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  1. 1. I totally agree. In addition, in Germany "13" salary is often paid. The question is whether this was properly taken into account. Only 12 months are used in the methodology. 2. It would be interesting to know which countries the developers interviewed. And also what the numbers look like by region (e.g. Asia, Europe, etc.). E.g. in USA the developer gets 80000 USD a year and in Kyrgyzstan only 10000. "The valuess indicate the average fever values of patients in the hospital".
  2. PaPaNi

    TEdit Text cannot align vertical centered

    Maybe this link can be helpful? http://www.delphigroups.info/2/4f/85824.html
  3. PaPaNi

    Survey of Delphi Versions in use??

    It would be a good platform for this if there was an automatic ability to remove duplicates. You can accidentally enter yourself more than 1 time.
  4. Perhaps "terse" can be understood as rudeness. But for me personally, the words "keep your advice to yourself" mean unambiguously rudeness. I don't know, maybe I was brought up wrong.
  5. PaPaNi

    Delphi Icons with Version Info

    Its works. But there is one thing what i don't like - all Explorer-windows will be closed. So i took the solution from @0x8000FFFF and modified for me - I created one Link on the desktop: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /k ie4uinit.exe -show and im almost happy. Almost becose the cmd-Window will be not automatic closed after work. I must find, how i can make that. Thank you!
  6. PaPaNi

    Delphi Icons with Version Info

    Thank you for the answer! I did not have time to restart the computer and after a couple of days the icon updated itself. But it was educational because I learned a little about the icon cache.
  7. PaPaNi

    Delphi Icons with Version Info

    Should this have an effect immediately or after restarting the computer? I just tried for one of our tool. But unfortunately that doesn't work for me. The icon in the taskbar looks the same, but when I open the form of Settings-Shortcuts again, I see the new icon at the top. Even if I click the button Change Icon again, I see the new icon here and the path to the ico file is correct. I have 64-bit Win 10 Pro (21H1) and i work via RDP (in case it should have important).
  8. I'm so used to using a prefix "_", that I need many time now to read code with other prefixes (for example "a"). In this situation, i don't need to analyze whether the "a" prefix is part of the variable, i.e. I recognize the variables faster. IMHO. I find the "_" prefix to be an excellent solution! 👍
  9. PaPaNi

    Virus? How odd.

    I tried right now to put Exe into Zip and to send with gmail. Its dont work on me. How i understood, its a not allowed to send zip files with password-protect. I cant to show screenshot, becose text of hint is not on english language.
  10. PaPaNi

    Virus? How odd.

    I just tried a few options right now. As an example, i tried to send the file ss.exe ( this is a installation file of one program CodeStuff Starter, but it is not important. Important here is filename and extention) 1. sending ss.exe - dont work. Its not allowed to send: ADE, ADP, .APK, APPX, APPXBUNDLE, BAT, CAB, CHM, CMD, COM, CPL, DLL, DMG, EX, EX_, EXE, HTA, INS, ISP, ISO, JAR, JS, JSE, LIB, LNK, MDE, MSC, MSI, MSIX, MSIXBUNDLE, MSP, MST, NSH, PIF, PS1, SCR, SCT, SHB, SYS, VB, VBE, VBS, VXD, WSC, WSF, WSH. 2. renaming executable into ss.dat - dont work 3. "zipping" executable - ss.zip - dont work 4. renaming into ss.dat and "zipping" - dont work 5. "zipping" and splitting executable - we have 4 files now: ss.z01, ss.z02, ss.z03 and ss.zip - dont work 6. renaming into ss.dat, "zipping" and splitting - again 4 files: ss.z01, ss.z02, ss.z03 and ss.zip - dont work 6.1. i tried also using format RAR for archiving (with all modifications like before - renaming, splitting etc.) - dont work 6.2 i tried to set archiv into archiv - dont work - "nested" archives are not allowed 7. open StarterSetup.exe with HxD and replace first "M" => "N" - dont work 8. open StarterSetup.exe with HxD and replace first "M" => "N" and now rename file into ss.dat - ITS WORKS!!! later received file again open and replace "N" => "M" => we have our executable again.
  11. PaPaNi

    Virus? How odd.

    I would first make sure that the WMIADAP.EXE is not a virus. This file is mentioned on your link to Virustotal.com (tab Behavior): \\?\C:\Windows\system32\wbem\WMIADAP.EXE But as written here: https://www.howto-connect.com/fix-wmiadap-exe-windows-10/ "If you find that it is located in the following directory then it is not a malware and the system is safe." C:\Windows\System32\wbem\files And on other sites often write: " Some malware camouflages itself as WMIADAP.exe, particularly when located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder. Therefore, you should check the WMIADAP.exe process on your PC to see if it is a threat"
  12. PaPaNi

    LangMan for Delphi

    Сan't that be helpful? https://torry.net/files/vcl/vcltools/multilanguage/LangMan_Personal_v2.11.1.zip
  13. PaPaNi

    Type Library (COM) Problem

    I have never worked with TLB, but as a guess... Does method LInvoice.Edit ( or similar ) exist? What if You try to use LInvoice.Edit () instead of LInvoice.New?
  14. This explains why I didn't find anything about this on Google. 😀
  15. Head office is in Israel (if i understand correctly). And its a possible that the language of communication will be english (but a russian accent is possible too ) : https://www.mekashron.com/blog/ru/