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  1. Attila Kovacs

    IDE can not create ancestor TFrame

    I'm wondering if I'm the only one who gave up many years ago using frames because of the buggy IDE.
  2. Attila Kovacs

    PlayEnhMetaFile on non visible area

    I'm trying to draw metafiles with "PlayEnhMetaFile" on SynPDF's VCLCanvas (which is a TMetafileCanvas) and somehow the images in my metafile are not drawn if they are vertically below the displays Y resolution. For example, the A4 page has at 96 DPI a height of 1124, the display has a height of 768 or 800 pixels, the metafile should be played at 770 in a height of 120, the images are missing from the result. Textst are drawn but "EMR_STRETCHDIBITS" wont be called in the GDI Enum. Any help/hint would be greatly appreciated. This drives me crazy. Ps: On Printer Canvas no problems, on bigger display with bigger resolution the same code is working.
  3. Attila Kovacs

    PlayEnhMetaFile on non visible area

    It has nothing to do with the "component", nor with SetViewportExtEx. It's the same problem as described here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30386615/copying-a-graphic-to-a-tmetafilecanvas-outside-the-screen-dimensions For me it looks like a windows bug.
  4. Attila Kovacs

    Future of Konopka Signature VCL Controls?

    The latter.
  5. Attila Kovacs

    PlayEnhMetaFile on non visible area

    Indeed, but I can't just pass any random printer DC as reference, what if there is no printer installed at all. (Not to mention the DPI difference between printer dc and 72 DPI PDF) I was passing SynPDF's VCLCanvas as reference, but it's the same as I would pass 0, as in SynPDF.pas: // retrieve the current reference GDI parameters FDC := CreateCompatibleDC(0); If I replace this with CreateDC(one of my printer) I can indeed print to the bottom of the page, but as I mention, this results in a 600DPI PDF and I can't just pick a random printer.
  6. Attila Kovacs

    Login Form - 3 tries.

    How do you exit the application if login fails?
  7. Attila Kovacs

    Login Form - 3 tries.

    if DoLogin then ModalResult := mrOk else Inc(failcnt); if failcnt = X then ModalResult := mrCancel; eventually.. maybe you should set up the connection to the db somewhere else.. and you don't need to free the form if action is caFree or vice versa.
  8. I have read that post 3 times but it just translates to "we need your money". Ah yes, and it's all the industries fault.
  9. Attila Kovacs

    Best site/source for SQL Server questions?

    @Lars Fosdal Did you solve it? I've similar problems now 😉
  10. Attila Kovacs

    Is editing posts disabled?

    @Tommi Prami How would you moderate a forum where everybody could change everything back to BC?
  11. No, the opposite. This is a big no-no. I also had such swiss-knife forms and dozens of frames, man was I lucky when I got rid of them. But, you know what, do you know templates in the IDE? You can make some form templates and use them when you create a new one. Then you have the half of the junk work behind you.
  12. @Mike Torrettinni There is a saying "it must be done only once". So what.
  13. @Mike Torrettinni If you don't care about GUI, or you are drowning in those forms, devexpress has a grid where you can put controls into the rows (I believe dynamically (too)). It's ugly (for me) but who knows. Just telling. I'd never use it.
  14. Attila Kovacs

    TFDBatchMove delete records

    Are you using Keyfields or just let it use upwhereall?
  15. Attila Kovacs

    10.3 vers 10.2 Linux

    @Esteban Pacheco TBH Both of them are nerving in some degree but in this case DH has a point, this was like an IRC like self-conversation leading to nowhere.
  16. Attila Kovacs


    Well, Alipay has about 1 billion users, "these" people pay _everywhere_, even at a grocery with their phone by scanning an Alipay QR code. They need nothing. Do you need something?
  17. Attila Kovacs

    Decorating read-only controls

    Those who want to take benefits from styling in VCL, how do you decorate your edit-boxes to make the user being able to distinguish between input ones and read-only ones? As none of the standard VCL components offer neither read-only color (except Konkopka's) nor read-only-style-color, I'm starting to think that I'm just dumb.
  18. Attila Kovacs

    Linux Support on Pro Edition

    Tell them who: a.) bought Konopka pack and it was included in the next release b.) bought mobil add-on and was included in the next release c.) bought firedac and was included in the next release Imagine those surprised faces.
  19. Works for me: procedure TTestWizard.OnAppMessage(var Msg: TMsg; var Handled: Boolean); begin if (Msg.message = WM_KEYDOWN) then begin Beep; end; end; constructor TTestWizard.Create; begin FAppEv := TApplicationEvents.Create(Application.FindComponent('EditWindow_0')); FAppEv.OnMessage := OnAppMessage;
  20. Attila Kovacs

    Decorating read-only controls

    @Dany Marmur Indeed. For example I liked my Iphone 4 much better than any Android one because they had a collection of controls and every app looked in some way the same and I knew where to tap, how to control the device.
  21. Attila Kovacs

    Decorating read-only controls

    The word you are looking for is in German "Barrierefreiheit". English, accessibility? I don't know, the German word is more expressive for me. Designers and engineers should be taught for it. Until then, I'll try my best. I found Almdev's GP* VCL components very useful, then it allows setting an alpha factor for every color used. From frames to background and fonts,etc... Thus, I can use the predefined colors and it's even works with themes together. The only thing I'm missing is an explicit read-only color-settings like in Ray Konopka's Raize components.
  22. TApplication.OnMessage seems to be assigned by default, so you are just overwriting it. I'd hook it or use a TApplicationevents component on a custom form. (Never tried) Edit: Ah I see, you are already hooking it.
  23. Or you could hook the editors onkeypress event. In both cases be careful, you have to clean up before your module gets unloaded/dumped.
  24. Attila Kovacs

    Anon methods passed as event handlers?

    @David Schwartz I made a wrapper for assigning anon methods to TField events. My experiences: Pros: a.) quick and straightforward to assign them wherever you want. Cons: a.) debugger can't evaluate sh*t inside the anon methods b.) you will never ever find again in the code jungle wtf. is happening and why The moral of the story: Moon landing was fake.
  25. Attila Kovacs

    New VCL Style from DelphiStyles.com

    You don't have to force your users to use any skins, but you can ship skins with your apps and let them select one even run time. Really? Show me two similar looking app.