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  1. I can't see any valid reason not to use FreeAndNil() yet, just complaints about not being able to read others code by ppl. who are well known for being ARC advocates.
  2. Thought so. GC warriors. Why not Java? Anyway, if they were interfaces that would be a different program. I don't think you are familiar with pointers at all.
  3. :DDDDDDD It's the same as x1.fee; in your ecample. Are you sure you understand pointers? Maybe Java would be a better choice?
  4. poor freeandnil(), it has nothing to do with it, it's a low-level design pattern you don't like
  5. At night in the cemetery, a dwarf bounces in front of the humpy and asks: - What's on your back? - A hump. - Do you need it? - No. - Then I'll take it. The humpy suddenly straightens, happily seeing that he is no longer crippled. He hurries home and meets the lame and tells what happened to him. The lame immediately rushes to the cemetery, searching for the dwarf. The dwarf jumps in front of him and asks: - What's on your back, lame? - Nothing... - Then get it, here's a hump!
  6. that would be wasting resources
  7. @Brian Evans cool, thx. It's time to forget this 30yo limitation and fixing FD.
  8. This is ridiculous. I can even free the dataset (TUniQuery), recreate it and use the bookmark again on it. Are you sure you have key-fields in your table? Maybe keyfields property should be set for firedac? procedure Run; var a: TQAdresse; bm: TBookmark; begin a := TQAdresse.Create; try a.Open; a.ID.Locate(105); WriteLn(a.ID.AsString); bm := a.Bookmark; a.Free; a := TQAdresse.Create; a.Open; if a.BookmarkValid(bm) then a.Bookmark := bm; WriteLn(a.ID.AsString); a.Next; WriteLn(a.ID.AsString); finally a.Free; end; end; Prints: 105 105 106 Done.
  9. I don't believe you. There was no bookmark in Delphi 1. Just tested with Devart's UniQuery, I can close the dataset and open it again, the bookmark is still valid. Maybe you are referring to some old BDE component or some other 3rd party which is for some reason saves an instance pointer/memory address too, instead of just key-field values. But I have never seen that before.
  10. @ChrisChuah Interesting, I suspect some extra unusual code what we can't see. Furthermore always use BookmarkValid() and do not use FreeBookmark. By the way, you have 2 indicators on the first pic, I never used Indicators but I don't think it's normal, do you have multiselect or similar turned on?
  11. No, it's pension and usually given before the elections.
  12. Attila Kovacs

    IDE Hide / Show Non-Visible controls

  13. Is there anything which works like ctrl-H but for all Visible=False controls?