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  1. Thanks. That would be useful. I have decided to do it differently in this case
  2. The values correspond with values on a database.
  3. Hi I have been using a generic record to convert combo-boxes to enumerated type. But Delphi spits the dummy if the type has any numbers specified. For example with this code the compiler throws up the error message "E2134 Type 'TDDArrangementId' has no type info. In the generic type TypeInfo(T) returns nil. type TDDArrangementId = (daOutstanding = 1, daWeeklyGap, daAmount, daGapAmount); ... procedure Test; var ti: PTypeInfo; begin ti := TypeInfo(TDDArrangementId); But removing the " = 1" makes it all build and run just fine. Can anyone confirm that Delphi's rtti system simply does not handle enumerated types if they are not zero-based? I'm using 10.4 --- Mark
  4. PiedSoftware

    Any good replacement for Indy email?

    Sorry I can't be more specific. The problem is in production and I just do development from home. The problems are not consistent either. It's a bit frustrating.
  5. PiedSoftware

    Any good replacement for Indy email?

    Hi We are having trouble with the Indy email components. They don't seem to work well with current email systems. We are getting failures, and false negatives resulting in multiple copies being sent. Can anyone recommend a good replacement library? Or give better advice? Regards Mark
  6. PiedSoftware

    How do you set no row selected on TDrawGrid?

    Thanks, that is the way I went and it had the desired effect on the appearance. At first I tried to use a constant: const EmptyRect: TGridRect = (Left: -1; Top: -1; Right: -1; Bottom: -1); // Copied from implementation of vcl.grids procedure TGridDataRtti<T>.PopulateGrid(...); begin ... grid.Selection := EmptyRect; end; But that gave me the spurious error message: E2506 Method of parameterized type declared in interface section must not use local symbol 'EmptyRect'
  7. PiedSoftware

    How do you set no row selected on TDrawGrid?

    There are some default things set, like font colour and background colour, and I am trying to stay as close to the defaults as I can,
  8. PiedSoftware

    How do you set no row selected on TDrawGrid?

    There are some default things set, like font colour and background colour, and I am trying to stay as close to the defaults as I can,
  9. PiedSoftware

    How do you set no row selected on TDrawGrid?

    Hi With TListBox and TComboBox, if you set ItemIndex to -1, nothing is selected. I tried setting DrawGrid.Row := -1 but that gives an error. Is there some other way to show nothing selected yet?
  10. Ah, thanks! I missed those two lines. I just added the 2 lines you highlighted into the constructor of my frame, and it worked ColorMenu.ItemPainter := TJvXPColorMenuItemPainter.Create(Self); BackgroundMenu.ItemPainter := TJvXPColorMenuItemPainter.Create(Self); "You set the ColorMenu.Style to msOwnerDraw but then you don't implement the OnDrawItem and OnMeasureItem." That was not it.
  11. I have just installed 10.4 Sydney. The problem of the improperly formed colour menus is happening in 10.4 as well.
  12. Hi We has a library for generating Nevrona reports from script files that we right. The main function we use for outputting data in text form to the report is TBaseReport.PrintLeft. When a string with HTML for formating is passed to that function, the formating is all stripped out and the bare text is displayed. Is there a way to display text using any HTML formating? TIA Mark
  13. Thanks, emailx45. I have posted an archive as an attachment to the opening post. It is the pas, dfm and dpr / drpoj files. It should be self explanatory. Of course it may be a bug that is fixed in later versions of Delphi and/or JVCL. Update: I have just added a pair of screenshots to show the correct look of the menu from the sample code and the incorrect look from my code.
  14. I am trying to get a reusable TFrame working to use in a number of places in our app to let the users edit and format text in a TJvRichEdit. It consists of a TJvRichEdit and a TJvSpeedBar. The JEDI example code works, and I have copied and pasted the relevant form into the test project where I am developing this frame. But there is a problem in the frame: the colour buttons (Color and Background), which drop down lists of colours in the sample code and change the colour of the text, don't display correctly in the frame. They appear full length but empty, although selecting an item does change the colour of the text. In contrast the Underline button has a drop down list that looks and works fine in my code. The code is essntially the same. I'm initializing the menus in the form's OnShow event, whereas the JEDI sample does it in the form's OnCreaate. There's some strange behaviour in Delphi. If I bring up the Speedbar Designer and select the Color buttons, the list that appears in the Events tab is slightly different between the sample form and my frame, even though they should be the same. In the one that works there is a line for DropDownMenu, with the red font for properties that show up on the events tab. That line is absent from the correpsonding place in my frame. That line does show up for the buttons where the DropDownMenu is nil though. Curious. I'm using Delphi 10.1 Berlin and JCL version 3.50. JvRichEditToolBar.7z
  15. PiedSoftware

    How to use the spell checker

    Hi Does anyone have any working example code for implementing a spell checker? I tried this https://www.thoughtco.com/spell-checking-from-delphi-code-1058149 but it doesn't compile, giving lots of Undeclared identifier errors.