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  1. Attila Kovacs

    Ignoring topics

    Hi, If I ignore a topic, I'm getting punished by the activity stream notification as it keeps yielding me unread content on the top even if I click it away. Any workaround?
  2. Attila Kovacs

    jpg validation

    are those jpg's recoded by the forum? It has "CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62)" in the header.
  3. It's not valid for the latest ICO format. As I already mentioned, we don't care Windows XP and co. anymore.
  4. From 1995. Did you read the disclaimer?
  5. Windows 10 explorer displays the png compressed 32x32 icon preview so I assume it's a standard now but it's not documented anywhere. Which I also understand as the whole thing is just a crap and could have been only saved by this png hack. But sooner or later they have to dump it or redesign it.
  6. He wrote that ico supports bmp, png, svg... 😉 I didn't believe it so I tested it.
  7. @Kas Ob. I've created an ico with svg inside manually and it won't be recognized as a valid ico by any app. The file format does not restrict on any image formats indeed, but nothing is supported beside bmp and png.
  8. Cool. Add from file (add ico) / change / save resource as. Perfect. Thx! Btw. pressing ctrl-o (open) meanwhile the splash screen is showing ends up in an AV. (Sorry, I'm an incurable tester :)
  9. You mean all the EOL Windows versions? Well, that makes no sense in 2020.
  10. Yes, it does. It's just a silly app limitation disabling compression for lower res. Well, this is even more silly, I thought the browser picks the size it's need and only dl that. Maybe we need 20+ years to get it right and not to waste resources....
  11. @Kas Ob. Ok, I can't reproduce it with 6.9.1. Anyway, the ICO format for favicon is ancient. It can be either png: https://sympli.io/blog/2017/02/15/heres-everything-you-need-to-know-about-favicons-in-2017/ or svg in the future (edge still won't render it, why I'm not wondering...) http://xn--dahlstrm-t4a.net/svg/favicon/favicon.html
  12. I have Axialis too but it surely won't compress to png under 256x256. Nor does IcoFx.
  13. Ok, can you recommend a tool for putting svg into icons? Also, which one can save png below 256x256? Like Stefan's icon. All editors I know are incapable to do so, maybe they still want to be compatible with IE 5.5. Btw. there is also favicon.svg which seems to be supported by all major browsers.
  14. There is no png compression below 256x256. Browser should cache the icon. 358kb is very big, indeed. Loading time of the page is great, but it's even greater (rocket fast) if you are not logged in.