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  1. aehimself

    enable/disable the internet connection?

  2. aehimself

    enable/disable the internet connection?

    My thoughts exactly. I saw videos Windows rebooting itself on some live streams and conferences but never happened to me, not even once; and I was testing it from the first Insider build. I also have to admit that Microsoft did a great job around updates (less downtime, torrent-like downloading from Internet and neighboring PCs, active hour detection, etc); whoever says otherwise install Vista or 7 vanilla and try to patch it up to current. I have a feeling that lots of absolute-negative opinions of Windows 10 would flip if only the logo would be Apple instead of Microsoft.
  3. aehimself

    Delphi 11.0 has a different form Caption offset than Delphi 10.4

    Form 652. That's a pretty extended hello world collection!
  4. aehimself

    Calling inherited in Destroy

    I inherit most of my classes from TObject (I have a habit of freeing what I create myself) and ALL of them have inherited calls in constructors and destructors, even if the Create was ReIntroduce-d. There are a MINIMAL amount of cases when this was strictly forbidden - there I did the same what @Dalija Prasnikar did - put it there, comment it out, put a comment why it is commented out. With links, if possible. These just feel empty without inherited calls, even though I know they do nothing. On the other hand, my OCD makes me capitalize almost every instruction (Create, If, Then, Begin, End, Procedure, Function, etc.) so it might be just plain stupid after all 🙂
  5. aehimself

    splitting interface + implementation

    @Fr0sT.Brutal Call me old-fashioned, I'd simply use {$REGION}-s 🙂 Nevertheless yes, this is a valid case. Thanks!
  6. aehimself

    splitting interface + implementation

    Ah, so those are the C header files...?! Basically only the descriptors? Tbh I still don't get why splitting Interface and Implementation would help to avoid code duplication. If you have two units where the implementation section is the same, you can use helpers / a class which does the work / not to have two different units but use only the first one. Take this with a grain of salt, though. I just can not - yet - imagine a scenario where this would be beneficial.
  7. There is nothing fanciful here. There is only a substantial difference between "I have a feeling" and "I know for sure".
  8. aehimself


    Were there any changes to TZipFile alltogether? I'd love to see native LZMA support and the ability to open some "corrupted" ZIP files too (like what 7Zip does). I have a file which was compressed by a C# code. Delphi either throws a "Invalid central header signature" exception, or manages to open the archive but sees no files in it.
  9. I read here on DelphiPraxis that the correct way to get a stack trace for anything is just to extract the stack addresses and translate those back to function names on the developers machine. I could achieve this with the suggestion here and with a custom .map file parser I can get the function names back but unfortunately there's too much trash. I also don't really understand this area, my parser was built by trial-and-error... better to let the experts handle this kind of thing. I know I could alter how DebugEngine actually displays the stack trace but it still needs a .map file (right next to the .exe or integrated as .smap) which is not just making it easier to attack the executable but easily adds ~40% to the size. I guess the question is... does DebugEngine support this already and if no would it be complicated to implement it?
  10. aehimself

    How to have Live vertical scrolling of TDBGrid

    I'm using this code called from various places (e.g. WM_SIZE): Procedure TDBGrid.UpdateScrollBar; Var dataset: TZAbstractRODataSet; si: TScrollInfo; Begin dataset := Self.DataSource.DaaSet; If Assigned(dataset) Then Begin If Not dataset.Active Or (dataset.RecordCount <= Self.RowCount - 1) Then ShowScrollBar(Self.Handle, SB_VERT, False) Else Begin ShowScrollBar(Self.Handle, SB_VERT, True); If Win32MajorVersion >= 6 Then SetWindowPos(Self.Handle, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, SWP_NOSIZE Or SWP_NOMOVE Or SWP_NOZORDER Or SWP_NOACTIVATE Or SWP_NOOWNERZORDER Or SWP_NOSENDCHANGING Or SWP_FRAMECHANGED); si.cbSize := sizeof(si); si.nMin := 1; si.nMax := dataset.RecordCount; si.nPos := dataset.RecNo; si.fMask := SIF_POS Or SIF_RANGE; SetScrollInfo(Self.Handle, SB_VERT, si, True); End; End Else ShowScrollBar(Self.Handle, SB_VERT, False); End; This should show the position correctly. To make it actually scroll the dataset, do Procedure TDBGrid.WMHScroll(Var Msg: TWMVScroll); Var dataset: TZAbstractRODataSet; si: TScrollInfo; Begin If (Msg.ScrollCode = SB_THUMBTRACK) Or (Msg.ScrollCode = SB_THUMBPOSITION) Then Begin dataset := Self.DataSource.DataSet; If Assigned(dataset) Then Begin si.cbSize := SizeOf(si); si.fMask := SIF_ALL; If Not GetScrollInfo(Self.Handle, SB_VERT, si) Then RaiseLastOSError; dataset.MoveBy(si.nTrackPos - dataset.RecNo); Msg.Result := 0; End Else inherited; End Else inherited; End; I think these two were necessary. If it doesn't work let me know and I'll check what else I added which changes this behavior. Edit: Misread the question, this still won't scroll while you are dragging. I'll leave the code here anyway - it might be useful for some. Edit-Edit: Extended my code with the suggestion of @Uwe Raabe, now it does update properly while the scrollbar is being dragged. Thank you!
  11. aehimself

    TPopupMenu with group headers

    I don't know what causes this, but sometimes (even within the same project) this header menu item won't show correctly - neither of the draw methods are called. By experimenting I found out that turning OwnerDraw on on the popup menu itself fixes it on those affected. Anyone has any ideas? How come some menus work correctly without and some required OwnerDraw to call the menu items drawing methods? Edit: Also, assigning an imagelist fixes this, even if no menu items are using any image whatsoever.
  12. What about Server 2003? Also, most built-in machines are still on XP (older ones can be even on 2k). What I loved about Delphi until now is that if you write the code thoughtfully it runs on Win2k up. And while I can understand the business decision behind this it still hurts a little 🙂
  13. aehimself

    Send a message to App users??

    Sorry for my previous post being so blunt - I just had different matters to attend to and wanted to leave my comments. With the reappearance the issue is that if the user leaves his PC for half an hour, 30 dialogs will be shown as not even a modal window "blocks" processing further WM_TIMER messages. In these cases I'm usually wrapping the whole OnTimer event in a Timer.Enabled := False; Try [...] Finally Timer.Enabled := True; End; to make sure I'm not rendering my app in an unwanted state. As for the error handling even if this functionality is being used once in a lifetime it worths to add those extra 2-3 lines. Anything is more beautiful than the standard application error dialog 🙂 Just my 2 cents.
  14. aehimself

    Send a message to App users??

    This code is completely missing error handling and does not consider access sharing and will read only the first line of the message. As an extra if the file is not deleted it will pop back up every 60 seconds. If {$I-}, use ERRORLEVEL to determine if the Reset was successful, if {$I+} swallow (or just politely indicate) the error. Wrap the Reset...ReadLn...Close to a Try-Finally bloc to ensure the file will be closed no matter what. As for access sharing you might want to use TFileStream instead with fmShareDenyNone.
  15. aehimself

    TPopupMenu with group headers

    @David Duffy I have no XE experience (went to 10.0-10.1 from 7) but you can fall back to the idea of @Lars Fosdal safely: TStyleManager is only used here to extract colors of the currently active style so the header will always "fit in" nicely.