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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have spent several days fighting my way through an install of JCL/JVCL. I'm using 10.4.2 CE. I have variously installed/uninstalled from GITHUB and GETIT. I'm now where I was several days ago in that (and the only version I installed was Win32). Now the installation all looks good. Successful completion messages, and paths all set. BUT when I do a Build of the first project I get this message: 'Your Delphi/BCB version is not supported by this JVCL version!' YET if I look at the inc file (where this message was generated jvcl.inc), it clearly is: {-----------------------------------------------------------------------------} {$IFDEF BCB21} {$IFDEF CPUX86} {$I jvcld21win32.inc} // same include file for BDS based C++ {$ENDIF CPUX86} {$IFDEF CPUX64} {$I jvcld21_x64.inc} {$ENDIF CPUX64} {$DEFINE JVCL_CONFIGURED} {$ENDIF BCB21} .... .... {$IFNDEF JVCL_CONFIGURED} {$IFDEF SUPPORTS_COMPILETIME_MESSAGES} {$MESSAGE FATAL 'Your Delphi/BCB version is not supported by this JVCL version!'} {$ELSE} 'Your Delphi/BCB version is not supported by this JVCL version!' {$ENDIF SUPPORTS_COMPILETIME_MESSAGES} {$ENDIF !JVCL_CONFIGURED} I am at a complete loss. Of course I could simply hardcode $DEFINE JVCL_CONFIGURED, but that addresses the symptom not the problem. Does anyone have any idea of how I might fix this. A simple install has so far taken several days. Thanks, Kevin
  2. Hi all! I have always been using JCL/JVCL libraries in my Win32/64 VCL applications. Is anyone still keeping them alive? I opened some reports in the JEDI Issue tracker (also posting the possible solutions) but with desolation I see that in the last few months there are only new error reports and no one taking them in charge.
  3. I am trying to get a reusable TFrame working to use in a number of places in our app to let the users edit and format text in a TJvRichEdit. It consists of a TJvRichEdit and a TJvSpeedBar. The JEDI example code works, and I have copied and pasted the relevant form into the test project where I am developing this frame. But there is a problem in the frame: the colour buttons (Color and Background), which drop down lists of colours in the sample code and change the colour of the text, don't display correctly in the frame. They appear full length but empty, although selecting an item does change the colour of the text. In contrast the Underline button has a drop down list that looks and works fine in my code. The code is essntially the same. I'm initializing the menus in the form's OnShow event, whereas the JEDI sample does it in the form's OnCreaate. There's some strange behaviour in Delphi. If I bring up the Speedbar Designer and select the Color buttons, the list that appears in the Events tab is slightly different between the sample form and my frame, even though they should be the same. In the one that works there is a line for DropDownMenu, with the red font for properties that show up on the events tab. That line is absent from the correpsonding place in my frame. That line does show up for the buttons where the DropDownMenu is nil though. Curious. I'm using Delphi 10.1 Berlin and JCL version 3.50. JvRichEditToolBar.7z