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    (Mis-)Behaviour of TStringHelper

    It's a bullsh@t. The doc is a big ~, the mimicked java/.net implementation is a ~, and the parameter name "startIndex" is a ~. It should be called lastIndex as the function name reflects only an index lookup, and not any search in some direction, and mostly not the underlying implementation.
  2. Attila Kovacs

    Mojave with RAD Studio 10.2.3?

    @Sherlock I mean "Aussteigen, Einsteigen, Geht" 😄
  3. Attila Kovacs

    Mojave with RAD Studio 10.2.3?

    öööööööö, if not, you could try an AEG. 😉
  4. Attila Kovacs

    Delphi 5 FOR Loop problem (W10-64bit)

    @dummzeuch <joke> It's pretty fine to use Delphi's built in Round in a banking application. </joke>
  5. @Uwe Raabe Phuhhh, this is just mapping numbers into an enum. Your helper actually is like the following code, with obfuscated names. I don't think I want to debug such code. It even works on negative values in the list. TEnum = (five, nine, fourteen, thousand) enum.AsInteger := five.AsInteger + nine.AsInteger; if enum = fourteen then begin Writeln('Hooray!'); end There must be a special use-case to do this, I suppose.
  6. Attila Kovacs

    Solution(s) for coder with quite poor eyesight

    try something with dot pitch >= 0.3mm ( <~83DPI ), or a 4K with similar pixel-group size in 200% scaling
  7. Attila Kovacs

    Property editor - on the finest art

    I was always pissed because of the property editor and its incapability to helping the work, so I made this extra filter-box. It has a little discomfort as the Property Editor steals the focus on the first click, I'll check what can I do if I find some time. Also, adding/deleting/storing the predefined filters are unimplemented yet. If someone feels the power to get it done, don't hesitate to apply.
  8. Attila Kovacs

    Property editor - on the finest art

    @dummzeuch Sorry, I forgot them. As everybody every time... Btw. I just found out that it's not working if the selection is in a popup window like columns of a grid etc... I had no time yet to figure out what the problem is. Maybe you will have more ideas as me..
  9. That's what I was referring to in your previous post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4950129/delphi-for-in-loop-set-enumeration-order and https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1600575/iterate-through-items-in-an-enumeration-in-delphi
  10. Attila Kovacs

    Property editor - on the finest art

    @Tommi Prami Sorry, I'm not touching the property editor at all, so no coloring or any drawing possible. It has a filter interface where I can decide what should be in the list and what not. However, one could easily filter those properties which are declared only in the component class, or in the last 2 classes (TCustomXXX, but I think there are no published properties), or build a tree and select which ones you want to see. So could you have a clear overview of the components own properties. Edit: I made a little test and It's not that useful as I thought: (%'s represent the class depth (parents))
  11. @David Millington Latest version of the API (required units and demos) – no longer available; Bookmarks acquired by Embarcadero. Read more here. What does it mean? I have a plugin which I might want to publish based on these files. What now?
  12. Allegedly nobody has time at EMBT. But what do they do?
  13. Attila Kovacs

    10.3.1 has been released

    I remember having seen a similar screenshot back in g+ but I can't recall what was the problem, perhaps the font. Nope, there is no solution in the post
  14. Attila Kovacs

    OTA Ide Shutdown

    Is there a way to figure out that the IDE is going to shut down? Possibly before TOTAFileNotification fires.
  15. Attila Kovacs

    OTA Ide Shutdown

    @dummzeuch The idea is good, but I'm afraid it's too late. Plugins go first. Have to check.
  16. @Rudy Velthuis Yup.
  17. Attila Kovacs

    OTA Ide Shutdown

    @David Hoyle I was thinking about the same, but, this is a plugin dll for Parnassus Bookmark and I'm not sure that I want to hook it from there... I didn't even look how could I access the main form.
  18. Attila Kovacs

    OTA Ide Shutdown

    @David Hoyle Thx, I was looking everywhere for this notifier! For now I've switched to TOTAFileNotification, and I'm silent between ofnProjectDesktopSave/ofnActiveProjectChanged and the ofnFileClosing with the filename ending with '.dproj'. Yeah, ugly botching, but I have no other choice at the moment...
  19. Attila Kovacs

    FDMemtable bug ?

    @Stéphane Wierzbicki In Berlin everything ok, except I had to use Right-Clicks (the other left :) insted of Left-Clicks 🙂
  20. Attila Kovacs

    HTML Library & Fast Report

    @Alexander Sviridenkov Cool. I did the same last year with my report generator, html+html report generator in the normal report generator. It's freakin' awesome.
  21. Attila Kovacs

    OTA Ide Shutdown

    @David Hoyle I'm also getting this event every time I'm closing a file with ctrl-F4. Berlin U2.
  22. Attila Kovacs

    OTA Ide Shutdown

    @Dave Nottage I want to suppress some editor related dialogs in my plugon on closing the IDE, but I think I've found a way: TOTAFileNotification yields "projectname.$$$" file is going to be closed at first. Not sure what it is, temp file or what, but it seems always to be the first file to close. It's the .groupproj file instead. Also fine I think.
  23. TRttiContext.Free does already something. It kills the RTTI cache which I'm trying to avoid. But go ahead and create/free it every single time if you wish.
  24. I'm still wondering why the plugin API became so lean. Add/Delete/Some events and a readonly Items. To rename a bookmark I have to delete and add a new one which is triggering a bunch of events, mostly arriving too late for being able to flag the internal processing. I suppose this will never change. You had no time and this won't change with the acquire. Too bad.