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  1. aehimself

    What to do when Commuunity Edition expires?

    As far as I remember (I am not allowed to use CE anymore, unfortunately) you can request a new license for CE somewhere on the website after logging in.
  2. aehimself

    Cross-platform solution to forcefully end a thread

    There is no cycle and - as I mentioned earlier - CallStuffThatMightBlockForever might never return, therefore the break will never trigger. If the application terminates I'm perfectly fine with that. Before reaching this point there will be 25 thousand nagging confirmation messages. If the user says yes, and accepts that the program might quit or become unstable, I did what I could. Unfortunately it does block resources. However leaving it to run also can be a solution. If it's needed again I can launch an other instance, this will only cause problems during shutdown. Unless I can detach them from the process...
  3. aehimself

    Cross-platform solution to forcefully end a thread

    Edited to library 🙂 Sorry for not using the correct terminology, since this is my first multi-platform solution I'm not familiar on how these modules are called elsewhere. The original question is still valid, though.
  4. aehimself

    Cross-platform solution to forcefully end a thread

    There's no cycle, no serial commands in my thread. It calls one method in a blackbox library (blackbox = not written by me, closed source) which can freeze or take way too long to execute. My code will not regain control for hours to be able to quit, or won't regain it at all. This leaves me no options but to expect leaks and misbehavior and kill it with fire.
  5. Hello, I know it's not good and should be used as a last resort or not at all. But I still need a true, cross-platform solution to instantly kill the execution of a thread, no matter what. Since I only have Windows experience, this is what I have until now: Uses [...]{$IF defined(MSWINDOWS)}, WinApi.Windows{$ENDIF} [...] {$IF defined(MSWINDOWS)} If Self.IsRunning Then TerminateThread(Self.Handle, 1); {$ENDIF} How this should be implemented on Linux and more? Thanks!
  6. Well, I'd say one language = one set of of rules = one helper unit. You'll not reach 100 files, but can get close if you are ambitious enough 🙂 Plus, you need a fluent speaker of that language to help you out. I personally do not speak French, but I hear they have quite messed up way of saying numbers (like 92 is "76 and 16" or something).
  7. aehimself

    TThread issue

    However I have 0 experience in cross-platform, this sounds perfectly reasonable. My 2 cents are that if any object (TMyThread) need to live and be accessible throughout a method, define it's variable in the parent (TForm1), worst-case-scenario unit global. It makes sense to me like this and it seems the garbage collector thinks the same way. @David Heffernan My guess is that there is a reason for suspended creation, it is just not included in the example code above. What I try to say is, I always create TThreads suspended myself but mostly because I want to do stuff with them before the actual execution (e.g. .NameThreadForDebugging, etc.).
  8. ...and this is from an era when I was already using Try ... Finally blocks! Seriously, most of my first codes make me want to give up development and be a baker instead.
  9. Code is from D7-era. Maybe it worked different back then...? In 10.2 .LoadFromFile effectively does the same (only without the .BeginUpdate and .EndUpdate). But I remember that I had to change due to insanely long loading times.
  10. Memo.Lines.LoadFromFile suffers from performance issues if the file is n x 10 MB, especially if it is on a network location. I changed most of my sensitive methods to use Streams instead: fs := TFileStream.Create('filename.txt', fmOpenRead + fmShareDenyNone); Try Memo.Lines.BeginUpdate; Memo.Lines.LoadFromStream(fs); Finally FreeAndNil(fs); Memo.Lines.EndUpdate; End;
  11. aehimself

    ShellExecute and passing of password

    Afaik ShellExecute returns nothing, it does not even confirm if the command line was executed or not. By sticking to it you have no other options but command line parameters, best case scenario is to encrypt the password and decrypt it from the second app. You can check the running processes after ShellExecute and grab it's handle for data transfer but this introduces a lot of unnecessary checks, like timeout (don't wait for the second process until you can find it, what if it did not even launch), did it already initialize and ready to accept data? If you use CreateProcess and map the stdin and stdout, you can make your first application to "type in" the user name and password to the second one and read back the output to verify if authentication was successful. However if both applications are written and managed by you, move the worker method to a .DLL and make the first and the second application to load and use it. You also have to validate the legitimacy of the library, though. Or to a helper unit, and do not even include a secondary file. However, external files will always pose a major security risk, especially if they need to share sensitive information. It's really easy to put a malicious .EXE file in place of yours (even if it's running) just to steal the credentials.
  12. aehimself

    White an own Tcombobox descendent component

    You don't need a component for this. I'd proceed this way: - have a strict private DateTime variable. Upon form creation, set it to zero. - OnKeyDown / OnKeyPress handler of the ComboBox. If the key was pressed, and it's not a comma, set the above DateTime to zero. If it is, check if the value of the DateTime variable: - If the value equals zero, set it to Now - If it's not, check the seconds passed between that and Now (DateUtils.SecondsBetween): - If the difference is greater than 1 or 2, set the variable to Now - If the difference is less, execute your custom action. If you need more help let me know, I can make a quick demo, but my theory would be this.
  13. aehimself

    Delphi 2007 to 10.3 and Windows 10 taskbar issue

    This is a really important piece of information. Thank you!
  14. aehimself

    Who's gonna be at EKON 23?

    Wish you a quick recovery!
  15. aehimself

    Who's gonna be at EKON 23?

    I wish I would be. I'd buy you a beer for closing the military industrial takeover topic 🙂 Seriously though, my company is not paying for (or don't know about) these and it's a bit pricy for a simple person. There are people in my country who earn the price (or a fraction!) of a 1-day ticket per month.