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    Search -> Go to Lne Number dialog

    The IDE's Search -> Go to Line Number dialog contains a drop down which apparently remembers the last used line numbers, so the user can re-select them. I don't remember ever using this feature. Does anybody else?
  2. dummzeuch

    Interesting article about dying languages

    You mean "doing something with computers" is useful? If you really wanted to learn something useful, you should have learned gardening, masonry or carpentry. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. dummzeuch

    PopMenu two levels down..

    I'm sure we all feel with you. Everybody has been there at some time. So enjoy your Scotch. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. dummzeuch

    Unit testing cross platform code

    Unfortunately it supports only Delphi 2010 and later. (Yes, I know, it's my own fault that I still use Delphi 2007, but that doesn't change the fact.)
  5. TFormatSettings.ListSeparator is supposed to return the character the user has configured in the Windows configuration dialog: This works fine if it only contains a single character, which at least the possible selections for English (UK / US) and German (Germany) actually are: ';' and ','. But this dialog also allows to enter any string as the list separator, e.g. 'asdf' which will cause TFormatSettings.ListSeparator to return ','. The reason is that it gets filled calling GetLocaleInfo with a buffer size of 2 (in Chars) which will return 0 because the buffer is too small: function GetLocaleChar(Locale, LocaleType: Integer; Default: Char): Char; var Buffer: array[0..1] of Char; begin if GetLocaleInfo(Locale, LocaleType, Buffer, 2) > 0 then Result := Buffer[0] else Result := Default; end; This will then set Result to the Default parameter (which is ','). Is this a bug or a documented feature? I couldn't find any documentation on it. If it's a bug, of course the question is, what should it do instead? Since TFormatSettings.ListSeparator is a Char, it cannot return more than one characters. Are there any locales where a list separator with more than one character is commonly used? E.g. Chinese ? (I always suspect the Chinese to do something unexpected. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
  6. dummzeuch

    Quick debug variables?

    Nobody seems to have mentioned watches yet. If you want to keep a eye on a value at various places, a watch is the way to go.
  7. dummzeuch

    Quick debug variables?

    Actually Delphi has WriteLn which does exactly what Python's print does (for simple types, no idea whether Python's print can handle complex types) Unfortuntately WriteLn writes to the console which usually doesn't exist in GUI programs so it will result in an exception.
  8. dummzeuch

    Interesting article about dying languages

    As far as I remember these popularity curves are percentages of all programmers, so if the total number of programmers rises and the number of programmers that use <language> stays constant, the popularity curve for <language> falls.
  9. dummzeuch

    Modern C++ and Delphi

    Do Delphi inline variable declarations actually work by now? I remember various bug reports on them and decided not to use them until that code is stable. And then I forgot about them...
  10. I think that window uses TVirtualTreeview which would make it nearly impossible to read it's content and modify it with a plugin, unless there is an OTAPI interface for it. But this is guesswork, I haven't really checked either.
  11. dummzeuch

    GExperts 1.3.14 released

  12. Given how many developers have got problems understanding how a distributed version control system works, I doubt that non technical people will understand it. And given how many times I personally had problems resolving git oddities (probably due to my own limited understanding of it), I doubt that you will do yourself a favor implementing this with git. This will most likely become a support nightmare, especially in my experience with the attitude of sales people towards IT and software developers. (They regard them lower than plumbers because in contrast to sales who earn the company lots of money IT only costs the company money and gets always into the way.)
  13. Those people could always disable that warning for code where they don't want to see it. Not having such a warning means that the rest of us doesn't get the benefit.
  14. dummzeuch

    Search -> Go to Lne Number dialog

    Yes, please do that. I always find it difficult to generate example files to reproduce problems with other languages, especially those I don't understand.
  15. Sometimes your program needs to block the screen saver from automatically kicking in. My use case was that the program was recording data and whenever the screen saver was active, the data was lost (No idea why, it probably had something to do with the way HID is implemented in Windows.) So I was looking for a way to fix that without forcing the user to turn off the screen saver. The methods that used to work under Windows XP no longer work in Windows 7 and later (I donโ€™t care about Vista), so I googled and found this question on StackOverflow. The Windows API functions PowerCreateRequest + PowerSetRequest mentioned in the highest voted answer looked promising. Unfortunately they donโ€™t seem bo be available in Delphi read on in my blog post
  16. dummzeuch

    EMBT: Code Central is going away

    I wonder whether archive.org also caches the downloads. There are various posts on blogs, forums and newsgroups that point to code central downloads. They will not go away but will be useless in the future. So far it was possible to find the download if you simply knew the cc number, even if it still pointed to cc.borland.com. In the future that might no longer work. Tested it: It's even worse: codecentral.embarcadero.com seems not to be in the Internet Archive at all. That also applies to the very first entry which Jim mentions in his blog: https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://codecentral.embarcadero.com/Item/2 Great, so the complete legacy will be lost to posterity. What am I going to show my (non existent, we have not even kids) grand grand children when they ask me "Grampa, WTF is this Delphi thing you keep mumbling about? The web knows nothing about it! Are you finally losing it?"
  17. dummzeuch

    GExperts 1.3.14 released

    The current source now compiles again with all supported Delphi versions.
  18. Put the cursor within the class and press Ctrl+Space. This will give you a list of all interface methods. Iirc this also supports multi select. Unfortunately the method declarations will always be added as public which is usually not what you want.
  19. dummzeuch

    GExperts Replace Components..

    I won't hold my breath either. The interesting part is that it took several years until somebody noticed that the expert does no longer work in some circumstances and wrote a bug report for GExperts. I didn't notice it myself, but that's not surprising given that most of my work is still with Delphi 2007 and doesn't involve databases. I was thinking about a workaround by closing the form and manipulating the dfm and pas file directly. But so far I haven't bothered.
  20. dummzeuch

    GExperts Replace Components..

    It says so right in the release blog post: "Since Delphi XE3 and later no longer allow creating components with subcomponents (the OTAPI function for that crashes โ€“ bug report here), GExperts no longer supports these components in the Replace Components expert." The link goes to: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-25645
  21. dummzeuch

    GExperts 1.3.14 released

    The Goto expert is work in progress. I'm not yet sure where I want to go with it. So far it's simply a replacement for the Goto enhancement.
  22. dummzeuch

    GExperts 1.3.14 released

    I removed a unit from the 10.3 dproj file this morning. It might work now, but I cannot test it.
  23. dummzeuch

    Source Export question

    I also needed such a tool a while ago but could not find one. I ended up changing the code in GExperts to dump the contents to a file.
  24. dummzeuch

    GExperts 1.3.14 released

    I'm currently on vacation and have no access to IDEs newer than XE4, so I can't check this. Would you please file a bug report on SourceForge so it doesn't get lost?
  25. Oops, so a component/expert built with 10.3.2 does not necessarily work for 10.3.0 or 10.3.1? Since people without maintenance don't get the point versions, they are double fscked. Or the component/expert vendors/maintainers have to create two versions of their exes meaning they have to keep the older IDE versions around. And since it's not possible to install e.g. 10.3.1 and 10.3.2 on the same machine, that means they have to use multiple computers or multiple VMs. Great, just great!