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  1. Attila Kovacs

    Barcode 128 and printing width

    With custom display DPI's too? Doesn't your thermal printer support any language?
  2. Attila Kovacs

    MMX needs new icons

    I would wait a bit until the IDE is HDPI compatible. You could also check if for-example seanau.com would cover your needs. Most of the new icons are also in SVG, and they are really easy to edit/extend whatever..
  3. Attila Kovacs

    Limit to reactions

  4. Attila Kovacs

    Testing functionality "ignore topic"

    @Daniel I've noticed that the activity feed yields unread messages from the ignored threads. Just info, not a big deal.
  5. Attila Kovacs

    Testing functionality "ignore topic"

    But how would you un-ignore then? For me it's perfect now. A big thank you for it.
  6. Attila Kovacs

    What does "G" in GExperts mean?

    Luck, you are not Stefan or Sigmund..
  7. Attila Kovacs

    Touchscreen signature

    @Der schöne Günther Nothing special, a common touchscreen like a Yoga xyz. Edit: Already done, piece of cake...
  8. Attila Kovacs

    Touchscreen signature

    Hi everybody, I have to make a signature input on devices with touchscreen (Normal W10 devices, VCL only). Is it something easy with a canvas/bitmap and some events and a blur filter at the end, or is it something tricky and I should buy it from TMS? thx
  9. Attila Kovacs

    Any advice when to use FileExists?

    I've never mention any catch and re-raise.
  10. Attila Kovacs

    Any advice when to use FileExists?

    Throw them an exception. Then they (your callers) will start checking by themselves and throwing an exception to its callers etc.. at the end you will have a solid app.
  11. Attila Kovacs

    Any advice when to use FileExists?

    completely superfluous, then for each File in MainPath do if the file can disappear between these two lines if FileExists(File) then it could also disappear between these two lines If _IsFileValidForParsing(File) then (then you decide to create the file, it could be there again) etc.. FileExists and co. are a total nonsense, then it's returning a momentary state. Put a try except around any IO and handle the last os error if apply.
  12. Attila Kovacs

    Design Packages list is not resizable

    There is a bigger problem with this form, you can't select and copy the path on the bottom. Both could be done from an expert, and would be the preferred way, before someone redesigns the whole thing. (No, it's a Label with the path <o>)
  13. Attila Kovacs

    Delphi compiler need to be opensourced

    And counting! :PP
  14. Attila Kovacs

    Delphi compiler need to be opensourced

    Tangentially on topic: is it possible to exclude this particular thread from the Activity feed? (I mean me for myself, is there any setting for that)
  15. Attila Kovacs

    Slow PgUp in TVirtualStringTree

    No. Memory will be remapped from X in Y length. Now, that you are scrolling backwards, it remaps every time a X-rowcount+Y chunk. Maybe you could read something from X-Y+rowcount but how would you know that the memory will be mapped and what Y is. But as I said I have no experience with this. Maybe somebody has some other thoughts on it too.