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  1. Carlo Barazzetta

    Delphi compatibility with Windows 11?

    At the moment I've resolved in this way the bad painting of DbGrid: procedure TForm1.DbGridDrawColumnCell(Sender: TObject; const Rect: TRect; DataCol: Integer; Column: TColumn; State: TGridDrawState); var LDbGrid: TDbGrid; begin LDbGrid := Sender as TDbGrid; //Resolve bad painting of selected cell in Windows 11 if not StyleServices.Enabled or (StyleServices.IsSystemStyle) then begin if ((gdSelected in State) and (gdFocused in State)) or ((gdSelected in State) and (dgRowSelect in LDbGrid.Options) and LDbGrid.Focused) then LDbGrid.Canvas.Brush.Color := clHighlight; LDbGrid.DefaultDrawColumnCell(Rect, DataCol, Column, State); end; end;
  2. Carlo Barazzetta

    Delphi compatibility with Windows 11?

    Typically, any Delphi app runs smoothly on Windows 11 (I've been using W11 since June). Using an application with native Windows Style, the main differences I found are visible in this form: The window and even the menu have rounded corners The menuitem selected has rounded corners and a smaller area of drawing The major problem is visible in the selected cell of a DbGrid: a strange rectangular and a rounded focused box: very bad to see. If an edit has Ctl3D it works like default in W11: only the bottom border is visible (and colored): when the input receive focus the bottom border gets thicker Selected RadioGroup has a colored border instead of a dot inside. Scrollbars are thiny and enlarged when focused. Buttons are rounded Using a Styled app, all of those problem disappear, but it would be useful to have styles that look like Windows 11, just as Windows 10 styles were created (I hope in the next Delphi 11 release).
  3. Carlo Barazzetta

    Looking for Icon Fonts support in Delphi for High-DPI and Themed app?

    I didn't understand what you mean... I am using "fonts of icons" to draw bitmaps in an ImageCollection / ImageList, to get scaled images for any DPI... I am using GDI + for best performance and transparency support ... If the font is already installed in the system it works fine, the problem is only when deploying an application without installing the font during setup: only in this case the application must load and add the font at startup, before use it to draw bitmaps, but I don't know why I need to add a sleep 😞
  4. Carlo Barazzetta

    Looking for Icon Fonts support in Delphi for High-DPI and Themed app?

    After several attempts we found these problems: 1) after calling AddFontResource and notified in windows that a font has been added calling SendMessage(HWND_BROADCAST, WM_FONTCHANGE, 0, 0); the application hangs for several seconds waiting for all processes to respond to the message... 😞 Using PostMessage(HWND_BROADCAST, WM_FONTCHANGE, 0, 0); instead of SendMessage does not hang. https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/6900f74f-6ece-47da-88fc-f9c8bcd40206/sendmessage-api-slow?forum=wpf 2) In any case the imagelist does not draw icons correctly when it is using GDI+: only by adding a sleep (500) you get the correct drawing of the icons. It seems that calling AddFontResource does not immediately update the list of fonts available to GDI+ For now the solution is to "wait" 500 millisecond at startup application after adding font loaded from disk: AddFontResource(PWideChar(FFontFileName)); PostMessage(HWND_BROADCAST, WM_FONTCHANGE, 0, 0); //Wait for Font available on GDI+ collection for drawing... Sleep(500); But is not an elegant solution... Any idea? Another article with similar problem: https://www.vbforums.com/showthread.php?883637-GDI-problems-with-GdipCreateFontFamilyFromName
  5. Carlo Barazzetta

    Looking for Icon Fonts support in Delphi for High-DPI and Themed app?

    When starts, the demo looks for the font installed into Windows: if not try loading from disk in this event of the datamodule: procedure TdmImages.IconFontsImageCollectionFontMissing( const AFontName: TFontName); var LFontFileName: string; begin inherited; //The "material desktop font is not installed into system: load and install now from disk LFontFileName := ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0))+'..\Fonts\Material Design Icons Desktop.ttf'; if FileExists(LFontFileName) then begin {$IFNDEF D2010+} AddFontResource(PChar(LFontFileName)); {$ELSE} AddFontResource(PWideChar(LFontFileName)); {$ENDIF} SendMessage(HWND_BROADCAST, WM_FONTCHANGE, 0, 0); end else begin //If the font file is not available raise Exception.CreateFmt('Warning: "%s" font is not present in your system!'+sLineBreak+ 'Please download at https://materialdesignicons.com and install it, because this demo is based on this font.', [AFontName]); end; end; If the call to AddFontResource fails on your machine I don't known why... please use the issue section of the project to continue discussion... https://github.com/EtheaDev/IconFontsImageList/issues Another reason could be that the font is installed only as resource of the IDE: I reccommend to install it manually in the developer machine as system font. bye Carlo
  6. Carlo Barazzetta

    Looking for SVG support in Delphi?

