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  1. Attila Kovacs

    IDE adds {$R} between units

    It happens to me every time I add a new unit to the project, mainly because I have other compiler directives in the .dpr. I think it works as designed...
  2. Attila Kovacs

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

  3. Attila Kovacs

    JSON - Why self ins't updated with new values ?

    Pretty weird. Never seen assigning something to "self", I'm wondering that this compiles. But for your problem, think on "self" like if it was a variable. It should be rather Person := TJSon.JsonToObject<TPerson>(aJsonString);
  4. Attila Kovacs

    TWebBrowser + dynamic JS question

    Not to mention, once you get it to work, you will face in a very short time capthcas on every google pages for your IP.
  5. Attila Kovacs

    TWebBrowser + dynamic JS question

    I told you already that this is not something google wants to be able and they are very good at this and changing continuously their code. Good luck
  6. Attila Kovacs

    Refer to Form Control without using the Form unit?

    I don't get it. Even if you have a translator (which I would make with rtti), how would you handle different instances of a specific form?
  7. Attila Kovacs

    parsing Google search results

    Even if you get it to work, they will vary the output in a very short time, obviously.
  8. Attila Kovacs

    WinAPI to query if a form is ready to Rock.

    you can detour TForm's DoCreate, DoDestroy, DoShow, Activate etc... from a separate unit and set some flags if it helps
  9. Attila Kovacs

    Record constants that are actually constant?

    @Lars Fosdal you could also pass classes in attributes. there you could have class vars for example. I like the json way. More flexible. (And more fragile, true)
  10. Attila Kovacs

    SVG Magic released

    No. What exactly do you want to know?
  11. Attila Kovacs

    Record constants that are actually constant?

    @Lars Fosdal use json for your attribs, syncommons.pas can convert them to records
  12. I was watching the getit versions of Raize after the acquisition but the only change in the sources were just updates in the ifdefs for the new compiler version. Did something change since then? Also, AFAIR, there were always 2 batch files included for Raize, to compile and/or install the whole lib for x86 and x64.
  13. So true. Everything else is just botching. User setting belongs to roaming.
  14. Attila Kovacs

    Best way to check if an internet SMTP server is available?

    <o> And what if the smtp server works when your app starts, but then I shut it down? on every IO, file / network / etc.... try it / catch the error / do what you want
  15. Attila Kovacs

    REST BASIC Authentication

    try a decent API tester like https://www.soapui.org/