwa

    Using dxgettext on Windows 10

    Did you had success in contacting Lars Dybdal? I'm using gnugettext.pas and the dxGetText shell extensions a lot (Extract translation to template, Merge template). Depending on the some config options, several GetText-tools spawn other tools like ggMerge.exe calling msgremove.exe, but using "bash.exe" as environment, which requires cygwin.dll to run on windows. I guess when porting GetText to Windows, the need for bash.exe was ported, too. However, I don't see a reason why bash.exe needs to be called at all. Using cmd.exe (from comspec environment variable) or plain CreateProcess() can give the same results. A very useful option in xgettext.pas to *not* include lines numbers (very helpful when storing po/pot in version control) in the po-file is not available in the configuration dialog. And why does extracting translations from source create a .po file instead of a .pot file? In my local fork I've addressed some of this issues and more, i.e. ignore component captions if they are the same as the component name like Label1=Label1, Button5=Button5, Action1=Action1, respecting Windows fonts, removed XPMan.pas use Delphi's manifest, etc. Thomas, do you have write access to the dxGetText project on sourceforge? I would like to send you some patches then. Achim