    Good news about 2.4.0 version of SVGIconImageList: - Added new engine: Image32 library (ver.3.0) by Angus Johnson (VCL+FMX) - Image32 is now the default native Delphi engine, because has more SVG functionalities like blur, gradient, merge, drop-shadow, markers, simbol, pattern, subpixel. - Added support for Android and iOS platforms (by Image32 engine) - Added support for backward Delphi versions (from XE3) - Added demo to compare the four engines (SVGViewer)
  7. Carlo Barazzetta

    A BIG and very strange BUG with High-DPI, VCL Style and Form Constraints

    I've created the BUG report: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-33760 Please vote for it. bye Carlo
  8. Carlo Barazzetta

    A BIG and very strange BUG with High-DPI, VCL Style and Form Constraints

    No, I haven't reported the BUG yet, I was hoping to be able to find the problem and also provide a possible solution ...
  9. Carlo Barazzetta

    A BIG and very strange BUG with High-DPI, VCL Style and Form Constraints

    At the moment I've resolved rewriting WMGetMinMaxInfo handler using other variables (MinFormWidth, MinFormHeight, MaxFormWidth, MaxFormHeight: Integer;) into my base form of the application. procedure TBaseForm.WMGetMinMaxInfo(var Message: TWMGetMinMaxInfo); var LMinMaxInfo: PMinMaxInfo; begin if not (csReading in ComponentState) then begin LMinMaxInfo := Message.MinMaxInfo; with LMinMaxInfo^ do begin with ptMinTrackSize do begin if MinFormWidth > 0 then X := MinFormWidth; if MinFormHeight > 0 then Y := MinFormHeight; end; with ptMaxTrackSize do begin if MaxFormWidth > 0 then X := MaxFormWidth; if MaxFormHeight > 0 then Y := MaxFormHeight; end; ConstrainedResize(ptMinTrackSize.X, ptMinTrackSize.Y, ptMaxTrackSize.X, ptMaxTrackSize.Y); end; end; inherited; end;
  10. Carlo Barazzetta

    A BIG and very strange BUG with High-DPI, VCL Style and Form Constraints

    But in my configuration the primary monitor is monitor 1 with 96 DPI, the application is on monitor 1 (the primary) and the bug is present also on primary monitor.
  11. Carlo Barazzetta

    A BIG and very strange BUG with High-DPI, VCL Style and Form Constraints

    Zip of Project and video demo. HighDPI_test.mp4 HighDPI-test.7z
  12. Carlo Barazzetta

    A BIG and very strange BUG with High-DPI, VCL Style and Form Constraints

    Thanks for the test, I've changed my secondo monitor to 144dpi but the problem is the same... I've upgraded my Windows10 version to 20H2 build but the problem still persist...
  13. Carlo Barazzetta

    A BIG and very strange BUG with High-DPI, VCL Style and Form Constraints

    It's not a configuration problem because the application starts with correct DPI. At the first Minimize/Maximize receive a wrong DPI (the DPI of the secondary monitor), at the second Minimize/Maximize receive the correct DPI, and so on. But this appens ONLY if I'm using a VCLStyle and I have defined min constraint for the form and the current WindowsState is wsMaximized.
  14. I have encountered this problem affecting High-DPI support with VCL-Styles Enabled. Scenario: Main monitor: 96 dpi Secondary monitor: 192 dpi Per monitor V2 enabled "Empty" application with main form with: Constraints.MinHeight = 400 Constraints.MinWidth = 300 WindowState = wsMaximized VCLStyle active. 1) Run (the form is full screen on the main monitor) 2) Minimize form. 3) Maximize form: BUG! appears in full screen on the main monitor but with a dpi of 192 !!! 4) Re-Minimize form. 5) Re-Maximize: appears in full screen on the main monitor but with a dpi of 96 (returns to correct scale) The three factors that determine the problem are: 1) presence of MinHeight and MinWidth Constraint 2) active VCL style 3) a secondary monitor with different dpi (on which the application never runs) Tested with D10.4.2 and Win10: anyone can confirm this problem or try it on other versions of windows? Using the AfterMonitorDpiChanged event, on the first call after "maximize" the NewDPI value is 192, on the second call returns to 92. the project: program StyleTest; uses Vcl.Forms, UstyleTest in 'UstyleTest.pas' {Form5}, Vcl.Themes, Vcl.Styles; {$R *.res} begin Application.Initialize; Application.MainFormOnTaskbar := True; TStyleManager.TrySetStyle('Windows10 SlateGray'); Application.CreateForm(TForm5, Form5); Application.Run; end. the main form dfm: object Form5: TForm5 Left = 0 Top = 0 Caption = 'Form5' ClientHeight = 500 ClientWidth = 500 Color = clBtnFace Constraints.MinHeight = 400 Constraints.MinWidth = 300 DoubleBuffered = True Font.Charset = DEFAULT_CHARSET Font.Color = clWindowText Font.Height = -11 Font.Name = 'Tahoma' Font.Style = [] OldCreateOrder = False WindowState = wsMaximized OnAfterMonitorDpiChanged = FormAfterMonitorDpiChanged PixelsPerInch = 96 TextHeight = 13 end the main form pas unit UstyleTest; interface uses Winapi.Windows, Winapi.Messages, System.SysUtils, System.Variants, System.Classes, Vcl.Graphics, Vcl.Controls, Vcl.Forms, Vcl.Dialogs, Vcl.StdCtrls; type TForm5 = class(TForm) procedure FormAfterMonitorDpiChanged(Sender: TObject; OldDPI, NewDPI: Integer); private { Private declarations } public { Public declarations } end; var Form5: TForm5; implementation {$R *.dfm} procedure TForm5.FormAfterMonitorDpiChanged(Sender: TObject; OldDPI, NewDPI: Integer); begin ; end; end.
  15. Carlo Barazzetta

    TTreeNode leak when VCL styles are active

    Very strange that the presence of an empty ImageView in the same form affects the memory leak on another component (the TTreeNodes of the TTreeView) after changing styles!