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  1. I don't know if other IDEs have such functions. But I often need a "Undo"-function for working with the form. For example, you changed the width of one component with the mouse and want to return the previous value. ( Or I just didn't see this function in Delphi).
  2. I use that.. I don't subscribe to any streaming services too. I download the songs on my phone per USB at home. And I listen my songs in the car using one android app.
  3. PaPaNi


    if you have FastReport then i would try to create a file with it.
  4. ... and used TForm1, ComboBox1 ..hmmm.. Sure!
  5. Maybe a little offtopic, but ...
  6. PaPaNi

    Warnings after Build/Compile

    Hey, Community! Given: - Delphi 2007 - One Unit, where should be showed one warning, because one variable is deprecated - Project options -> Compiler messages: Show warnings and show hints is ON - All warnings in the list except platform symbol, platform unit, unsafe type, unsafe code and unsafe typecast is ON Problem: 1. I do Build and get no warnings. DCU file date/time is changed. Then I do Compile - no warnings again. 2. I change this unit (one space symbol is added). I do Build again - no warnings. Date/time of DCU file is changed. 3. I change this unit again and now Compile (without Build). This changes the DCU file date/time again, but in this case I see one warning! I figured, that Build does exactly the same as Compile, but with all units regardless of whether they have changed. I.e. I expect to see the same warning after Build too. Im wrong/its a bug/its a future/one option must be changed? I want to see this warning after Build too. Any ideas are welcom! Thanks!
  7. PaPaNi

    Replace TCheckBox with TDBCheckBox

    If you have GExpert installed, than use GExperts ->Replace Components
  8. PaPaNi

    Problem with Gauge component.

    maybe this can be helpful? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26539403/position-of-label-caption-inside-progressbar
  9. PaPaNi

    Deleting string wich does include number

    The simplest solution that came to my mind. procedure Tf_TesterMain.DeleteStringsWithoutDigits; var List: TStringList; begin List := TStringList.Create; try List.Add('abc'); List.Add('def23'); List.Add('fgr65'); List.Add('kbt'); List.Add('idopt87'); doWithList(List); finally FreeAndNil(List); end; end; ... procedure doWithList(_List: TStringList); var i: Integer; begin for i := _List.Count - 1 downto 0 do begin if not ContainsDigit(_List[i]) then begin _List.Delete(i); end; end; end; ... function ContainsDigit(const _Text: string): Boolean; var i: Integer; begin Result := False; for i := 1 to Length(_Text) do begin if _Text[i] in ['0'..'9'] then begin Result := True; Break; end; end; end;
  10. PaPaNi

    check if string date

    The second argument is missing... should be like: if TryStrToDate(edtFrom.Text, DateVariable) then where DateVariable has a type TDateTime.
  11. PaPaNi

    check if string date

    I had exactly the same guess.
  12. PaPaNi

    check if string date

    Can we see the code?
  13. PaPaNi

    need help to change the hex in binary file

    Looks like this.... https://www.hovatek.com/forum/thread-31664.html
  14. 1. I totally agree. In addition, in Germany "13" salary is often paid. The question is whether this was properly taken into account. Only 12 months are used in the methodology. 2. It would be interesting to know which countries the developers interviewed. And also what the numbers look like by region (e.g. Asia, Europe, etc.). E.g. in USA the developer gets 80000 USD a year and in Kyrgyzstan only 10000. "The valuess indicate the average fever values of patients in the hospital".